VISIONMEDICALS Completed 100 Million Yuan of A Round Financing


VISIONMEDICALS announced the completion of the A-round financing of 100 million yuan. This round of financing was jointly led by Volcanics Venture and Cash Capital.

In recent years, following the birth health and cancer diagnosis and treatment, the diagnosis of infectious pathogens has become a new track for precision medicine. The emergence of new technologies such as pathogen macrogenomics and CRISPR-based rapid diagnosis based on high-throughput sequencing has effectively improved the detection ability of clinical pathogens, shortened the reporting period, and accelerated the development of the infection-preferred medical industry.

VISIONMEDICALS, focusing on the infection of precision medicine. It has nearly 3,000 square meters of medical laboratory, research and development center and GMP production workshop. It has two core technology products: the pathogen metagenomics platform IDseqTM and the pathogen CRISPR rapid diagnostic platform ID-CRISPRTM.

At present, IDseqTM has achieved the fastest 24-hour DNA/RNA dual-process delivery in the country, and nearly 2000 clinical samples per month. The ID-CRISPRTM Demo was successfully applied to the rapid detection of Mycobacterium tuberculosis for the first time. The first internationally evaluated article on the detection of pathogens in collaboration with Huashan Hospital affiliated to Shanghai Fudan University has been accepted by the well-known SCI magazine EMI. (Impact factor 7.2).

“With better technology, more patients are served!” Dr. Xu Teng, founder and CTO of VISIONMEDICALS, said that since the establishment of Weiyuan, it has been clear that technological innovation is the strategic core of the company. “We developed a pathogenic nucleic acid enrichment technology with independent intellectual property rights for the detection of pathogenic micronucleic acids in clinical samples. Through the accumulation of pathogen detection big data, we established a pathogen metagenomics intelligent analysis and reporting system; we are also internationally The first team to develop and clinically validate critical pathogens on the CRISPR diagnostic platform. It is our mission to make infected patients benefit from new pathogen diagnostics!” he added.

Technological innovation comes from the team, and the construction of the platform also instills the efforts of the team. VISIONMEDICALS founder and COO Wang Xiaorui said: “Excellence is the team’s pursuit of efficient execution.” After the team’s efforts over the past year, Weiyuan Medical Laboratory has been awarded the “Medical Institution” by the Guangzhou Health and Health Commission. “Practicing License” and the “Clinical Gene Amplification Laboratory” issued by the Guangdong Provincial Clinical Examination Center. The micro-far in vitro diagnostic instrument and kit GMP production workshop has been completed and put into production, with the ability to produce more than 1.5 million infectious diagnostic kits per year. At the same time, VISIONMEDICALS has completed the establishment of a joint laboratory in some of the top three hospitals in China, and has the comprehensive ability to export the pathogen progenomics testing laboratory platform.

A group of talents with extensive experience in infectious pathogen diagnosis and high-throughput sequencing industry. Mr. Li Yongjun, founder and CEO of VISIONMEDICALS, said: “It is this kind of industry background that makes us deeply understand that behind every precious sample, there is a patient who needs to be treated. Weiyuan will be a win-win enterprise. Culture, insist on deep infection and accurate medical treatment!” This round of financing will focus on three strategic directions:
1. R&D investment: optimization and upgrading of pathogen metagenomic products and gene editing rapid diagnostic products;
2. Registration declaration: Accelerate the registration test and clinical trial of the first pathogenic metagenomic products;
3, clinical cooperation: the national medical laboratory network and the top three hospitals scientific research cooperation and platform joint construction.

Zhang Suyang, managing partner of Volcanics Venture, believes that higher pathogen detection efficiency and shorter reporting period are the key to the breakthrough of accurate medical treatment. R&D-related testing technology platforms require teams to have strong multidisciplinary cross-cutting capabilities, such as clinical infections, molecular biology, bioinformatics, and POCT product development. The far-off team is composed of industrial talents in these segments. We are optimistic about the company’s strategic direction, optimistic about the team, and will continue to support the long-term development in the future.

Chen Hongwu, managing partner of Cash Capital, said: The emergence of new technologies and new platforms such as pathogen metagenomics and rapid diagnosis of CRISPR has brought new development momentum for infection-precise medical treatment; infection-precise medical treatment can be a reasonable application of antibiotics and nosocomial infections. The effective control indicates the direction and the business prospects are promising; in addition, the Weiyuan team also has outstanding technical innovation capabilities, and also outstanding performance in platform construction and clinical cooperation capabilities. Guokejiahe will provide post-investment value-added services in various aspects such as talents, technology, government and industry resources, and fully support Weiyuan to become the leading brand of infectious precision medicine.

About Volcanics Venture

Founded in May 2016, Volcanics Venture is committed to discovering, investing in and serving China’s Internet innovation, pan-intelligent technology, and new high-growth start-ups in the new healthcare sector, providing long-lasting value-added services to accompany them to grow together; as a global perspective A professional venture capital fund that creates excellent returns for investors.

The three partners, Zhang Suyang, Dong Yeshun and Wu Ying, are close partners of the US$/RMB fund. They have more than 60 years of investment experience and corporate management experience as well as deep industry resources. Past investment performance includes Ctrip, Potato and Han. Court, Home, eBay, Haoye, Jiu’an Medical, Kanghui Medical, Baosteel Packaging, Ping An Good Doctor, Shanghai Pharmaceutical Health, Cobos Robot, Taibang Biological, Baishi Logistics, etc. Up to now, Volcanics Venture has invested in such outstanding projects as Geek+, Social Security, Gene+, Ai Man, Artisan, Jianke, Fourier Rehabilitation Robot, Shanghai Cell Therapy Group, and Anjie IOT.

Introduction to Cash Capital

Founded in 2011, Cash Capital is a first-class equity investment platform initiated by the Chinese Academy of Sciences Holdings Limited. It currently manages two RMB venture capital funds, two RMB merger and acquisition funds, an industry special fund, and a US dollar venture capital fund. A number of funds, such as government special funds, have a total management amount of tens of billions of yuan. Cash Capital relies on the first-class technical capabilities of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, a large number of high-tech transformation results, and government and industry resources. With a professional team with rich investment management experience, Cash Capital focuses on emerging industries such as information technology (TMT) and life sciences, and focuses on investing in start-ups. High-tech innovative companies with technical barriers in the period of growth and development. Cash Capital has invested in nearly 100 companies in the areas of IoT, mobile internet and services, big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence, financial technology, security, medical services, medical devices and pharmaceuticals.


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