Luosws: Focusing on the Eye Vision Marketand and Starting from Low Vision in Adults


The eye is an important medium for humans to obtain information from the outside world and communicate with the outside world. So what is the specific process of humans looking at the world through the eyes?

Objects that people see reflect light that passes through the cornea and lens of the eye and reaches the retina. The retina contains a large number of photosensitive nerve cells, namely rod cells and cone cells. When rod-shaped cells and cone-shaped cells sense light, they convert the light into chemical and electrical signals. The optic nerve transmits signals to the brain, and the brain processes it to sense the colorful world.

So, how does photoreceptor nerve cells generate electrical signals? In the 20th century, American scientist George Wald discovered that the combination of rhodopsin protein and small retinal molecules produces color. When light is irradiated, rhodopsin and retinal will separate and the color will disappear. Rhodopsin, which moves alone, initiates a series of chemical reactions that allow the light-sensitive cells of the retina to generate electrical signals.

The incidence of low vision problems is increasing year by year, and the market space is huge

Low vision problems such as myopia and amblyopia are preventing some people from seeing the world clearly. For example, the incidence of myopia in China has increased significantly in recent years, about 33%, which is 1.5 times the world average. Myopia has become a major public health problem affecting the eye health of our citizens, especially young people.

The cause of myopia is not completely clear. Most scholars believe that myopia is related to many factors, including heredity, environment, and bad eye habits. As for amblyopia, it is because of abnormalities in the visual cortex of the cerebral cortex caused by dysplasia of the visual system. The causes of amblyopia include monocular strabismus, high refractive error, refractive error, and shape deprivation.

For the treatment of myopia, currently there are mainly methods of wearing glasses, medical treatment, surgical treatment, traditional Chinese medicine treatment, etc., but the above treatment methods are through the lens or change the refractive power of the refractive surface of the eye, to achieve the purpose of clear imaging on the retina. Myopia is irreversible. Existing treatments can only prevent the development of myopia to a more serious degree, and no treatment can cure myopia.

As for the treatment of amblyopia, it includes eliminating the cause, optical correction, covering treatment, optical drug therapy and so on. In general, if children are not actively treated before the age of eight, vision defects will be difficult to correct as the visual system matures. Children who have undergone continuous treatment before the age of five can improve their vision to varying degrees and even return to normal vision. For children aged 3-5, the earlier the treatment, the higher the cure rate.

Luosws is a vision therapy device research and development company. Luosws founder Shi Jun said: “The National Health Commission has released data: in 2018, the overall myopia rate of children and adolescents nationwide was 53.6%, of which 6% were 14.5%, and primary school students were 36%, junior high school students are 71.6%, and high school students are 81%. On the other hand, the popularity of computers and smartphones and the increase in stress in learning and living have promoted the incidence of common eye diseases such as myopia year by year. ”

When humans receive various information from the external environment, more than 90% of the information is input from the visual channel. Therefore, visual acuity has a great impact on work, study and life. Myopia has been concerned by more and more people, and with the increase of domestic residents’ income level and medical insurance coverage, the demand for ophthalmic medical services in China has been expanding.

According to the 2019 semi-annual report of a listed ophthalmic company: the revenue of refractive surgery increased by 21.44% in the first half of the year, maintaining a rapid growth rate; the revenue of optometry services increased by 30.98%, mainly due to the promotion of youth myopia prevention and control at the national policy level in the first half of the year. An analysis of a brokerage firm believes that the optometry business is obviously benefited by the state’s implementation of child and adolescent myopia prevention and control policies and is expected to become the biggest growth highlight for ophthalmic companies in the next 3-5 years.

According to data from the China Commercial Industry Research Institute, from 2013 to 2017, the size of China’s ophthalmic market increased from 46.77 billion yuan to 86.7 billion yuan in 2017, and the industry’s compound growth rate reached 17%. With the rising incidence of eye diseases, increasing patient self-diagnosis and treatment awareness, consumption upgrades, and high-end technology upgrades, it is estimated that the size of the ophthalmology market in 2019 will reach 111.69 billion yuan. The size of the ophthalmology market is expected to continue at a compound growth rate of about 13% -15% in the next five years.

One sword in ten years, improving naked eye vision

Aiming at the increasing incidence of amblyopia and myopia, Luosws has developed an ocular signal intermediate frequency treatment instrument after 10 years. The eye intermediate frequency treatment instrument was jointly developed by the R & D team of Beijing Eye Guardian Company and Xinjiang Naked Eye Guardian Company. The R & D team includes a radio frequency engineer at the Chinese Academy of Sciences Observatory, a professor at Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, and a professor at Xinjiang Normal University.

Based on the theory of bioelectricity, Luosws collects, decrypts, and encodes the human vision bioelectrical signals, forming the underlying algorithm and digital model of the frequency signals.

“The superposition of waves generated by the electrical signal generating device enhances the generation of new continuous vibrations. Human cells can send and receive vibration information, and resonance can induce cell activation.” Shi Jun explained that visual information forms a visual nerve impulse in the retina, which is received by light sense. Organ neurons, bipolar cell neurons, and ganglion cell neurons are transmitted. Ganglion cell axons, or nerve fibers, transmit visual information to the visual center along the visual pathway, and eventually form vision.

The IF signal therapeutic device developed by the company acts on the retina, improves the photoreceptive function of the optic nerve cells of the fundus retina, enhances the visual function of the retina, and thereby improves vision.

Shi Jun introduced: “This product obtained a medical device registration certificate in May 2019 and a production license in July. After small-scale trial production, it can meet mass production requirements. In addition, the development and trial production of iterative intelligent products have also been End.”

From the official website of the State Drug Administration, you can see that the IF therapeutic device for the eye, through the output of the IF electrical signal, acts on the acupoints of the eye and the back neck, promotes blood circulation in the eye, enhances metabolism, relieves ciliary muscle fatigue, and improves the retina Optic nerve cell photosensitivity, improve naked eye vision and correct vision, and assist in the treatment of myopia and amblyopia in children and adolescents and adults.

Shi Jun told reporters: “Minors are developing and cannot be treated with surgery. The threshold for customization of the ‘OK’ lens is high, and the treatment instrument developed by Luosws takes the improvement of the fundus retinal visual function as the core value, and adopts primary treatment and auxiliary correction The distribution method is a low-risk, low-threshold, and popular ‘eye-sight light luxury medical’ product. ”

As for product promotion issues, Luosws plans to open an ophthalmic clinic, establish a standardized ophthalmic medical service center, and prepare for online ophthalmic medical services. At the same time, Luosws plans to cooperate with the eye hospital and the Institute of Optometry to help research topics and clinical observation and evaluation. Finally, Luosws plans to open investment invitations and cooperate in the construction of projects such as eye clinics.

Shi Jun said: “We are in the process of financing, with a planned financing amount of 8 million yuan for the clinical evaluation report and the subject observation academic, eye vision center (clinic) construction and basic operating expenses.


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