With the Intelligent Interactive System as the Core, Aihealthxhas Received Tens of Millions of Investment in the Establishment of the Company for One Year


n July 17, the Artificial Intelligence Medical Device Innovation Promotion Conference was held in Beijing, and the artificial intelligence medical device innovation cooperation platform was established. The country’s focus on artificial intelligence stems from the continuous integration of artificial intelligence technology and traditional industries. Among them, the medical industry has become a widely used field of artificial intelligence technology, and the prospect of artificial intelligence application in the medical industry is still very bright.

The importance of artificial intelligence technology is self-evident, and its application in the medical industry has covered many aspects, but there are few applications involving clinical interaction. Aihealthx focuses on the needs of hospitals and doctors, relies on AI technology to explore the intelligent upgrade of hospital business scenarios, and provides a comprehensive intelligent upgrade service for hospitals through the development of a series of software and hardware solutions.

Dr. Tao Wei, co-founder of Aihealthx, said: “The application of AI technology to clinical interactions will greatly improve the efficiency of doctors and improve the quality of hospital medical services.”

Tao Wei introduced: “Aihealthx has established cooperative relationships with many hospitals such as Xiangya Hospital and Fuwai Hospital of Central South University, and has developed a series of products for clinical applications, such as perioperative intelligent interactive system and intelligent interaction of doctor stations. System, nurse station intelligent interactive system, intelligent medical history collection, intelligent guidance system, etc.”

AI scientists form a core team to solve clinical interaction pain points

Aihealthx was founded on December 30, 2016, and its founding team has a clear Tsinghua lineage. Co-founders Tao Wei and Qi Hairong are Tsinghua’s classmates. Company consultant Jiang Rui is an associate professor at Tsinghua University.

Tao Wei introduced: “The company’s core executives and technology developers come from world-renowned IT companies and research institutes. Among the team members are scientists from IBM Research Institute, the chief scientist of the National 973 Program, and the senior artificial intelligence engineer with Baidu. We have designers who are pursuing the ultimate user experience… We are committed to creating a comfortable medical and health service experience with artificial intelligence technology as the core.”

Speaking of entrepreneurial experience, Tao Wei said: “The reason why I chose to start a business in the medical AI field was greatly encouraged by my classmate, Qi Hairong. At that time, he was a vice president of a medical listed company, for the medical industry and The field of artificial intelligence is very familiar. Hairong introduced me to another partner and is now CEO of the company Zhao Ming. Zhao Ming graduated from Peking University, he has rich experience in building big data platform, and I am in AI algorithm. The field has accumulated many years of experience, and we have formed complementary technical advantages. We know that artificial intelligence technology is changing with each passing day, the development speed is very fast, and the product iteration is also very fast. But the medical industry belongs to the relatively traditional industry, the hospital is upgrading IT technology and AI. The application of technology is usually a slow groping and relatively lagging state. The intelligence level of most hospitals is still in its infancy, whether it is different scenes of doctors’ clinical work or various service scenarios for patients. I can use AI technology to improve and upgrade, so we decided to do our best to help the hospital. And the doctor solves this problem.”

Change the traditional application of interactive information

Tao Wei introduced: “Aihealthx team independently developed multi-modal interaction technology, which changed the traditional interactive application of information. Aihealthx multi-modal interaction technology for the medical industry, mainly using speech recognition, gesture recognition, image recognition, video recognition, etc. The non-contact operation mode allows medical personnel to freely select interactive modes such as natural language or gestures to operate the terminal system, making information acquisition easier and more convenient.”

Take the perioperative intelligent interactive system as an example. When the surgeon is performing the surgery, he or she needs to wear gloves throughout the operation and operate in a sterile environment. When the information is viewed, the doctor needs to be disinfected and consulted by himself. This prolongs the operation time and increases the risk of surgery and the possibility of infection. The perioperative intelligent interactive system can realize the dialogue between the doctor and the machine by using the techniques of speech recognition, gesture recognition, virtual screen, etc. The doctor does not need to touch the screen, and can use the voice or gesture to view the information he wants. Tao Wei said: “The perioperative intelligent interactive system solves the problem of information interaction between doctors and patients in the operating room environment, avoids the drawbacks of contact operation, liberates the doctor’s hands, and makes the sci-fi effect of the space operation become a reality.”

The perioperative intelligent interactive system developed by Aihealthx integrates three-dimensional reconstruction, multi-screen contrast comparison, and inter-disciplinary surgery consultation. It can integrate the control equipment signal and video signal to provide more efficient and safe operation room. surroundings. The three-dimensional reconstruction technology can enlarge and rotate the patient’s CT, nuclear magnetic and other sequence images, such as blood vessels and nerves. Multi-screen hanging film contrast technology can realize the contrast display of data, image, medical record and other data information, which is convenient for doctors to compare data information.

Aihealthx not only provides a perioperative intelligent interactive system, but also provides a doctor station intelligent interactive system for hospital management, a nurse station intelligent interactive system for ward management, and a smart guidance system for hospital services. These intelligent systems all use Aihealthx The three core technologies: natural language interaction engine, acoustic interaction engine, emotion and gesture interaction engine.

“The doctor station system can help doctors integrate patient data in the department and display the patient’s situation in different categories, which brings great convenience to doctors and hospital management. The nurse station system can collect timely, reliable and comprehensive clinical information, reduce the burden on nurses and facilitate nurses. Providing better services to patients.” Tao Wei said, “Intelligent interactive systems can improve the management efficiency of hospitals and the efficiency of doctors, so that patients can be better and faster.”

Tao Wei believes that: “Multi-modal human-computer interaction technology defines the interaction mode of the next generation of intelligent products, laying the foundation for the development of related hardware, software and applications. Aihealthx technical team has always been at the forefront of research and application in this field. ”

At the same time, Aihealthx also deeply cultivated intelligent human-machine dialogue technology, and launched intelligent application systems such as intelligent medical history collection and intelligent guidance. Supported by a professional medical knowledge map, the interrogation interaction engine developed around the hospital’s clinical professional needs can provide services to patients in different forms such as intelligent robots and smart APPs. Not only effectively saved the hospital’s manpower, but also improved the standardization of hospital services. Through the intelligent medical history collection system, collecting detailed medical history information of the patient before the doctor’s face consultation not only improves the doctor’s consultation efficiency, but also provides more powerful support for the doctor’s clinical diagnosis decision.

Ma Yun once said: “Opportunity is always hidden in people’s complaints. People complain loudly, you can solve problems, the more you complain, the greater the chance.” Aihealthx saw the painful point of hospital intelligence and seized the development of hospital intelligence The opportunity of interactive systems, with the support of a strong team, expands the application of artificial intelligence technology in the medical field. In January 2018, Aihealthx announced that it had acquired tens of millions of angel investments from Yizhuang Capital and Spirit. Aihealthx is able to complete the smooth angel round financing, not only because of its superiority, but also because of its superior technical team, management team and operation team. It does not blindly expand and revolve around products.

Optimistic about the combination of health care and market

In 2018, Aihealthx began to integrate the medical and health care market, and joined the National Key Research and Development Program supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology, “Research on Medical Support and Support Solution”, which was run by Xiangya Hospital of Central South University, People’s Liberation Army General Hospital, and West China Hospital of Sichuan University. A number of units, such as Huashan Hospital of Fudan University, jointly filed a total of 10 million yuan. In the project, Aihealthx was responsible for the development of “Human-machine natural interaction technology research for medical and medical products”. This study is a national key project that Aihealthx received again after receiving funding from the National Natural Science Foundation of China in 2017.

Through continuous exploration of the needs and core technologies of medical integration, Aihealthx and Pengzhou People’s Hospital Xiangfu Care Center launched the “Wireless Perception-based Elderly Health Monitoring Platform”. The platform can monitor the breathing and heart rate of the elderly without wearing any monitoring equipment. At the same time, it can monitor the daily behavior of the elderly, judge the abnormal situation such as the accidental fall of the elderly and automatically alarm. While protecting the privacy of the elderly, it effectively protects the safety of the elderly and facilitates the management of nursing staff. Aihealthx said: “I hope that through this system, the pension will become more refined and humanized.”

Tao Wei smiled and told reporters: “As a child, I am also very worried about the parents’ pension problem. China’s aging population is increasing, and pension has become a social problem. The country is currently promoting medical integration, and we Aihealthx will be committed to providing practical solutions. The application program and keep moving forward on the road of medical integration.”

Tao Wei said: “Aihealthx will continue to deepen its efforts in the field of medical artificial intelligence, and strive to create greater value with technology. At the same time, actively explore and develop a combination of health care and health care.”


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