Medicalmind Creates an AI-assisted Solution—Radiation Therapy Contour Delineation Software for Tumor Treatment and has Obtained Both Chinese and American Certificates


The Radiation Therapy Contour Delineation software independently developed by Beijing Medicalmind Technology Co., Ltd. obtained the NMPA approved type three registration certification for medical devices; in the same month, the product obtained the substantially equivalent letter of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) pre-market notification. It is worth mentioning that for the FDA approval, it only took 78 days to complete from the end of September to the end of December

Founded in 2019, Medicalmind is an innovative company in the field of artificial intelligence medical care. Relying on the core technology of deep learning and holographic image analysis developed by the company itself, it can intelligently analyze big data of medical images.

The company focuses on the core clinical target area delineation in tumor treatment, and has independently developed CTV delineation for breast cancer, rectal cancer, cervical cancer, esophageal cancer and other cancers, as well as delineation product RT-Mind. The research and development results have been published in international journals such as “Radiology”, “Medical Physics”, “Radiotherapy and Oncology”, and have applied for a number of projects; at the same time, the surgical planning navigation product matrix of the company is used in thoracic surgery, cardiology and hepatobiliary surgery.

Wang Shaobin, the founder of Medicalmind explained: “the team has been engaged in research in the direction of computer vision, but has found that the medical industry is actually the most suitable area for our technical expertise. Firstly, the medical industry is closely related to human health and is a long-lasting industry; secondly, medical imaging requires higher accuracy of visual recognition than other fields, so I think the most suitable track for computer vision development is medical image analysis. After choosing the medical imaging track, we have decided to apply AI to “Tumor Adjuvant Therapy”, starting with the most technically difficult but most clinically valuable “Automatic CTV Delineation”, and are committed to quality-controlled radiotherapy.”

Using more than ten years of image processing and artificial intelligence technology accumulation, the company transforms the treatment experience of oncologists and physicists into deep learning models and products, empowering the automation and intelligence of complex tumor treatment processes, and realizing smart oncology departments. In addition, Medicalmind has always focused on the clinical and physical procedures of radiotherapy, providing a variety of product combinations that are flexible and adaptable to existing workflows, including fully automated delineation, feature-rich radiotherapy workstations, and cloud-based remote radiotherapy systems to improve efficiency of doctors and physicists.

In the research and development of this product, the team comprehensively investigated the classic TPS system on the market, including mainstream domestic and foreign software advantages. On this basis, the company fully considered the needs of clinicians and physicists, and finally developed the product which satisfied both doctors and physicists. After the product matures, more than 120 hospitals have installed the product within one year. At the same time, the company also cooperates with top oncology hospitals.

In terms of financing, the company has launched a new round of financing plan to increase R&D investment, in order to enrich and improve the product pipeline; secondly, to increase domestic and overseas marketing investment of the product Radiation Therapy Contour Delineation software.



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