Nuohui Medical Completed 10 Million-Level Financing, Lenovo Star Led the Investment, BV Baidu Venture Capital and Investment


The first time was informed that Novo Healthcare, the provider of innovative medical payment and insurance services, announced today that it completed the second round of financing. Nuohui Medical’s current round of financing is led by Lenovo Star, BV Baidu venture capital investment, the funds will be mainly used for business development and operation service team, and the layout of online and offline channels.

Founded in November 2018 and headquartered in Shanghai, Nuohui Medical is a professional and innovative provider of medical payment and insurance solutions for commercial health insurance programs and payment solutions for major disease export reimbursement, efficacy protection, and medication support. It aims to reduce the patient’s own expenses and improve the accessibility and compliance of medication.

Under China’s basic medical insurance system, patients often need to bear a higher proportion of self-pay. Among them, the burden of medical expenses brought about by major diseases has restricted the treatment progress and prognosis of many patients. According to statistics, nearly 80 million patients with major diseases in China have taken over 700 billion yuan in self-paid medical expenses.

The vacuum zone covered by basic medical insurance has spawned a huge medical innovation payment track, and many insurance institutions, pharmaceutical companies, and medical device companies have entered the market. They try to build a service platform, use insurance to enable medical companies, distribution channels and other medical resources, and hope to be able to change prices and help patients control medical expenses.

However, the total medical out-of-pocket expenses of domestic patients are still expanding. Liu Zhijie, the founder of Nuohui Medical, was deeply impressed by the contradiction between the complaints of major illnesses and the lack of products in the market that can really guarantee treatment and reduce costs. Nuohui Medical chose to cut through the treatment of major diseases at this time, and it is hoped to change this situation by changing the design ideas of innovative medical payment.

Based on the previous insurance product design and the inclusion of drugs and treatment services according to the insurance clause, Nuohui Medical regards the disease treatment itself as the starting point for the design of insurance products. Based on professional medical knowledge and rich clinical experience, it can accurately meet the patients’ medical expenses and guarantee. The core appeal of therapeutic effects.

Liu Xiaojie believes that commercial health insurance based on purely financial theory often does not really reduce the patient’s medical burden. On the contrary, since commercial health insurance is usually set as a consumer product, some non-essential drugs or treatments will increase the patient’s treatment burden after entering the insurance clause.

While Nuohui Medical is guided by treatment support and lowering medical expenses, in product design and design, the development team will selectively access the medical resources necessary for disease treatment based on scientific understanding of diseases and medical treatment, and carry out these resources. Optimize integration. “We are more like a bridge between insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies, making the entire medical system a complete closed loop.”

Liu Xiaojie believes that integrating the professional and scientific understanding of the disease into insurance design will become the new driving force for future medical insurance.



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