Surgical Robotic Startup Hcit.AI Completes Tens of Millions of Yuan in Pre-A Round Financing


On September 16, Hcit.AI, a robot company for minimally invasive interventional surgery for tumors, announced the completion of a Pre-A round of financing of tens of millions of yuan.

This round of financing will accelerate Hcit.AI’s progress in talent introduction, product development, clinical trials, and marketing promotion, so that doctors and patients can complete minimally invasive tumor interventional surgery through robots earlier and benefit from its applications.

Founded in August 2019, Hcit.AI is a surgical robot company with a leading international artificial intelligence service platform. The company’s first product is a minimally invasive interventional surgery robot for tumors. In the two years since its establishment, the company quickly realized the platformization of artificial intelligence technology, and based on this, realized multiple iterations of surgical robot products.

Surgical robot with completely independent intellectual property rights

Since the advent of Intuitive Surgical, surgical robots are constantly changing the traditional surgical methods, and the changes are getting faster and faster. According to data from a third-party consulting agency Mordor Intelligence, the global surgical robot market will reach approximately US$4.4 billion in 2020 and reach US$9.6 billion in 2026, with a compound growth rate of 11.4%.

Different from common surgical robot solutions based on collaborative robotic arms, Hcit.AI’s surgical robots have completely independent intellectual property rights from the robot body to the control software and solutions. Through in-depth integration with the surgical scene, the surgical robot can accurately and quickly assist the doctor to complete the operation, solve the problem of relying on manual experience in the clinical process, improve the efficiency of the operation, and reduce the risk of the operation.

In the field of tumor puncture interventional surgery robots, only a few foreign companies such as XACT Robotics have the ability to provide such products. Hcit.AI’s tumor puncture interventional surgery robots are expected to fill the gap in domestic tumor puncture interventional surgery robots.

In addition to the surgical robot system, Gaorong has also developed supporting products such as the auxiliary diagnosis and treatment planning system, covering three major surgical scenarios including preoperative planning, intraoperative navigation and postoperative evaluation.

The founder has combined experience with top medical device companies and hospitals

Dr. Zhang Ning is the founder of Hcit.AI. Before founding the company, he was the chief data scientist of the product department of the top medical device company GE Healthcare in the United States. He led and built a general artificial intelligence platform for the company. Before joining GE Healthcare, Dr. Zhang Ning served as the No. 1 Assistant Professor of Radiology at Mayo Clinic in the United States. As a core member, he created the Mayo intelligent imaging data platform, which integrates more than 100 imaging devices and Deployed in 25 hospitals in the Mayo Medical System. Dr. Zhang Ning has a number of AI models that have passed FDA certification. He and the Data Science Center of Massachusetts General Hospital and the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) have productized cooperation on AI medical projects. He is a registered medical information expert in the United States and is in North America. There are more than 20 patent applications. Dr. Zhang Ning is currently a researcher at the Ningbo Research Institute of Fudan University and a part-time professor at the Mayo-ASU Image Innovation Laboratory.

Since the establishment of the company, Hcit.AI has continuously gained attention and recognition from the market by virtue of technological innovation. Today, Hcit.AI’s services have entered dozens of Grade A hospitals across the country, and established business contacts with many top foreign hospitals.

Talking about the reasons for investing in Hcit.AI, Fang Zhenghao, the managing partner of Xiaomiao Langcheng, said: “Xiao Miao Langcheng has long been concerned about the investment opportunities in the combination of information technology, digitalization and the medical industry. Surgical robots are what we are optimistic about. High-difficulty fields of imaging, machinery and other disciplines. Dr. Zhang Ning, the founder of Hcit.AI, has a forward-looking and profound understanding of the needs of hospitals in the research and development of artificial intelligence in the top hospitals in the United States, as well as the productization and landing of top medical device companies. Ability and experience. As early as two years ago, we had in-depth exchanges and communications with the Hcit.AI team. During this period, we saw that the company quickly identified the business direction. Its surgical robot products have quickly gone through multiple rounds of iteration in a short period of time. And we have cooperated with many domestic top three hospitals. We are very optimistic about Hcit.AI and are willing to accompany the company’s growth for a long time.”

Regarding this financing, Dr. Zhang Min, the founder and chairman of Hcit.AI, said: “Thank you Xiaomiao Langcheng, Bangming Capital and Haimaide Venture Capital and other investors for their trust. Their investment is an important support for Hcit.AI. . Surgical robots have always been the crown jewel of the robotics industry due to their difficulty and complexity. After completing this round of financing, we will introduce more global talents and continue to increase R&D investment. Help doctors and assist patients to complete faster and better Precision treatment.”


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