Tsimaging Completes 10 Million Yuan Pre-A Round of Financing, Leading The Track of Cerebrovascular Precision Imaging


Tsimaging, a leader in high-resolution magnetic resonance vascular wall imaging technology, recently announced the completion of a pre-A round of financing of 10 million yuan. This round of financing was led by Mint Angel Fund and TusStar Ventures followed up. It is reported that this round of financing will be mainly used in two aspects. On the one hand, Tsimaging will continue to strengthen product research and development, looking for more solutions. On the other hand, Tsimaging will turn passive sales into proactive and further expand sales channels.

Dr. Hou Jian, a partner of the Mint Angel Fund, shared the investment logic: “The first step in precision medicine is accurate diagnosis, and its realization requires a strong technical background. For example, high-resolution magnetic resonance cerebrovascular imaging requires medical knowledge. Cross. Tsimaging has exactly this condition.”

In 2016, Tsinghua University and relevant experts in the industry jointly initiated the establishment of Tsimaging, which transformed the scientific research results of Tsinghua University’s Biomedical Imaging Research Center into products to provide high-resolution magnetic resonance wall imaging solutions for patients with cerebrovascular diseases. The Tsinghua University team has nearly 30 years of technology development, pathological verification, clinical trials and data accumulation in this field, making Tsimaging a leader in the world in high-resolution magnetic resonance technology.

Since its establishment, Tsimaging has obtained Beijing High-tech Enterprise Certification and Zhongguancun High-tech Enterprise Certification, and has obtained a number of invention and utility model patents. At present, the products have been sold to more than 100 domestic hospitals with advantages in cerebrovascular diseases, helping to promote the scientific research and clinical work of the hospitals.

When the artificial intelligence medical circle enters the second half, why can Tsimaging obtain financing in the cold winter of capital? Artery Network interviewed Dr. Rui Li, founder of Tsimaging, and Dr. Jian Hou, partner of Mint Angel Fund, to analyze the reasons why Tsimaging is favored by capital from multiple perspectives.

Precise positioning to fill the current cerebrovascular imaging gap

As the famous saying in “Forrest Gump”, “Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what the next piece will taste.” Cerebrovascular diseases take many years to accumulate, but it only takes a moment to break out. It brings us Surprised, far more than that piece of chocolate you never know what it will taste like.

2.5 million (new cases/year), 1.6 million (deaths/year), 12 seconds (onset speed), 21 seconds (death speed), 40 billion (medical expenses/year), all of which are the most important part of my country’s cerebrovascular disease According to the data presented in the disaster area, cerebrovascular diseases have become the main cause of death in humans. Therefore, how to accurately diagnose cerebrovascular diseases through imaging methods has become an urgent clinical problem to be solved.

Clinically, imaging techniques such as carotid ultrasound, transcranial Doppler (TCD), magnetic resonance cerebrovascular angiography (MRA), CT angiography (CTA) and digital subtraction angiography (DSA) are routinely used to diagnose cerebrovascular diseases .

But these technologies have six major pain points:

1. Only focus on the lumen, no information on the wall lesions (plaque shape, composition, function)
2. Image quality cannot be guaranteed
3. Lack of standard imaging solutions
4. Lack of identification standards for plaque components and vulnerable plaques
5. Large amount of image data is difficult to process
6. The clinical understanding of tube wall imaging is insufficient and there is still room for improvement in clinical application

These six pain points directly reflect the value of accurate stroke imaging in clinical applications. The high-resolution magnetic resonance vascular wall imaging program is undoubtedly a sharp tool for clinically providing accurate diagnosis, treatment decision-making, and prognosis evaluation of cerebrovascular diseases.

Tsimaging integrates high-resolution magnetic resonance imaging technology, professional imaging sequences, dedicated high-signal-to-noise ratio imaging coils, artificial intelligence interpretation algorithms, and imaging workstations to form a complete solution. Provide hospitals with a one-stop accurate imaging solution from imaging to reporting, making the clinical application of high-resolution MRI more standardized and simpler and faster.

Application of high-resolution magnetic resonance vascular wall imaging in cerebrovascular diseases

Strive steadily and complete the enclosure with three advantages

“Innovation ability, own hematopoietic ability and resources are our three major advantages in obtaining financing.” said Dr. Rui Li, founder of Tsimaging. These three advantages are also the three major factors that Tsimaging is favored by capital.

Advantage 1: Innovation ability. Tsimaging has the ability to innovate the entire chain from imaging methods to clinical applications. This ability is not only reflected in new hardware, new imaging methods and new image processing algorithms, but also in the ability to innovatively apply these technologies to different Clinical application and finding evidence-based medicine, and finally written into clinical guidelines These innovative capabilities are the cornerstone of Tsimaging’s development.

Advantage 2: Hematopoietic ability. The technology developed by Tsimaging is clinically oriented, and is finally applied to the clinic, from the clinical to the clinical, forming a complete closed loop, bringing its own hematopoietic ability, which enables the company to open more than 100 hospitals And establish an important factor for cooperation. In addition, Tsimaging also cooperates with Philips, Siemens, United Imaging and other manufacturers, and is fully compatible with the 1.5T and 3.0T series of mainstream MRI manufacturers at home and abroad.

Advantage 3: Resources. Tsimaging relied on the Biomedical Imaging Research Center of Tsinghua University to accumulate a large number of resources in the early days of its establishment, including cooperation with many medical imaging technology research and development institutions, scientific research and clinical cooperation with more than 100 hospitals, cooperation with large medical imaging manufacturers, and physical examination Cooperation between institutions and third-party imaging centers, cooperation between emerging medical imaging data and artificial intelligence companies, etc. This enables Tsimaging to have broad development space in technology research and development, clinical verification and business model.

Deeply cultivate technology and tap the huge market behind precise imaging

As Dr. Rui Li mentioned, only by accurately determining the cause can an effective treatment of cerebrovascular diseases be achieved. Dr. Li Rui’s words reveal the current market demand for precision imaging and the huge market behind it.

Dr. Hou Jian, a partner of the Mint Angel Fund, told Artery Network: “I think Tsimaging is a potential leader in the field of medical imaging in China. Tsimaging’s products can improve the quality and speed of high-resolution MRI, improve patient experience, and efficiently use medical resources. ; More importantly, it can mine in-depth cerebrovascular disease information to meet the needs of accurate clinical diagnosis and treatment. At the same time, the entrepreneurial identity of a scientist enables the company to have a strong R&D gene. Tsimaging has the opportunity to integrate the first-class including Tsinghua Biomedical Imaging Center Scientific research results of the institute.”

Dr. Rui Li, the founder of Tsimaging, introduced: “At present, Tsimaging has completed a high-resolution blood vessel wall imaging screening program and a precise 4D blood flow imaging solution. Next, it will further promote the implementation of accurate imaging solutions for the heart, nerves and animals. The company is in business Shanghai will also gradually improve its sales network and explore more diversified business models starting from a single 2B sales. It is believed that Tsimaging’s advanced clinical solutions will bring disruptive changes to the clinical practice of medical imaging, resulting in huge economic and Social value.”


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