Voxelcloud’s AI Skin Test System Allow Patients to Do Skin Test at Home


In recent years, “skin management” has become a very popular term. When it comes to the concept of skin management, we seem to think of beauty institutions that bloom everywhere, as well as a series of terms such as small bubbles and tanning. However, compared with skin management for skin care and medical beauty, skin disease management is a treasure trove to be conquered by AI companies.

At present, many AI products for the auxiliary diagnosis and treatment of dermatological diseases have begun to be launched, and medical institutions such as China and Japan Hospital and Nankai Hospital have also participated in it. However, compared with the clinical scenarios in which medical institutions participate in the formulation, single-disease skin AI products for severe diseases, the independent development of technology companies in this field may more fully reflect the value chain of skin AI.

Among them, voxelcloud technology is a good example. After radiological and ophthalmological images, the AI ​​solution for clinical natural images of all kinds of skin is launched.

Voxelcloud’s skin inquiry mini program “voxelcloud” is an online health self-test software, which can provide convenient self-examination services for citizens with skin problems, allowing users to understand possible skin problems at home, Necessary problems, especially if it is not convenient to go out due to the recent epidemic.

As we all know, the number of dermatology clinics has always been high, and most patients’ skin problems are minor problems, so first use the “voxelcloud skin knowledge sink” to self-test skin problems at home, according to the priority to determine whether you need to go immediately Seeing a doctor in a hospital is a safe option for patients.

voxelcloud’s skin AI products can identify more than 150 skin symptoms, covering 99% of skin problems. As long as you have a mobile phone nearby, take a good picture of the affected area, and upload it to the applet, our AI can immediately calculate and match similar signs for you, and provide professional encyclopedic knowledge and processing methods.

At present, the skin AI products of voxelcloud technology have reached millions of weekly visits. In addition to the “voxelcloud skin knowledge exchange” applet, voxelcloud skin AI recognition has also been accessed on major health platforms such as Tencent Health, Rimage App (owned by Winona), Excellent Health App, and mobile doctors. Function, hundreds of thousands of users troubleshoot their skin problems online every day.

AI-assisted self-examination is easy to operate, but due to the accuracy of a single investigation, skin health issues need continuous attention, especially skin diseases often recur, and the pattern of most patients’ treatment is only to go to the doctor after symptoms, after a period Go to the consultation. In this process, what kind of changes the disease produces every day cannot be captured, but with the “voxelcloud skin knowledge sink”, users can self-check the improvement of skin diseases by uploading photos of the affected area daily This is our product tracking change function. However, when the symptoms do not subside or there is a high risk of skin disease, you should still seek medical treatment offline in time to seek a professional medical solution.

In addition to the “voxelcloud skin knowledge” skin disease self-examination function, voxelcloudAI skin management also has a pre-consultation AI assistant function. This assistant serves patients waiting for dermatology and effectively uses the patient’s pre-diagnosis time to collect the patient’s disease information. , Reduce the cost of doctors to understand the patient’s condition, so that doctors focus more on diagnosis and treatment. The system generates different questions to interact with the patient based on the patient’s age, gender, and skin lesions. After the patient describes the condition, the patient’s language is converted into medical terms to generate a standardized medical report. Doctors can supplement, verify, and copy text into other applications based on the results of AI consultations. At the same time, the intelligent pre-examination system can also provide auxiliary diagnosis recommendations through intelligent auxiliary diagnosis, and automatically push the disease-related science popularization content to the patients after the diagnosis, helping clinicians to improve diagnosis and treatment efficiency, diagnosis accuracy and patient satisfaction. At present, the dermatology departments of many hospitals have introduced voxelcloud pre-examination AI assistants.

At present, the self-diagnosis of dermatological AI provided by “voxelcloudAI skin management” is only for self-examination of health knowledge, that is, to provide advice, not to make a diagnosis and prescribe. According to regulations, the first consultation cannot be performed online. But in the future, with the establishment and improvement of China’s hierarchical diagnosis and treatment system and the joining of Internet intelligent technology, the role of online consultation may go far beyond this. A better combination of artificial intelligence diagnosis will greatly reduce the time and difficulty of consultation. .

Finally, I would like to call on everyone’s attitude towards the correct use of AI. Technology products must have their own limitations. They should make full use of the characteristics of convenience and timeliness, combine their own conditions, and use them rationally. voxelcloud believes that the value of AI is to provide convenience and popularize professional knowledge, instead of replacing doctors or directly providing medical services.


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