Yichao Medical Completed Tens of Millions of Yuan in Round A Financing


On the afternoon of June 1, the Yichao Ultrasonic Energy Surgery System and the Shandong Weigao Group “Miaoshou” surgical robot combined to successfully perform remote kidney resection for a pig 300 kilometers away.

The cooperation between Yichao and the “Miaoshou” surgical robot is not the first time. As early as two years ago, the two parties successfully cooperated to complete the world’s first 5G remote surgery, and smoothly removed the kidney, gallbladder and bladder from living animals more than 2,000 kilometers away. Since then, Yichao has cooperated with a domestic surgical robot to complete the first domestic multi-point collaborative 5G remote multidisciplinary surgery experiment. Today, Yichao is exploring in-depth cooperation with domestic surgical robot companies.

As a completely self-developed ultrasonic energy surgical system, it is extremely challenging to be able to perform remote surgery in conjunction with the top domestic surgical robots. Because remote surgery has very high requirements for operation accuracy, the requirements for the quality of the surgical equipment carried are also quite strict. Yichao can continue to cooperate with many top domestic surgical robot companies, which also confirms its product quality and the company’s R&D capabilities. Ms. Shen Changzheng, co-founder of Yichao, said that with the increase in the depth and breadth of cooperation, Yichao has more clearly defined the development direction of independent innovation and looks forward to all-round cooperation with more outstanding companies to jointly promote the development of domestic medical equipment. Quality, and continuously improve the level of minimally invasive surgery in my country. This is Yichao’s vision and Yichao’s responsibility!

The chairman of the Boao Forum for Asia Global Health Forum General Assembly Chen Fengfuzhen watched Niu Haitao, the deputy dean of the Affiliated Hospital of Qingda University, operated the “Wonder” surgical robot equipped with Yichao ultrasonic surgery system on site, using mobile 5G technology to perform kidneys on pigs in the operating room of a hospital in Weihai, 300 kilometers away Resection surgery.

Yichao Ultrasonic Energy Surgery System, unique anti-adhesion Teflon coated blade and ultra-thin sharp blade design, make the cutting and hemostasis process clean and smooth.

It is reported that in January this year, this ultrasonic energy surgical system obtained the medical device product registration certificate from the State Drug Administration. This product is not only the first ultrasonic energy surgical system with anti-adhesion function in the world, and the second ultrasonic energy surgical system with anti-adhesion function in the world, it is also the only domestically developed product with full underlying technology of ultrasonic energy surgical system. Moreover, with a series of matrix product systems, Yichao’s ultrasonic energy surgical system is building a three-dimensional market competitiveness.

According to Shen Changzheng, at present, Yichao’s latest product-the pioneering dual-engine super-electric integrated surgical system has entered the testing stage. It is expected to enter clinical trials at the end of this year to redefine the next generation of “scalpels”.


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