Codoon X3 review: Smart Watch Based New Sport Game Experience Made in China


The Codoon X3, at first glance is a simple smartwatch with fitness features that is limited to running and motion tracking.

After spending some time with the X3, I’ve come to realize that this simple watch is actually a gateway to the Codoon app. A highly interactive and helpful fitness platform that transformed my fitness experience.

The box/packaging is simple and not something to write home about. The watch has a large xx bezel that feels heavy and tough and is accompanied with a thick plastic band that, while durable, feels a bit too rough to the touch for all day wear.  The box also contains a simple magnetic contact USB charger.

Codoon X3 and its charger


Initial inspection of the watch shows a panel that is not entirely too bright. The X3 is just bright enough to get the job at night.

One thing that definitely stands out the X3 from its competitors when using the watch is the large font size and the barren set of standard smartwatch functions.

Outside of initiating your run, looking at your heart rate, and getting Wechat notifications, the watch is pretty bare. Unlike other fitness watches here in China, it doesn’t offer NFC, Alipay payments, watch face customizations, or even voice control like the Xiaomi band 4 which only cost one-fourth of Codoon X3.


A screenshot of Codoon app


I’ll be honest, at first glance, I was thoroughly unimpressed with the Coodoon X3. For 799 RMB I was expecting a smartwatch that at minimum, would’ve had a much better screen.

It was with this attitude that I approached the Codoon app. In order to begin using the watch, you have to first bind the APP with the watch.


Codoon Run:You can link your Codoon X3 to the app

The most basic function is tracking your run. The app directly links with the watch and begins tracking both GPS, speed and gait. Throughout the run, the app gives you real time updates and tips.


Track your running miles on Codoon app

Outside of tracking your run, it has functions to track walking and running on treadmills.After each run you can share your achievements with your friends and followers on the Codoon social circle.


Share your achievements with your friends and followers on the Codoon social circle


After posting my first run, I received way more ‘likes’ than initially expected, a quick look shows that these people are also avid users of the platform who are also living in Shanghai.


The author’s running track on Codoon app



The real showstopper for me on the Codoon platform is their live exercise classes.

Especially during this current Covid19 virus outbreak, this option became my life saver. Users sign up for classes through the app and can see classes up to a week in the future. The classes vary in intensity and are usually designed for runners for their off days. During this special period though, they have enhanced the courses with longer yoga sessions and even HIIT training.



This begs the question: how do you do an interactive HIIT class online? Super easy with the X3 watch. Before joining a class, users can link their watch to the class and the coach can see in real time people’s heart rate during the workout. In this way she’s able to give real time feedback and slow down the course if people are running a bit too hot.


Link your watch to the app and start the online class (1)


You can also tap to speak or type within the stream to communicate directly with the coach during the class. Afterwards the coach will post a QR code for her WeChat and from there you can get updates on the next class as well as exercise and nutritional tips.


Link your watch to the app and start the online class (2)



Online live class


This feature completely changed my views about Codoon. It changed from a Smart Fitness watch company to a health and wellness online platform.


Another standout feature is the social platform.

Already mentioned above, users can share their progress and post workout updates on their own personal feed. This is a basic feature that exists on all health and fitness social apps. What’s different about Codoon is how it gamifies the running experience and actively encourages users to share their fitness journey.

For example, runners who finish enough runs or challenges are awarded an extra level of ‘street cred’ through a digital ‘running badge’.


User’s profile

Users can also write articles, record short videos and even share exercise and food tips.


Users can post videos on social circle


Users can post food tips on social circle


Lastly, Codoon isn’t without a monetization model.

There is a rich shopping experience within the app that covers everything. I mean everything. It sells not only Codoon’s own products but also their entire fitness spectrum. Shoes, food, clothing and even exercise machines are available in the Codoon shop. The prices seem super competitive when compared to other shopping mega platforms here in China like and Taobao.


Online market

Additionally, the platform also allows runners on the platform to benefit through affiliate links.


My experience with Codoon has been overwhelmingly positive.

What started as using a simple smart fitness watch turned into a journey into a social platform made for and run by runners. It opened my eyes to the possibility of online live streaming exercise classes and helped me control that pesky winter weight that so many of us struggle with each year.

X3 by Codoon is a simple, easy to use fitness focused smartwatch. The Codoon fitness app transforms the exercise experience through its deep social gamification experience and awesome interactive fitness classes.




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