Zenith Vascular Cooperates with Biomind to Improve AI Diagnosis and Mechanical Suction Treatment Plan

Medical illustration of a brain with stroke symptoms

On December 28, 2020, Suzhou Zenith Vascular and Beijing BioMind announced a strategic cooperation.

The two parties will cooperate closely in the treatment of patients with acute ischemic stroke. Zenith Vascular’s ​​acute ischemic stroke series products (including intracranial thrombus aspiration catheters, intracranial embolization stents, distal access catheters, negative pressure suction pumps, etc.) are combined with BioMind’s BioMind stroke AI-assisted decision-making products. Provide doctors with a more comprehensive combination of diagnosis and treatment, so that doctors can quickly and accurately judge the condition of patients with acute ischemic stroke, and improve the efficiency of treating patients.

Zenith Vascular is an innovative enterprise focusing on neurointerventional medical devices. In November 2020, the company’s distal access catheters, negative pressure suction pumps, and suction connecting tubes obtained NMPA registration certificates and entered the market.
BioMind’s neurological field series products have been certified by multinational authorities. In June 2020, it obtained China’s first Class III certification based on deep learning technology in the field of AI imaging-assisted diagnosis. In addition, it has also obtained EU CE certification and Singapore medical equipment. Registration certificate, medical device license from UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention, Philippines FDA certificate and US FDA application acceptance, etc.

Join forces to help expand the treatment time of acute ischemic stroke to 24 hours

AI is of great value in stroke imaging examinations. It can help doctors improve the accuracy of image reading, shorten diagnosis time, and grasp the golden opportunity for surgery.

BioMind is a leading medical AI company in China. It has jointly unveiled the list with Beijing Tiantan Hospital affiliated to Capital Medical University and the Chinese People’s Liberation Army General Hospital and successfully completed the “General Office of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on Printing and Distributing Key Tasks for New Generation Artificial Intelligence Innovation” medical imaging assistance Technological research on diagnostic system project. Under the leadership of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army General Hospital, it has coordinated with a number of units to undertake the construction project task of the “Artificial Intelligence Screening and Aided Diagnosis Industry Technical Basic Public Service Platform for the Medical and Health Industry” of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, focusing on R&D Artificial intelligence-assisted clinical decision-making products based on medical images. At present, BioMind has made breakthroughs in the areas of nervous system, heart, breast, lungs, abdomen, facial features and the prevention and control of infectious diseases. Especially in terms of neurological diseases, BioMind has joined forces with Beijing Tiantan Hospital affiliated to Capital Medical University to establish the world’s first artificial intelligence research center for neurological diseases, forming a complete closed loop of “need-research-production-use”. The empowerment of medical workers has achieved multiple breakthroughs in “clinical and scientific research” achievements.

Zenith Vascular aims at acute ischemic stroke and has deployed a full range of product lines in the field of embolization stents and intracranial thrombus aspiration catheters. The company’s products are comparable to high-end similar products of imported brands, and its products have demonstrated excellent safety and effectiveness in clinical practice. With its outstanding product quality and channel capabilities, Zenith Vascular has the ability to cover 1,000 hospitals across the country and provide safe and effective treatment devices for many patients with acute ischemic stroke.

Zenith Vascular Thrombus Aspiration System

Zenith Vascular and BioMind are both leaders in their respective fields. Relying on Zenith Vascular’s ​​high-quality acute ischemic stroke interventional devices and BioMind’s acute stroke AI-assisted decision-making system, the combination will help extend the treatment time window for acute ischemic stroke patients to 24 hours and improve patients treatment effect.

Xia Jie, chairman of Zenith Vascular, said: “Next, we will use our strong sales force, hospital resources and doctor training capabilities to quickly promote Zenith Vascular and BioMind’s overall solution for acute ischemic stroke treatment, so that more patients Benefit.”
Cao Ying, Marketing Director of BioMind, said: “The technology of artificial intelligence has two most obvious advantages: first, it learns from the best of others, absorbs the experience of many famous doctors and is not forgetting, and can be quickly replicated behind oneself; second, it is fast and fast. Not interfered by’off-site information’. BioMind is committed to maximizing the empowerment of doctors with artificial intelligence technology in medical clinical scenarios. With the assistance of BioMind’s accurate diagnosis, Zenith Vascular’s products achieve precise treatment, powerful combination, and multi-faceted Working against time to implement better treatment plans for patients is bound to be a boon to stroke patients and can greatly improve the level of stroke diagnosis and treatment in our country!”

AI and neurointerventional therapy are deeply integrated, and there are more possibilities for cooperation in the future

In recent years, as the number of patients with cerebrovascular diseases in China continues to rise, the domestic death rate from cerebrovascular diseases has exceeded 20%. As a new and effective method for the treatment of severe cerebrovascular diseases, neurointervention has a large demand for related consumables and a broad market space in the future. According to a report released by Industrial Securities, the domestic neurointervention market space is about 19.3 billion yuan.

The diagnosis and treatment of cerebrovascular diseases have the characteristics of great difficulty and wide range, and high technical requirements for related devices. For a long time, due to the monopoly of imported brands, high prices, and insufficient market education, the market penetration of cerebrovascular interventional devices in China has been very low. It is believed that with the continuous improvement of domestic medical equipment, the continuous improvement of doctors’ level, and the widespread use of intelligent reading systems, China’s cerebrovascular interventional therapy market will surely sink to third- and fourth-tier cities, and the number of thrombectomy operations will increase rapidly, benefiting more patient.

At the same time, with the continuous advancement of the cooperative project between Zenith Vascular and BioMind, the number of patients with acute ischemic stroke who can receive thrombectomy treatment will double, which is bound to further promote the rapid development of my country’s cerebrovascular interventional therapy market.

Xia Jie believes: “AI will be deeply integrated with cerebrovascular interventional therapy. In the future, imaging AI-assisted diagnosis system will certainly become a routine and necessary tool for cerebrovascular interventional therapy like a therapeutic device. Therefore, Zenith Vascular and BioMind have more cooperation may.”

The current stroke diagnosis and treatment assistant decision-making system mainly focuses on the survival of brain cells in patients after a stroke. In fact, the stroke diagnosis and treatment assistant decision-making system also has great application prospects in early intervention of stroke patients. Zenith Vascular is already in the market for interventional treatment of chronic cerebral ischemia. If BioMind’s BioMind neuroimaging-assisted diagnosis and treatment products can be used to detect chronic ischemia in patients early, and treat patients with intracranial stents or carotid stents early The benefits are endless.

In addition, before interventional treatment, it is necessary to accurately determine whether the patient is an ischemic stroke or a hemorrhagic stroke. Most software can only diagnose ischemic stroke. The BioMind software has complete functions. It is one of the few AI imaging companies in China that can diagnose hemorrhagic stroke and conduct risk assessment. In the future, Zenith Vascular will enter the field of hemorrhagic stroke. BioMind can Play a helping role.

About Zenith Vascular

Suzhou Zenith Vascular Device Technology Co., Ltd. is an enterprise dedicated to becoming the industry’s leading provider of vascular disease solutions.

Since its establishment in Suzhou in May 2018, Zenith Vascular has been adhering to the mission of “making vascular treatment simpler”, through continuous innovation, adherence to completely independent production, and continuous improvement of the quality system to truly provide domestic high-quality products. The company has an international perspective, and cooperates with global vascular interventional therapy experts and local elites to develop innovative medical device technologies, realize localization and specialization, and strive to keep up with the world’s leading technology to benefit more Patients with vascular disease.

At present, the company has established a complete marketing platform, production research and development platform, and is working with BioMind to build a local data service platform in China.

About BioMind

Beijing BioMind Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional AI enterprise focusing on the research and development of artificial intelligence applications in the medical field. The company focuses on the medical industry and is committed to the deep integration of deep learning technology and clinical needs. It integrates R&D, scientific research, sales and after-sales. R&D is widely used in medical imaging assisted diagnosis, clinical treatment assisted decision-making, radiotherapy, pathology, genetics, medical rehabilitation Wait in all directions. Its headquarters is located in Beijing, and wholly-owned subsidiaries have been established in Singapore and Luxembourg. Its BioMind “Tianyizhi” series of products have passed the NMPA Class III medical device approval. It is the first Class III certificate approved in the field of AI image-aided diagnosis based on deep learning technology in China.
The company and Beijing Tiantan Hospital jointly established the world’s first Artificial Intelligence Research Center for Neurological Diseases (CHAIN), and established close strategic partnerships with MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, National University of Singapore and many other top institutions. It is the governing unit of the “China Artificial Intelligence Society” , China Research Hospital Association “Medical Imaging Artificial Intelligence Committee” governing unit.
Beijing BioMind Technology Co., Ltd. also won the “Artificial Intelligence Unveiling Project” Medical Aided Image Diagnosis System Unveiling Unit of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and was awarded the honor of “Outstanding Artificial Intelligence Enterprise” by the Science and Technology Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in the fight against the new crown pneumonia epidemic. And successfully won the bid for the 2020 Industrial Technology Basic Public Service Platform-“A Public Service Platform for Artificial Intelligence Screening and Aided Diagnosis for the Medical and Health Industry” of the Department of Science and Technology of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.


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