Pucui: Using Ultra-Pure Low-Temperature Plasma Technology to Kill Viruses and Sterilize, Which Can be Widely Used in Hospitals, Homes


oronaviruses has made everyone realize that the game between humans and bacterial viruses has never stopped.

Disinfection prevention and control is extremely important. Knowledge of bacterial viruses is the best vaccine, and disinfection is the best protective cover.
Zhao Gang, who has been engaged in research and development of respiratory health products for many years, understands that viruses threaten human survival, and the respiratory tract is a window where the virus is most likely to invade human bodies.

Shanghai Pucui Technology founded by Zhao Gang has been committed to the development and production of related products related to human exhalation health, such as smart negative pressure plasma constant oxygen fresh air all-in-one machines, smart air anti-virus humidifiers, and so on. In February 2018, the company introduced the fourth-generation ultra-pure controlled-release low-temperature plasma (ionic superoxide) anti-virus and sterilization technology made in Japan, and signed an authorized development agreement with Japan’s Ounet Corporation.

Low-temperature plasma (super oxygen) sterilization technology can effectively remove formaldehyde in the indoor environment. The controlled-release ozone device maintains an ozone concentration of 0.05 mg / L in the test chamber for 60 minutes and has a formaldehyde removal rate of 32 in the air. 3.3%, toluene removal rate in the air was 28.4%; the average removal rate of artificially polluted Staphylococcus aureus in the air was 99.48%, and the average removal rate of E. coli in the air was 99.68%. (Data from “Chinese Journal of Disinfection”-Application Research of Quantitative Controlled Release Ozone Device to Improve Indoor Air Quality)

“Super oxygen” technology breaks through the sterilization limitation of existing ozone technology

The series of anti-virus and sterilization products developed by Pucui use precise controlled-release technology to make the low-temperature plasma generator release pure super oxygen, which is different from the gaseous ozone in the traditional sense. According to the requirements of the applicable space environment, it is dynamic, non-dead, and accurate. The release of a certain concentration of super oxygen (depending on the operation of the 4-position switch configured by the machine), while decomposing and killing plankton viruses, bacteria and other substances in the indoor air, people can also be in the same space Work and rest, completely coexist man and machine.

Zhao Gang explained that “generally the purity of ozone is very low, and the technology of ozone release is still at the level of“ corona method ”. The manufacturing process is very backward. The released ozone mode is open and it is easy to generate high-voltage discharge sparks. , Which will produce harmful nitrogen oxides, which are extremely harmful, strictly speaking, they are carcinogens. The difference between our controlled-release ultrapure low-temperature plasma (ionic superoxide) and traditional ozone is that the purity of ionic superoxide can reach more than 99.3%, and the mode of superoxide release is the use of the world’s top manufacturing technology — — Fully enclosed transistors, completely different from the corona method mode, will not produce nitrogen oxides and secondary pollution, which is a very important hard index to distinguish the pros and cons of technology.

Zhao Gang added: “Our core technology products are to control planktonic bacteria and volatile organic compounds in indoor air, which has an absolute killing effect on the survival and transmission of airborne bacteria and viruses.”

In essence, Pu Que’s intelligent ionic superoxide products are similar to traditional ozone sterilization. Ozone has strong oxidizing properties, and can decompose harmful substances such as formaldehyde and toluene. The broad spectrum of ionic superoxide kills bacteria and viruses in the air and the indoor all-round dead space sterilization is 3000 times faster than ultraviolet disinfection and 300-times faster than bleach powder disinfection. 600 times; it can eliminate planktonic bacteria in air and water in a short time; and can neutralize and decompose various toxic substances, remove all odors, and bleach and clarify contaminated impurities in water. Ozone can be used to eliminate odors, odors, and musty odors.

Zhao Gang, Chairman of Shanghai Pucui Technology, said: “The traditional ozone disinfection technology has serious disadvantages. When using unpurified or uncontrolled release ozone, it is very harmful to the human body, so the current ozone disinfection products on the market are working. It is not possible to coexist with the man-machine at the scene.

An important design and manufacturing process indicator in the ‘ionic superoxide’ disinfection technology is the purity of the manufacturing and released disinfection cleaning factors, which is also the domestic so-called ‘low temperature plasma’ used in the industrialization of air treatment technology. Difficulties, this traditional ozone purity is often not even 70% purity. The purity of ionic superoxide can reach 99.3%, and the concentration is accurately controlled at 0.01-0.08PP in the natural seaside and forest environment. It is the latest internationally recognized green environmental protection purification and disinfection technology.

As early as 2010, ionic superoxide controlled release technology products have been widely used in Japan, such as the Shinkansen high-speed rail, homes, hospitals, etc .; China has already installed ultra-pure fourth in rail transit (high-speed rail / subway). Controlled-release super-oxygen equipment, equipped with super-oxygen controlled-release technology in passenger cars and high-end vehicles; Shanghai Changzheng Hospital uses fourth-generation super-oxygen controlled-release technology for academic research; and the global Disney hotel ventilation circulation system also uses super- Oxygen controlled release technology.

From the usage scene, Zhao Gang said: “It can be said that wherever there is a person, there is a need to prevent virus and bacteria from invading.”

Superoxide controlled release technology can be widely used in hotel rooms, food processing plants, restaurants, carriages and home scenes. In the hospital, the odor and odor in the indoor air can be effectively decomposed and removed. Superoxide technology can also be installed in the ward. Super oxygen technology can be installed in school classrooms, apartment office buildings, nursing homes, kindergartens, high-speed rail, airport lounges, passenger cabins, etc.

Low-temperature plasma technology breaks through the problem of clean industrialization

The key to ensuring the concentration and stable release of ozone is the controlled-release technology of low-temperature plasma superoxide.

The low-temperature plasma is the fourth state of matter—the ionic state after the solid, liquid, and gaseous states. When the applied voltage reaches the discharge voltage of the gas, the gas is broken down, producing electrons, various ions, atoms, and free radicals. Within the mix. Although the electron temperature is high during the discharge, the temperature of the heavy particles is very low, which makes the whole system appear in a low temperature state, so it is called low temperature plasma. Low temperature plasma technology is an electrochemical process under the combined effects of electronics, chemistry, catalysis, and coupling. It is a brand new technology.

Zhao Gang said: “The plasma contains a large number of high-energy electrons, positive and negative ions, excited particles, and active radicals such as OH, HO2, and O3, which have strong oxidizing properties. This improves the characteristics of superoxide by nearly 10 times. the above.

The “super oxygen” disinfection technology produced by the low temperature plasma technology is completely different from other traditional “corona” ozone manufacturing technologies. It uses super oxygen as a medium to release oxygen atoms more quickly, thus the activity of super oxygen is changed. Greatly improve.

It is reported that Pucui’s low-temperature plasma technology was introduced from Japan’s Onet Corporation. Onet Corporation has focused on anti-virus sterilization technology for 30 years. Onet Corporation has upgraded the super-oxygen technology to the fourth generation, which is also currently recognized worldwide and the industry-leading green environmental protection anti-sterilization technology.

In the end, Zhao Gang also said: “In this special period, our Puzi people pay tribute to all medical workers fighting in the front line in Wuhan, and also to all anti-epidemic medical workers across the country. At that time, the national P3 laboratory had proved that ozone can effectively kill the SARS virus. Today, in the epidemic, super oxygen can show its unique value. We also hope to use this technology to benefit the people. “


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