Using AI and Infrared Thermal Imaging to Help Disease Risk Screening and Chronic Disease Management, Ihawk TCM Has obtained a Medical Device Registration Certificate


The TCM infrared detection equipment can convert the thermal radiation signals of human metabolism and blood circulation into an infrared heat map characterized by temperature, and then through intelligent analysis by the big data platform and AI system, a report showing the user’s health from the perspective of TCM can be obtained.

This system is the result of years of research and development by Ihawk TCM. With clinical data of more than 100,000 cases, Ihawk TCM has accumulated a lot of practical experience, and the algorithm model developed by it has also obtained sufficient data for training and learning, and has achieved continuous upgrade and iteration.

“The superior doctor treats the disease before it occurs, and prevent the disease before it happens.” This ancient Chinese saying just fits with the current health trend of “transitioning from passive treatment to active prevention”. The “Healthy China” strategy clearly mentions that it is necessary to focus on prevention, move the threshold forward, and reduce the incidence of diseases; strengthen early detection, early diagnosis, and early intervention, promote the development of the health industry, and achieve national health.

Cui Deqi, vice president of Ihawk TCM, said, “early detection, early diagnosis and early intervention are the core consensus in the medical and health field. After early intervention in a scientific and systematic way, many diseases can be treated and improved, which can greatly reduce the cost of people and their families. The practice of Ihawk TCM is to realize the “artificial intelligence” of Chinese medicine based on “theory of human life thermodynamics”, combined with infrared thermal imaging, AI algorithm, big data of diagnosis and treatment and other technologies. At present, Ihawk TCM has successfully developed a variety of technological products such as intelligent robots, intelligent cabin machines, auxiliary dialectical analysis systems, and auxiliary dialectical treatment guidance systems. It is hoped that these intelligent devices and intelligent systems will serve grassroots medical institutions and health management institutions, realize the objectification of TCM syndrome differentiation and standardization of treatment, and promote the clinical advantages of TCM to be more widely implemented at the grassroots level.”

It is understood that the intelligent detection equipment of Ihawk TCM is based on the “thermodynamic theory of human life”. It uses traditional Chinese medicine to detect the temperature information of important parts of the human body, 16 meridians, and 360 acupoints to analyze the energy differences of human organs, meridians, and triple burners. In some cases, before the organic lesions, the prompt signals of energy disorder, metabolic disorder, and functional decline of the body are found. The device can realize head and face detection in 1 minute and whole body detection in 5 minutes and has the advantages of non-radioactive, non-invasive, visual and quantifiable.

Based on a series of analysis and algorithm technologies with independent intellectual property rights, Ihawk TCM has developed a variety of application systems such as information collection, infrared holographic analysis, and intelligent TCM diagnosis. The company has obtained a number of invention patent authorizations in the past two years, and the fastest time less than half a year passed the examination of the State Intellectual Property Office and obtained the invention patent certificate. On the basis of in-depth technical accumulation in the detection and diagnosis links, Ihawk TCM has also expanded to provide “examination, diagnosis, evaluation and management” integrated life-cycle health management services, covering from intelligent detection, auxiliary diagnosis, to recommended prescription, multiple links including personalized conditioning, health information tracking, and health guidance to achieve one-stop service. This layout is to further improve the service efficiency of medical and health management institutions, and improve the diagnosis and treatment experience of patients and health management groups. Based on the integrated health management service of “examination, diagnosis, evaluation and management”,

Ihawk TCM has launched the “Smart TCM Construction” project. The institution provides TCM and related department construction empowerment, and promotes the effective improvement of the overall operational service capability. Ihawk TCM pays special attention to scientific research and medium and long-term sustainable value output. At present, Ihawk TCM has participated in the national “Thirteenth Five-Year” major research and development plan led by the Ministry of Science and Technology, and has cooperated with Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, Shanghai University of Chinese Medicine and other Chinese medicine scientific research units and research institutes to carry out industry-university-research cooperation, and jointly promote the transformation and application of TCM scientific research achievements in the fields of clinical diagnosis and treatment and health management.

Cui Deqi said that Ihawk TCM has gradually improved its technology and product system, and has reached cooperation with more than 150 medical and health management institutions. In the future, the company will continue to consolidate infrared thermal imaging technology, multi-diagnosis and reference technology and AI algorithm capabilities, and go deep into grassroots communities and help the healthy development of the whole people through one-stop empowerment of equipment and services.


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