Myreal3D: Combining 3D Diagnosis and AI Design to Solve the “Data Black Hole” Problem of Medical Aesthetics On-Site Consultation


One current situation in the medical aesthetics industry that has to be acknowledged is that in the era of rapid development of digital concepts and technologies, the consultation process in the entire medical aesthetics process still maintains a more traditional approach, although in recent years, medical aesthetics have begun to try to use some technology The customer’s image acquisition and image PS are compared by means of customized methods, but more often, the consultant and the customer communicate verbally, and both have their own understanding of the treatment plan and effect, so that the customer expects the postoperative effect and the actual result. Deviations cause certain disputes.

Moreover, during the consultation process, the agency will not integrate and use the collected facial features, customer behavior data, and final transaction information. The consultant does not know the customer’s historical design plan, and it is difficult to obtain success from the consulting case. Failure experience. This will lead to problems such as low customer completion rate, low unit price, low repurchase rate, high customer complaint rate, etc. These are precisely the core indicators that require the most attention in the operation of medical aesthetics institutions.

Myreal3D takes medical beauty consultation as the starting point, and develops the digital consultation product “Meiji Consulting Assistant”. With the combination of software and hardware, it assists consultants to provide customers with aesthetic design and surgical solutions, and realizes the digitalization of medical beauty on-site consultation.

Positioning general consultants, multiple iterations

Zhang Defeng, founder and CEO of Myreal3D, graduated from Fudan University with a major in computer science and participated in human behavior recognition related projects during the school. After graduation, Zhang Defeng has contacted Decathlon and Hongqiao Airport successively, and provided them with recognition algorithms for human behavior recognition and aircraft tracking. Before founding Myreal3D, Zhang Defeng’s project aimed at 3D virtual fitting, that is, building a 3D model of the human body through a large number of SLR cameras.

Based on many years of experience in the research and development of intelligent identification systems, Zhang Defeng and the company team decided to bring intelligent concepts into medical aesthetics consulting after seeing the problem of low intelligence in on-site consultation, and then established Shadow Technology and developed a 3D surgery simulation design software. Once the product was launched, it was recognized by the market and the managers and operators of medical and aesthetic institutions. However, in the actual product promotion process, the acceptance of the product by first-line consultants is not as high as imagined. On the contrary, some ordinary consultants have greater demand for the product.

Through research and analysis, the Myreal3D technology team found that first-line senior consultants have sufficient consulting experience and strong enough ability to issue orders. The use of new products will change their original work habits and affect their consulting efficiency. However, ordinary consultants have short entry time and little work experience, and it is difficult to combine the customer’s own facial features in the consultation process to recommend a more suitable surgical plan for the customer.

Therefore, the team is positioned as a general consultant and standardized the consultation process. The consultant only needs to combine the software to complete the on-site consultation in accordance with the established steps. At the same time, the diagnosis and treatment plans that can be provided in the system are communicated with institutions and doctors. The organization itself makes a high degree of adaptation and only presents the services that the organization can provide. Through the system, the organization can not only customize the packaging of service items, but also avoid excessive commitment in the consulting process.

In response to the lack of the ability of general consultants to analyze facial features, the team incorporated a temperament aesthetic system on facial recognition into the product, and set up relevant courses on temperament aesthetics to enhance the perception of beauty for institutional managers and consultants.

Myreal3D technology granulates the aesthetic standards and uses a unique algorithm to construct an aesthetic design with temperament as the core. It helps consultants combine the customer’s own facial features in the consulting process, and design more individual characteristics within the ideal range of the average face Instead of just following the trend, blindly pursuing the effects of sharp chin and big eyes.

In terms of operation, the Myreal3D technology team also tried to reduce the difficulty of system operation. On-site consultation is a highly interactive process. Customers and consultants need to communicate frequently. Consultants must also observe the customer’s attitude and tone at any time to judge the customer’s acceptance of the design plan. If a complicated and difficult-to-operate system is added to the consultation process, the entire consultation rhythm will be interrupted.

Corresponding to customer needs and potential problems, such as the chin part, the system will automatically mark on the image. At the same time, the consultant can click on the mark to call some actual operation cases for the chin problem. The operation is convenient and the difficulty is low, and it is easier for ordinary consultants to get started .

After many updates and iterations, this initial 3D surgery simulation design software has developed into the current Meiji Consulting Assistant APP, and forms the entire Meiji Consulting Assistant system with other series of products.

Develop customer labels and realize the digitalization of consultation

On the whole, the Meiji Consulting Assistant system can be divided into hardware products for scanning faces, software APPs for consulting design, and back-end systems for organization management.

In terms of plastic surgery, Myreal3D has independently developed a three-dimensional scanner that can automatically recognize the distance between the person and the machine and start scanning. It only takes more than 10 seconds to quickly obtain 3D face data, which improves the efficiency of data collection. Through AI technology, customer scan data will be automatically recorded in the system, and the system can formulate a personalized combination treatment plan based on customer needs in the subsequent consultation and design links.

In terms of skin management, Myreal3D and Meitu Yifu jointly developed a skin tester and skin analysis system, which can detect and analyze 17 skin problems in 10 dimensions. In terms of detection accuracy, Myreal3D cooperates with professional dermatology hospitals for algorithm training and calibration, so that the instrument diagnosis results are highly consistent with the doctor’s diagnosis results.

Combined with the results of skin diagnosis, the analysis system will also provide customers with life beauty programs and medical beauty programs to meet the real needs of customers and achieve a high degree of conversion for customers entering the store.

Consulting design side

How to achieve efficient use of collected data? Myreal3D’s answer is labeling. By combining consumer behavioral characteristics, appearance characteristics and consulting records and other data, customers can be labeled with appropriate labels, and customers can be deeply digitized. At present, Meiji Consulting Assistant APP contains 387 types of diagnostic defect labels, 216 types of medical plan labels and 64 types of customer behavior performance, which can achieve precise positioning of customer needs and refined operation of the organization.

Anti-aging full defect to help upgrade orders

In the medical plan design process, the consultant can use the simulation design module of the APP to discuss with the doctors and customers based on the services that the institution and doctors can provide and the needs of the customers themselves, to obtain the simulation of the postoperative effects, and form the final medical plan.

After the consultation design is completed, the system will generate a data analysis report containing personalized recommendations to record the customer’s needs, labels, program design and treatment.

Basic customer information in the report

The generated reports can not only be used internally by the organization, but can also be provided to customers in the form of electronic documents. Through the report, the organization can summarize consulting experience and find room for improvement. Through reports, customers can independently compare other solutions. Usually, the whole cycle is relatively long from the beginning of consultation of medical beauty to the actual decision-making. In combination with reports, customers can refer to the personalized suggestions in the reports anytime and anywhere, and make faster decisions. Make a decision.

Management side

High marketing costs and low customer conversion rates are long-standing development problems in the medical aesthetics industry. For this, the management backstage in Meiji Consulting Assistant can classify customers through tags to achieve refined operations and obtain more information with lower marketing costs. High traffic value.

Meiji Consulting Assistant can quickly digitize the existing items of medical aesthetics institutions, and at the same time, all consulting data can be intelligently analyzed. According to the tags, it can realize the accurate operation of customers in the later period and explore the potential needs of customers.

In addition, the management back office can integrate the service standards, processes and various materials of the institution to generate a digital operation system. Institutional managers can analyze past operating experience and current developments through information review, and optimize the management plan of the institution.

It is reported that Myreal3D’s generation of 3D surgery simulation design software has been stationed in more than 300 medical and aesthetic institutions, and Meiji Consulting Assistant came out in April this year and has been connected to the SaaS platform of more than ten institutions. According to reports, an organization can reduce the customer complaint rate from 20% to less than 5% through the combination of aesthetic concepts and 3D design products. The conversion rate of new customers and the repurchase rate of old customers have also continued to rise.

Continue to standardize the consultation process and improve the degree of product intelligence

Next, Myreal3D will continue to integrate full industry knowledge, create a standardized consulting process, refine the consulting process of consultants, and form a standard operating process for on-site consulting.

In terms of product intelligence, Myreal3D will also continue to increase its research and development efforts to realize the intelligent design of medical beauty solutions. The current Meiji Consulting Assistant is positioned as an auxiliary consulting tool in the hands of consultants. The purchasers of products are medical and aesthetic institutions. With the deepening of product intelligence, consumers can directly enter their own demand keywords into the system. Then the design scheme can be generated automatically. Through this ability, Myreal3D can provide technical assistance for the C-end traffic platform.

Recently, Myreal3D and Yahua Medical Beauty held a signing ceremony to jointly build the Chinese Medical Beauty Diversified Ecosystem Business Community, and joined the National Medical Beauty Education Resource Sharing Alliance. On the one hand, this cooperation can help Myreal3D obtain more resources in the diverse ecosystem of Chinese medical aesthetics. On the other hand, Myreal3D can bring digital consultation and temperament aesthetics concepts to the education side, helping the cultivation of high-quality consultants.

It is reported that Myreal3D is currently carrying out a round of financing with a planned financing amount of 20 million yuan, which is mainly used for the market expansion of existing products and the expansion of the technical team.


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