Sciencare: Building A New Closed-Loop Home Health Management Service Based on Digitalization


“Internet medical care must be promising in the future, and it will become the key to solving the fundamental problems in the current medical field in my country. It is embodied in the use of cutting-edge data technology to empower chronic disease management and health services, and change the original clinical-centric approach. System architecture, redefine the medical scene”.

This is Sciencare’s chairman Li Zheng’s vision for the future of Internet healthcare, but looking at the present, the reshaping of the medical industry by Internet technology is still extremely limited. At present, the basic status of my country’s medical field is “emphasis on clinical practice and neglect of prevention”. The main reason for this market situation is that China’s productivity was not developed in the early days of the founding of the People’s Republic of my country. Intervention is quite scarce.

With the rapid development of my country’s economy and the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, this “turn the cart before the horse” medical system has been unable to contain the rapid growth of chronic diseases. Increasingly large groups of patients with chronic diseases are seriously affecting the health and living standards of the people. , Has brought a huge economic burden to the medical insurance and the family.

Based on this, the state issued the “Outline of the “Healthy China 2030″ Plan”, emphasizing the need to focus on prevention and cure the disease. Under the guidance of the planning outline, the state has successively introduced a series of key policies such as the signing of family doctors and the national mid- and long-term plan for prevention and treatment of chronic diseases. The prevention work has gradually formed a new situation with primary medical institutions as the core and radiation from the community to the family.

At the same time, with the development of medical-grade IoT devices, big data, medical artificial intelligence and other science and technology as well as the practice and application in disease prevention, new formats, new technologies and primary medical scenarios with family-centric health management services have been born. The in-depth integration of the industry has also continuously expanded the imagination of the big health industry, giving the family health management market the opportunity to become the next outlet for the big health industry.

Sciencare has already stood in the wind before this vent is full of imagination and mission.

1. Return to the demand itself and explore the most primitive value of medical care

Sciencare is a medical and health technology Internet company registered in Beijing. The company was established in March 2018. In November of the same year, it completed a joint venture and reached a strategic partnership with CIIC Global (stock code:, a company listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. . With a global perspective, Sciencare is committed to empowering and trusting China’s medical and health industry with technological means, and ultimately to benefit the health of the people, so that patients can enjoy global and high-quality medical services.

Like most innovative companies, the birth of Sciencare stems from founder Li Zheng’s love and deep cultivation in the medical field. Li Zheng used to be the general manager of Baidu’s medical business department. During his tenure, Li Zheng experienced a crossover from the Internet to medical care. It was the dual transformation of identity and responsibilities that gave Li Zheng a new understanding of the medical field. These “understandings” also It became his confidence and original intention to found Sciencare.

On the one hand is the seriousness of the medical field. Li Zheng said frankly, “There is no one word that can accurately describe the medical and health industry, because it is too heavy and too serious. People’s birth, old age, sickness and death are closely related to it. In the whole process of working in the medical field, whether it is encountered The difficulties and the achievements that have been made have given me a great shock and impact, and made me even more aware of the importance of the medical field. This is a great cause worth investing in a lifetime.”

On the other hand, there are problems that need to be solved urgently in Internet medical treatment at this stage. Although the Internet has accelerated its integration into all aspects of life, it is difficult for the medical and health industry to penetrate its core links. Therefore, how to find the medical scene, truly meet the actual needs of patients, and break through the interactive barriers of various servers has become a current Internet medical field. Major and urgent issues. Li Zheng believes that the real application scenarios of the Internet should be at the grassroots, in families and communities, and only with the support of the government, connecting online and offline around the grassroots, empowering grassroots medical institutions to serve communities and families more effectively, and at the same time assist Only when the government realizes hierarchical diagnosis and treatment can it truly exert its value.

In addition to internal factors, external factors are also inspiring Li Zheng’s determination to start a business. According to the “Report on the Status of Nutrition and Chronic Diseases of Chinese Residents (2020)”, my country currently has more than 300 million patients with chronic diseases. In 2019, the proportion of deaths caused by chronic diseases in my country was as high as 88.5% of the total deaths, which was higher than in 1991. 73.8% increased by nearly 15 percentage points. It is estimated that by 2050, with the further acceleration of the aging process, this data will reach a staggering 90%, effectively preventing and controlling chronic diseases, and correctly guiding patients to improve personal health problems. The current huge challenges facing my country’s medical field.

2. Create a “three-in-one” service model and build an active home health management solution

Home health service is a form of health management service centered on family scenes that Sciencare vigorously promotes in China. Health managers and family doctors use medical-grade wearable devices and intelligent inspection and testing equipment, with the cooperation of artificial intelligence, mobile Internet and Internet of Things technology, to remotely provide chronic disease patients, recovered patients, sub-healthy people, disabled elderly, Patients with mobility impairments provide safe and reliable vital signs monitoring and health guidance services.

Sciencare’s general manager Qiao Shuo told, “From the perspective of the service itself, Sciencare divides the service content into five core steps, namely data collection, data monitoring, intervention, effect evaluation and proposed improvement measures. Generally speaking, it is for patients. Constructed a full-service closed loop from detection to health management; from a macro perspective, Sciencare realizes the integration of online and offline services through a service model of platform + equipment + service “three in one”. On the one hand, offline services, namely Family doctors invite patients to community health service centers for medical services. On the other hand, it is online services, that is, health managers use family health management cloud service platforms and wearable devices to remotely manage patients’ health.”

Specifically, how does Sciencare achieve health management?

One is based on home smart IoT smart health equipment. In order to allow doctors or health managers to grasp the vital signs of patients, family health management is based on home smart IoT devices, which monitors the four basic vital signs, basal metabolic rate, blood sugar, and other biochemical indicators and automatically uploads the data The cloud allows the service staff to grasp the true condition of the patient in real time.

The second is supported by PHR panoramic holographic data. Compared with in-hospital testing, the PHR formed by home testing data has irreplaceable and unique value for clinical and prevention. PHR truly reflects the patient’s physical condition outside the hospital, and makes up for the lack and lack of in-hospital data. In the future, PHR will be organically integrated with patient data EMR in the hospital, supplemented with advanced data processing capabilities, to maximize the value of data to health.

The third is driven by accurate forecasting of demand and efficient matching of supply. On the basis of the patient’s PHR, combined with the patient’s behavior, genetics, diet, exercise and other aspects of the data, a personal health profile is formed. According to the health profile, the patient can be matched with accurate health products and services.

The fourth is to form an active health service format with home and community as the core scenarios. Integrate technology and services with primary medical institutions and communities to empower primary medical care and radiate families through community health service centers.

At present, Sciencare has cooperated with primary medical institutions in Chengdu, Langfang and other areas to carry out family health management services. On September 22, 2020, Sciencare and Langfang City Health Commission signed the “Langfang City Residents Internet + Home Care Services Cooperation Agreement”. According to the agreement, Sciencare, together with its partner, CIIC Global (stock code 06819), a company listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, will use medical-grade wearable devices and big data analysis to integrate online and offline medical services through the Internet. , Service precision matching algorithm and other technologies, to introduce high-quality medical service resources from the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region and even the whole country and the world to Langfang, to provide Langfang residents with accurate home health management and care services, so that 4.6 million Langfang residents can do it locally Solve health problems and make health services truly within reach.

3. Continue to take root at the grassroots level and broaden the service boundary around the “three modes”

In the first three years of its establishment, Sciencare put more focus on strengthening the corporate ecological base and initial business development. The first is the development of a family health management cloud service platform, which is currently online and operational in Ningxia; the second is the establishment of a production and R&D center in Shanghai, which has established independent advantages in medical wearable devices; and then, it has joined hands with Chengdu Jinniuchengshi Hospital ”, launched project cooperation in the field of chronic disease management; finally, signed the “Internet + Home Precise Care” project with the Langfang City Health Commission. It has now entered the second stage smoothly, and has served more than 5,000 people.

As an innovative company, Sciencare can achieve such dazzling results in a short period of time, which is inseparable from the core competitiveness of Sciencare which is different from the same type of company.

One is the in-depth understanding of the industry by the core members of the team. The founder Li Zheng used to be the general manager of Baidu’s medical business department and the vice president of Microsoft (China) Co., Ltd. He has deep thinking and unique insights into the technology and medical industry. In addition, the company’s backbone team has nearly 20 years of experience in sales and operation management for top international technology companies or pharmaceutical production and sales companies, which will provide a steady stream of impetus for the development of the company.

The second is extensive resource integration capabilities. On the one hand, the team members have been deeply involved in the medical field for many years, and have a large amount of medical resources on the supply side, which can provide huge support for the enterprise in the medical device and medicine side; on the other hand, the company has been in the grassroots for nearly three years. While accumulating a lot of experience during the exploration, it also laid a certain resource advantage at the grassroots level.

The third is to have a strong background as support. CIIC Global is the largest medical credit service platform and medical health technology company in the North American market, serving more than 13,000 hospitals, more than 72,000 pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers, and more than 1 million medical practitioners worldwide. As a Chinese partner of CIIC Global, Sciencare has multiple advantages at the capital level and market strategy level. In addition, CIIC Global’s broad global vision and mature business model provide Sciencare with great platform upgrades and medical safety. s help.

For the future, Sciencare also has its own thinking dimension. The first is to continue to deepen the layout of the grassroots community, and through close cooperation with the government, form an online and offline closed loop in the grassroots scene, so that the people can truly feel the power of Internet medical care; the second is to open up the corporate health management model and integrate existing experience and resource advantages. It is widely used at the business development level of enterprises to further broaden the business lines of enterprises; third is to lay out the elderly care industry ecosystem, and through cooperation with nursing homes or related elderly care institutions, the concept of home health management can be effectively applied to all aspects of elderly care management and services, and continue to explore Innovative model of elderly care services.

The goal has been clear, but whether it can be truly fulfilled still needs to be strengthened and supplemented in multiple links. Li Zheng told Artery Network, “For Sciencare, what is needed most is the continuous injection of capital power. Sciencare wants to build the “today’s headlines” in the big health field in the future, which means we need to absorb a lot of data, because Only relying on data can we accurately match medical and health services for users. This is the direction that Internet medical companies have been exploring, which is the precise matching between supply and demand.”

With the acceleration of my country’s population aging and the decline of fertility rate, the home care market has huge potential and will become a 100 billion-level industry in the future. However, opportunities always coexist with challenges. Faced with unsolved problems, companies in the deep track need to have super toughness on the one hand, and on the other hand, they can also resist loneliness and strive to improve the quality of medical and health services. System construction creates more welfare for the entire society. This is what Sciencare has been doing before, now and in the future.


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