With The Newly Launched “Novo Care” Mini Program, See How Novo Nordisk Is Making The Digital Management of Diabetes More Efficient?

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Self-management is very important for diabetic patients. According to the data published by the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) 9th edition of the “Diabetes Map”, in China, due to the lack of timely diagnosis, insufficient attention, and untimely blood glucose monitoring and medication, the rate of diabetes treatment and control are not ideal At present, less than 16% of Chinese patients have achieved blood glucose control standards.

The low compliance with blood glucose monitoring and medication also makes some diabetic patients develop serious complications in the future. In 2019, China’s total expenditure on the treatment of diabetes and its complications reached 758.2 billion yuan, ranking second in the world, and 80% of the expenditure was for the treatment of comorbidities.

How to provide efficient and convenient management tools to assist patients in self-management? Today, with the development of digital technology, digital management tools can obviously better solve the pain point of low patient compliance, help them conduct better self-management, and thereby reduce or delay the occurrence of complications.

Novo Nordisk, a biopharmaceutical company with a history of 98 years, has recently launched a new platform for patient education-the “NovoCare” applet.

In order to provide better services, Novo Nordisk has also joined hands with Microsoft to jointly launch an intelligent dialogue engine based on the Microsoft (Asia) Internet Engineering Institute, which provides text and voice support through the cognitive services of Microsoft’s intelligent cloud Azure. “. “Ms. Xiao Nuo” will also be integrated into the “NovoCare” applet.

With the launch of the “NovoCare” applet embedded in the intelligent patient education robot “Xiao Nuo” for diabetes patients, patients with diabetes will experience intelligent companionship health management (assisted recording, scientific treatment), professional diabetes consultation and Q&A services and other functions.

For the industry, the question may be, how does Novo Nordisk further improve the management of diabetes and make the management, diagnosis and treatment of diabetic patients more efficient?
Layout for many years, providing multi-level and all-round digital diabetes management tools

The launch of the “NovoCare” applet is a new attempt by Novo Nordisk to provide digital management tools on the mobile terminal. Patients only need to use WeChat to scan the QR code of the pill box to easily use the “NovoCare” applet, and with the blessing of AI, they can gain knowledge of diabetes medication while better managing their diseases.

In fact, the launch of new digital management tools is in the same line as Novo Nordisk’s exploration in the digital field.

Novo Nordisk continues to build its own patient education platform. Novo Nordisk established the “Diabetes Network” on the PC for patient education very early, and provided a doctor education platform through the “Sugar Medical Network”. The follow-up “Novo Nordisk Medical Information” and “Novo Nordisk Clinical Trials” focus on the progress in the academic field of diabetes. While the trend of mobilization has become increasingly prominent, “diabetes network” and “sugar medical network” have also begun to turn to mobile terminals, appearing in the form of public accounts. Through the above operations, Novo Nordisk has built its own multi-level doctor-patient education platform.

Nowadays, with the launch of the “NovoCare” applet, through layered content and tool-based applications, Novo Nordisk has built a comprehensive support system for doctors, nurses, researchers, and patients, and through continuous sharing of the latest The progress of treatment technology and research and development, successful treatment cases and clinical experience have helped improve the level of diagnosis and treatment of diabetes.

In addition to continuing to invest in the construction of its own doctor-patient education platform, Novo Nordisk is also working with ecosystem partners on knowledge dissemination, patient support and disease management. For example, initiated by the China Medical Education Association, Novo Nordisk and WeDoctor jointly create a digital innovative diabetes management solution “Blue Linkage”; and Alibaba Health jointly explores and builds an Internet + disease intelligent management platform “Knowing Sugar Life” to achieve Online service, long-term care and full-process management for diabetic patients.

During the 2020 new crown epidemic, offline patients with chronic diseases will be affected. At the beginning of the year, Novo Nordisk accelerated the development of digital health and established a full-time “digital health team”. In order to meet the medication needs of patients with chronic diseases, Novo Nordisk also launched the “Diabetes Pharmacy Convenience Map” and “hemophilia Pharmacy Convenience Map” in February 2020 to facilitate patients across the country to inquire about nearby pharmacies and obtain life-saving insulin in time In order to meet the needs of patients for medical treatment, Novo Nordisk has also joined hands with multiple Internet platforms to provide patients with one-stop medical services such as online consultation, prescription renewal, and drug purchase.

Through its own patient education platform and cooperation with ecosystem partners, Novo Nordisk has built multi-level digital tools to fully empower patients and assist doctors.
Empower the grassroots to improve the overall level of diagnosis and treatment of diabetic patients

It is undeniable that in the management of chronic diseases such as diabetes, most of the resources are tilted towards big cities. The reason is also very simple. Consumers in big cities are better able to afford the expenditure on drugs and are better able to pay for their own health management through insurance agencies. However, patients with chronic diseases such as diabetes covered by primary medical care are subject to economic and medical conditions. Although they have the need for chronic disease management, they often cannot obtain better diagnosis, treatment and management. Among the 129 million people with diabetes, there is a large number of people covered by primary medical care.

In this process, Nordnord mainly started from two aspects to enhance the strength of primary care.

On the one hand, Novo Nordisk cooperates with the government and associations to initiate or support various forms of public education to promote a healthy lifestyle.

For example, support the development of diabetes and complication screening projects, improve patient awareness of diseases, and help patients diagnose early. During 2016-2019, Novo Nordisk carried out a total of more than 13,000 activities across the country, screening approximately 1.07 million people, including approximately 770,000 diabetic patients and nearly 300,000 high-risk groups.

At the same time, support the development of the “Pilot Project of Diabetes Prevention and Control-related Health Policy Research and County-level Endocrinology Development Assistance Project”, that is, the “Blue County” project to help the construction and capacity improvement of endocrine departments in county hospitals. Since its inception in 2017, the project has covered nearly 1,300 hospitals in more than 1,000 counties across the country.

On the other hand, Novo Nordisk is also working with experts to empower primary endocrinologists and general practitioners.

By supporting the development of the “Chief Doctor of Diabetes” project, Novo Nordisk has improved the diagnosis and treatment capabilities of general practitioners, and promoted the implementation of the hierarchical diagnosis and treatment policy and the family contract system. From 2016 to 2019, the project trained a total of 2,200 chief doctors, covering 45 cities across the country.

Novo Nordisk is also helping to improve the level of diabetes management and diagnosis and treatment at the grassroots level by supporting the “Grassroots Chronic Disease Prevention and Control Management Special Capacity Building Project-Diabetes Management Special” project initiated by the National Health and Family Planning Commission Capacity Building and Continuing Education Center. The project plans to train 3,000 general practitioners in 60 cities during the three years from 2018 to 2021.

In this process, Novo Nordisk is also expanding and changing the ecosystem of diabetes and promoting the improvement of patients’ diagnosis and treatment.
Promote digital innovation and help personalized diabetes management services

Although drugs for treating diabetes have great potential, diabetic patients still have to monitor their diet, exercise levels, and medications, and patients still have a large number of unmet needs. Novo Nordisk is also constantly exploring drug innovation, injection device innovation, innovation in disease recognition, and innovation in disease treatment and management methods, and empower doctors and patients through digital solutions.

The “NovoCare” applet, as an artificial intelligence blessing tool, is positioned to become an “intelligent assistant” for diabetic patients and an “outside hospital helper” for doctors. Choosing to cooperate with Microsoft is because of Microsoft’s strength in artificial intelligence technology. Novo Nordisk hopes to rely on the power of artificial intelligence technology to popularize diabetes-related disease knowledge more widely and efficiently, and support patients’ daily disease management.

Mr. Zhao Zhizhong, Chief Transformation Officer of Microsoft Greater China and Regional Head of Microsoft’s Global Artificial Intelligence National Program, said, “How to let patients enjoy warm artificial intelligence services is the direction we have been working hard on. Microsoft adopts the principle of’Responsible AI’, Measure and require every AI product and application from six perspectives: fairness, reliability and safety, privacy and protection, tolerance, transparency and responsibility of product design. At the same time, from the perspective of sustainable development and social influence, how to better Cooperating with multinational pharmaceutical companies such as Novo Nordisk to use digital tools to generate greater influence and enhance patient care and user experience is also a direction Microsoft is constantly exploring.”

In the future, Novo Nordisk will continue to cooperate with Microsoft in the field of medical + artificial intelligence to set a new benchmark for AI-enabled chronic disease management. Based on the application of artificial intelligence, Novo Nordisk also plans to achieve personalized management and intelligent recommendations for different disease types and stages according to the characteristics of each patient in the future to improve patient satisfaction.

For Novo Nordisk, “The continuous promotion of big data and the new wave of digitization stimulates innovation and transformation in the healthcare industry. The digital age of the healthcare industry has come in full swing, and brand-new treatment ideas and market patterns have been opened. The use of digitalization Public education and a new attempt to promote multi-directional and effective communication with patients will be an important direction of Novo Nordisk’s digital innovation strategy.”


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