Shenzhen SUMIAN is committed to treating chronic insomnia with teletherapy


According to convincing survey, the current global insomnia rate of adults reaches 29%, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBTI) has gradually become the main treatment for insomnia. Generally speaking, a complete CBTI treatment usually includes:

  1. A 6-week treatment;

2, Patients need to visit the clinician regularly, usually once a week;

  1. The doctor will provide a series of sleep assessments that require the patient to complete a sleep diary so as to eventually change the sleep pattern together.

This treatment is usually done in the hospital’s sleep center or mental and psychological department. For example, the Stanford University Medical Center in the United States has a specialized insomnia cognitive behavioral therapy clinic consisting of a movement disorder center, psychiatry and behavioral science, and a sleep medicine center. Patients can receive all CBTI treatments there.

However, the number of qualified doctors who can complete the above CBTI process is worrying. In the United States, for example, there are only 283 sleep disorder experts, and most of them are in universities outside the city.

Faced with a shortage of people, smartphone apps can not only help to fill the blanks, but also reduce the burden on the healthcare system. At present, domestic sleep disorder doctors are even more scarce, making online insomnia cognitive behavioral therapy (eCBTI) another direction for telemedicine.

SUMIAN provides free insomnia improvement tools such as sleep diary, scale assessment, and sleep guide for the majority of insomnia patients through the WeChat subscription account. Users can record and analyze their sleep data on the mobile phone, and let the doctor better grasp their sleep trends and lifestyle. When a bad behavior or misperception is found, CBTI’s team of doctors can intervene in a targeted manner to provide users with correct sleep behavior recommendations.


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