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In August of this year, the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology released the “Global Digital Economy Development White Paper”, showing that in 2020, 47 countries’ digital economy will grow to 32.6 trillion U.S. dollars, a year-on-year increase of 3.0%. The scale of China’s digital economy is nearly 5.4 trillion U.S. dollars, a year-on-year increase of 9.6%, and the growth rate ranks first in the world. From the data, we can still understand that if we want to maintain the growth momentum under the trend of global economic slowdown, digitalization has become an inevitable path for the evolution of traditional industries. The medical field is no exception.

As early as 2009, the country initiated a new round of medical reform to explore medical, pharmaceutical, and medical insurance reform models. The importance of information linkage in the process was emphasized. After a large number of policies were released, “Internet +” and “smart” became keywords. According to incomplete statistics, since 2015, 88 Internet hospital policy documents have been intensively issued at the national level. The beacon of the policy has marked the direction of digital transformation in the medical field.

Although compared with other fields, the medical sector is lagging behind in digital transformation due to factors such as the imbalanced informatization foundation, the lack of compound talents, and the backward digital infrastructure of the pharmaceutical ecosystem. However, many factors such as the epidemic have accelerated the digital transformation process of the medical industry, highlighting the value of digital technology in solving the pain points of the medical industry.

Traditional medical and pharmaceutical industries need technology companies with technical strength to help them complete their transformation. Under demand, many companies entered the market to explore the application and commercialization of digital technology in the medical field from different perspectives. North NetRain is one of them.

This company, established in 2019, is positioned as a “link”. After only two years of establishment, it has thrown out a package of solutions and successfully helped physical medical institutions, biotechnology companies, chain pharmacies, medical examination institutions, insurance companies, elderly care institutions, pharmaceutical companies, etc. Industry-related companies are undergoing digital transformation, including Huadong Pharmaceutical Group, Shenwei Pharmaceutical, Kunyao Group, Shandong Xinhua Pharmaceutical, Yifeng Pharmacy, Zhang Zhongjing Pharmacy, Xinglin Pharmacy, Meinian Health, Renrenkang Pharmaceutical, Long Deng Ruidi Pharmaceutical, Shiqiang Pharmaceutical, Yuxueyuan, Foshan Lingnan Hospital, Beijing Children’s Hospital, Jinqi Biology,, Yuanzhi Technology, Nanxin Medical and many other companies.

Its Internet medical achievements have gradually completed the landing of Internet hospitals in Hainan, Guangzhou, Foshan, Dongguan, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Tianjin, Henan, Hebei, Wuhan, Chengdu, Yinchuan and other provinces and cities.

As a new company, it has been favored by many customers since its establishment. What is its charm?

Locate the link and build a closed loop link between medical, drug, risk, and patien. Whether an industry can find the pain points, almost determines how far a company can go.

In the eyes of NetRain founder Qu Yi, traditional enterprise technology is relatively weak, and most of them do not have the technical strength for digital transformation. This is a pain point faced by many enterprises. Qu Yi believes that the difficulties in interconnection between offline and online businesses may cause companies to miss market opportunities. The sooner the digital transformation is realized, the more beneficial it is for companies to seize market opportunities.

As a result, NetRain has given its own “link” positioning, integrating online and offline businesses of enterprises to solve technical problems in the process of enterprise transformation and further realize the interconnection of medical resources.

NetRain’s layout is not only that, but also to link upstream and downstream companies in the industry chain to build a closed loop of medical, pharmaceutical, risk, and patient links.

Specifically, NetRain currently provides solutions for medical institutions, pharmaceutical companies, chain pharmacies, medical examination institutions, and biotechnology.

NetRain spent 30 working days to build an Internet hospital system for Donghai County People’s Hospital, providing help for the hospital’s medical resource allocation, patient management, and pharmacy profitability. It also provides online services such as appointment registration, payment between clinics, and examination appointments, and promotes the construction of hospital information with structured electronic medical records as the core, so that online and offline medical and health services are organically combined.

This system connects the diagnosis and treatment process in series. Before the consultation, the platform can provide users with information about the hospital’s number source in the future through the interconnection with the hospital’s number source system. During the consultation, doctors can issue electronic prescriptions online during the process of online Internet outpatient clinics and offline outpatient clinics. After the electronic prescriptions are reviewed by the pharmacist, they are transferred to the hospital pharmacy or online delivery according to the patient’s choice.

At the same time, in order to avoid the major pain point of patients who need to pay fees at the charging office and interrupt the diagnosis and treatment during the treatment process, the platform provides an online payment function so that patients can pay for diagnosis and treatment through this function.

The system supports doctors in issuing examination and examination application forms for patients. The patient can make an appointment to check the inspection items or go offline to perform the inspection and the implementation of the inspection items by paying the relevant fees. After the official report is issued, the patient can view the detailed content of the report through the mobile phone, eliminating the complicated process of waiting for the report, fetching the report, and re-examination.

Not only that, in terms of telemedicine services, the system provides patients with online follow-up services for some common and chronic diseases. Prescriptions can be made online for returning patients. Effectively solve the problems of complex procedures in medical institutions, low diagnosis and treatment efficiency, and lack of high-quality doctor resources in non-third-class hospitals.

Solve the pain points of the pharmaceutical industry:

For the pharmaceutical group, the use of Internet technology can help pharmaceutical marketing to get out of the traditional single growth curve, link patients, doctors and grassroots cities, reach multi-directional needs, and avoid the mismatch between doctors’ management needs and capabilities. The digitalization of drug circulation and sales will also reduce the level of agency channels, reducing the overall market expense ratio by at least 10%-30%.

In accordance with the requirements of the Group’s strategic development, as well as the implementation of relevant policies such as the state encouraging Internet hospitals to carry out online renewal of chronic diseases and online follow-up visits. NetRain cooperated with Kunyao Group to assist Kunyao Group to carry out telemedicine center and Internet hospital projects in Hainan.

Regional linkage of chain pharmacies:

Pharmaceutical digital marketing and retail will bring a win-win situation for all parties. For pharmaceutical companies, they can spend less money and achieve a higher reach. For patients, digital pharmacies can extend the medication cycle of patients and further reduce their risk of disease recurrence. For the government, a compliant digital platform means a reduction in gray areas.

NetRain combines its drug retail system to provide online consultation and pharmacy services for patients with common and chronic diseases. By providing solutions for chain pharmacies, the brand image is improved, the service radius is expanded, and orders are accurately matched to provide services to patients in various regions. At the same time, it will dock the prescription circulation system, optimize the supply chain management, and enhance the patient’s drug purchase experience.

In NetRain’s solution for Yifeng Pharmacy, the company helps the company build a “doctor-patient-medicine” closed-loop capability system by building an Internet hospital platform. Combining its own pharmaceutical retail system and Internet hospital platform, it provides online consultation and pharmaceutical services for patients with common and chronic diseases.

Diversified solutions:

Not only that, NetRain also provides corresponding solutions for technology companies. In cooperation with Nanxin Medical, we have developed a customized platform that is convenient for doctors to carry out clinical research. The platform can create scientific research projects, follow-up settings, make complex CRF medical records, collect and export various scientific research data, and monitor project progress in real time. At the same time, it is compatible with various clinical specialties and various types of research, meets various research management needs, and provides one-stop scientific research services.

Cooperate with real estate-related companies to develop a smart medical platform based on offline health management centers and shared clinics; cooperate with physical examination institutions to build Internet hospitals to cover the physical examination population; cooperate with Chinese medicine museums to realize the integration of offline clinics and online hospitals get through……

With multiple solutions and multiple types of enterprises, NetRain’s product resilience and the ability to link upstream and downstream enterprises in the industry chain are demonstrated.

From 0 to 1, quickly build a business

Faced with the entire market, NetRain has been relatively low-key.

Qu Yi told Artery Network: “I hope that NetRain can focus on the transformation of results and solve the problems in its own field. We still have a long way to go. This is just the first step in the long march. Keep your feet on the ground and look up at the stars.”

Although NetRain has only been established for two years, most of its core team members are from Internet companies and have been in the industry for more than ten years.

The founder Qu Yi was the CTO of Qilekang, the former Vipshop and wireless technology leader, the original Kongwang network architect, and built the mobile engine Crow5. He has been engaged in the Internet business for more than 15 years and is a well-known IT service platform in China. 51CTO gold lecturer, won the GITC Global Internet Technology Conference 2018 Internet Technology Cutting-Edge Award, and the CDTC Chief Technology Officer Leader Alliance 2018 Technical Leadership Cutting-Edge Award.

CTO Zhou Yanxin used to be the technical director of Qilekang, responsible for the construction of the medical business system, and the entire online diagnosis and treatment service system from scratch. COO Liu Yu, formerly the senior product manager of Qi Lekang, was responsible for the product and project management of Internet hospitals and SDK external cooperation platforms during his tenure. He also served as a senior business supervisor at the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, leading the formulation of standards for multiple industries and organizations in the medical field, and supporting various ministries and commissions to complete the application and implementation of a number of national science and technology projects.

The founding team of more than 20 people has absolute enthusiasm for the industry.

When it comes to the team, Qu Yi said more: “NetRain has gone through many difficult moments, even when it was on the edge of a cliff. In the second half of 2019, it was in the first half of the company’s business, and its performance has not yet expanded, so it encountered the epidemic. It is said that our company has experienced life and death at the beginning of its business. Although we can’t resume work, we still help hospitals do free consultations, help patients purchase medicines through online shopping, etc. The hospital wrote us a letter of thanks and ignited the entire team. We feel that we are needed by society and what we are doing is meaningful. So despite the difficulties we faced at the time, we did not disperse us. We went down, and luckily obtained financing, and gradually linked to the leading companies. Zhihezhe Not far from mountains and seas, this is something I have always believed in.”

In Qu Yi’s eyes, the team’s enthusiasm for the cause and perseverance is the internal driving force for the team to quickly build the business.

At present, the company has formed solutions for Chinese medicine Internet hospitals, chain pharmacies Internet hospitals, medical institutions Internet hospitals, platform Internet hospitals, and clinical scientific research platform solutions, and have open APIs and SDKs. With this as the core, business components such as doctor certification, patient education, post-diagnosis follow-up, health card, hospital navigation, etc., and application components such as instant messaging and task scheduling are built.


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