Obtained the First Registration Certificate of the Visual Training Flip Glasses in China, Eyecure Focuses on Eye Health Management for Children and Adolescents


There is a long way to go for the prevention and control of myopia in children and adolescents in China. In July 2021, the National Health and Medical Commission released new data showing that in 2020, the overall myopia rate of children and adolescents in China is 52.7%, of which 6-year-old children are 14.3%, primary school students are 35.6%, junior high school students are 71.1%, High school students are 80.5%. Compared with 2018, both the overall myopia rate and the myopia rate of students at all school-age stages have declined.

However, the overall myopia rate in 2020 still increased by 2.5 percentage points compared to 2019 (50.2%). This is related to the reduction of outdoor activities and the time to relax the eyes caused by the epidemic in 2020. Today, when the epidemic still occurs from time to time, how to better help children and adolescents to achieve myopia prevention and control, and further reduce the overall myopia rate of adolescents is still a major challenge for the industry.

Intelligence is the core of the product

“In terms of myopia prevention and control, the current mainstream method is to use low-concentration atropine and OK glasses (and defocus glasses, etc.). But these methods are far from enough. From the perspective of the causes of myopia, it may mainly involve excessive eye use and long-term unfriendly visual environment. How to relieve the visual fatigue caused by excessive eye use and how to improve the eye environment are also breakthroughs in the prevention and control of myopia. ”said the founding team members of Eyecure, which is committed to providing solutions for adolescent eye health.

In order to alleviate the visual fatigue caused by excessive eye use, Eyecure has created a “smart” flip glasses device – Class II medical device visual training flip glasses approved in July 2021 – this product is eye-friendly and ciliary muscles have the functions of relaxation and exercise. Starting from adjusting the ciliary muscle, it is mainly used for relieving visual fatigue and treating pseudo-myopia. “Our definition of this product is to ‘supplement’ the existing myopia prevention and control methods, and then create a product with strong portability and a combination of software and hardware. When users use OK glasses and low-concentration atropine, they are willing to use our device, and ultimately achieve the effect of slowing the progression of myopia, we consider it a success.”

In fact, there has been a flip racket on the market for a long time. It improves the flexibility of adjustment, fusional vergence, maintains stereoscopic vision at different vergence levels. However, in the past, teenagers faced many pain points in the process of using it. For example, the training process was very boring, and many children often gave up training after a short period of use; the training mode could not be adjusted according to individual differences, and it was impossible to know the actual situation. training effect etc… The product created by Eyecure is mainly a glasses flip device in the hardware part. The device is continuously flipped by a stepping motor controlled by an AI intelligent algorithm, simulating the effect of seeing near and far, and physically intervening on the eyes. It solves the hand discomfort caused by manual flipping, and the software including detection and training solves the problems of training differences caused by individual differences during the use of flipping. The management background built by it can provide users with follow-up reminders by establishing patient personal files and clearly presenting training data.

The introduction of artificial intelligence ensures the stability of the equipment , the credibility of behavior,  the effectiveness of treatment and so on. “The most unique advantage of this product is ‘intelligence’. Before the user performs training, the system will use AI intelligent algorithms to monitor the user’s eye health and customize a training program for them. During training, there is no need to adjust as the system will intelligently do it. It is like a professional medical staff supervising and guiding training.” In order to further improve user compliance, they are also implanting some interactive “game” training into it, which further improves the fun and user stickiness.

Focusing on adolescent eye health, developing multi-line layout of eye-friendly products

Eyecure does not only bring a “smart” flip glasses product for the C-end that relieves visual fatigue and treats pseudo-myopia. At present, it has two products that are applying for NMPA certification, one of which is an eye adjustment training table lamp, which is expected to obtain a medical device registration certificate by the end of September. The “Myopia Prediction” software product jointly developed by the team is expected to break the gap of independent software products for myopia prediction in the medical device industry. It is reported that the product has obtained the test report in July and is expected to obtain the registration certificate before the end of the year. In fact, poor eye behavior and poor visual environment are the two major “culprits” in the formation and deepening of myopia. In terms of myopia prevention and control and precise intervention, it is far from enough to rely on a certain product or drug. Eyecure has also created a variety of products for the above pain points to meet the product “toolkit” for myopia prevention and control in different scenarios. At present, the company is carrying out the A round of financing, and plans to raise 15 million to 20 million yuan. The financing will be mainly used for team formation, hardware product iteration and production scale expansion.

In the field of adolescent eye health, the barriers to myopia screening services are very low. In the field of myopia prevention and control, the combination of software and hardware is needed, and hardware is used as the starting point to achieve the creation of competitive barriers. Eyecure will build its own brand, develop research medical equipment products, gradually upgrade and iterate, and build and expand the entire ecology of eye health management.


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