The first AI+5G heart surgery completed in China!


On April 3, Guangdong Provincial People’s Hospital and Guangdong Gaozhou People’s Hospital jointly performed a heart surgery. In the extracardiac operating room of Gaozhou People’s Hospital, the doctors performed the main endoscopic laparoscopic surgery; in the Guangdong Provincial People’s Hospital, which is nearly 400 kilometers away, the experts watched the operation of Gaozhou City by watching the real-time ultra-high-definition surgery screen of 5G transmission on the big screen and offered remote guidance.

Before the operation, the hospital used the self-developed fully automatic AI software to shorten the modeling time from 2-6 hours to less than two minutes, and automatically generated a 3D digital model (STL format) recognizable by the 3D printer which produced a solid 1:1 heart model.

Gaozhou People’s Hospital is nearly 400 kilometers away from Guangdong Provincial People’s Hospital, but there is no obvious delay in the scene. The overall network speed was 10 times faster than 4G, and the delay is less than 30 microseconds, which is almost imperceptible.


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