New Mileage Hospital Group: Establish 10-15 Radiotherapy Centers Nationwide within Three Years



“The development of radiotherapy has gone through four stages, from traditional radiotherapy in the 1980s to precise radiotherapy in the 1990s, to precise radiotherapy in the 2010s, to today’s smart radiotherapy. Smart radiation therapy is based on big data and artificial intelligence. Integrated and automatic implementation of treatment.” On July 12, at the New Technology Exchange Conference on Tumor Precision Radiotherapy held in Zoucheng City, Shandong Province (hereinafter referred to as the “Communication Meeting”), Academician Yu Jinming of the Chinese Academy of Engineering introduced the development of radiotherapy. Academician Yu Jinming is the Dean of the Shandong Cancer Hospital. He was appointed as the Chief Consultant of the Cancer Center of the New Mile Hospital of Yankuang at the exchange meeting.

New Mile Hospital Group CEO Lin Yanglin awarded the letter of appointment to the Academician Jin Ming, “Chief Consultant of the Cancer Center of the New Mile Hospital of Yankuang”

At the exchange meeting, Lin Yanglin, CEO of New Mile Hospital Group, said that the New Mile Hospital of Yankuang General Hospital is the second radiotherapy center built by New Mile Hospital Group. In the next three years, the new mileage hospital group will be established in the country. 15 radiotherapy centers.

Yankuang New Mileage General Hospital: Focus on building a tumor center and heart center

The start-up ceremony and exchange meeting of the Halcyon wisdom radiotherapy platform of the New Mileage General Hospital of Yankuang Mine were carried out simultaneously. Halcyon is the world’s first medical linear accelerator to achieve 100% image guidance. It is the world’s most advanced intelligent radiotherapy platform. It is known for its high precision and intelligence. The price of a single device is tens of millions of dollars.

The second Halcyon wisdom radiotherapy platform in the country officially started at the New Mileage General Hospital of Yankuang Mine

In November 2018, Halcyon was approved to enter China. The first one was at Peking Union Medical College Hospital, and the second one was at the New Mileage General Hospital.

“Today’s wisdom radiotherapy focuses on intelligent IGRT (Image Guided Radiation Therapy), which uses artificial intelligence to adjust the ray orientation according to changes in organ position, allowing the ray to closely follow the target area to minimize the radiation of the radiation. Normal tissue damage and precise radiation exposure to the target area.” Zhao Dong, vice president of Varian Medical Greater China, said that his research and development of Halcyon uses multi-leaf gratings and other devices, which will reduce the traditional radiotherapy equipment by 0.5%-1%. The rate of missed radiation dropped to 0.01%, which greatly improved the accuracy of radiotherapy, and the majority of cancer patients will benefit.

After the introduction of expert resources and the purchase of equipment, the Yancheng New Mileage General Hospital Cancer Center will usher in a new starting point. Zhang Chuanjun, dean of the New Mileage General Hospital of Yankuang, said: “We are not only spending a lot of money to buy a piece of equipment. In terms of cancer treatment, we will increase the intensity of multidisciplinary joint consultation. In terms of personnel training, we will be like academicians. Experts are invited to come in, and we will send our doctors out for training and training, and build a team of cancer clinic experts in Zoucheng.

In April 2018, New Mile Hospital Group invested in the new mine general hospital of Yankuang. Subsequently, the two sides jointly established five working groups: remodeling, talent selection, performance reform, information upgrading, and supply chain improvement. Systematic reforms.

“At the beginning of this year, the hospital passed the review of the third-grade hospitals. The next focus is on continuous discipline construction.” Lin Yanglin, CEO of New Mile Hospital Group, said that in 2019, Yankuang New Mileage General Hospital will focus on building a tumor center. Large-scale subject centers such as the Heart Center, the High-end Women’s Center, and the Stroke Center. At present, the hospital is negotiating with the Beijing Ivy Medical High-end Talent Alliance to establish a heart center. In the future, it will provide the best cardiology services for patients in Zoucheng and even southwestern Shandong.

Lin Yanglin said that the construction of a series of discipline centers is the only way to build the new mileage hospital of Yankuang into a top-ranking top three hospital in southwestern Shandong.

New Mileage Hospital Group: 10-15 radiotherapy centers established within three years

Yanjing New Mileage General Hospital Radiotherapy Center is the second radiotherapy center built by New Mile Hospital Group. In September 2018, New Mile Hospital Group invested tens of millions of dollars to purchase radiotherapy equipment, and upgraded its radiotherapy department of Luoyang Oriental Hospital to Luoyang Regional Radiotherapy Center.

The New Mile Hospital Group also participated in the construction of the Lanzhou Heavy Ion Project, which is known as the “Heavy State of the Country”. On July 4, 2019, New Mile Hospital Group and Lanzhou Heavy Ion Company signed a strategic investment cooperation agreement. The two parties will use the equity cooperation as a link to jointly build Lanzhou Heavy Ion Hospital into a domestic first-class and international leading oncology heavy ion hospital. A regional medical center that combines comprehensive treatment and conventional treatment for common diseases.

The New Mileage Hospital Group has begun to deploy a national radiotherapy network platform. “In addition to providing financial support, we will provide advanced technical support, high-quality expert resources and scarce strategic cooperation opportunities.” Lin Yanglin said that it plans to establish 10-15 large-scale radiotherapy centers in three years through three modes. The three modes are investing in operating radiotherapy centers, investing in hospitals and transforming them into hospitals with radiotherapy characteristics, and other hospital radiotherapy centers.

Radiotherapy is an important means of cancer treatment, but it is often despised. Academician Yu Jinming pointed out: “55% of malignant tumors can be cured, of which surgical cure accounts for 49%, radiotherapy cures 40%, chemotherapy cures 11%, and about 70% of cancer patients need radiotherapy during the course of the disease. But the role of radiotherapy is scorned as a ubiquitous phenomenon.”

The proportion of cancer patients receiving radiation therapy in China is much lower than that in the United States and Canada. According to the National Cancer Center, in 2015, there were about 3.929 million cases of cancer in China. In the same year, there were only 919,000 patients who chose radiotherapy in China, that is, only 23.4% of cancer patients received radiotherapy, while the data in the United States and Canada respectively. It is 63% and more than 40%.

The root cause of the phenomenon of “light radiotherapy” is the low popularity of radiotherapy equipment in China. In 2015, China only had 1931 linear accelerators (mainly radiotherapy equipment), and only 1.4 accelerators per million Chinese; in the same period, every million Americans had 12.4 linear accelerators. The low penetration rate of equipment has seriously restricted the development of radiotherapy in China and further seriously affected the treatment level of tumor diseases in China.

“We can comprehensively improve the clinical efficiency, treatment quality, operational efficiency and patient experience of the radiotherapy center.” Lin Yanglin said that the new mileage hospital group will copy the rich experience of hospital operation management to the construction of the radiotherapy center.

The New Mile Hospital Group is one of the largest general hospital groups in China. It is a reformer, leader and innovator of social capital medical practitioners. Its business covers hospitals, pensions, Internet medical care, and capital platforms. The Group has a total number of beds for management of more than 10,000, and systematically enhances the holding hospitals in terms of discipline construction, medical quality, nursing services, personnel training, mechanism innovation, performance reform, brand promotion, information technology, and business models. stand by.


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