Link Health Raised Nearly 100M RMB in 2018


Recently, LINK HEALTH GROUP has completed A+ round financing, and this round of financing is invested by Shenzhen Ruixiangyuan. In 2018, the accumulated financing of LINK HEALTH will be nearly 100 million yuan. The financing funds will be used for the introduction of overseas new drug projects and the rapid advancement of the research process of the research projects.

LINK HEALTH focuses on the cooperation and introduction of innovative medicines from Europe, and works with leading international research institutions and pharmaceutical companies to address the urgently needed and unresolved clinical needs of the Chinese market. At present, the company has 4 types of new drugs entering the clinical stage, 1 imported new drug varieties, and 4 pre-clinical class 1 new drugs. The indications cover tumors, orthopedics, pain and digestive diseases, etc. More attention to the field of chronic diseases (GI / orthopedics), focusing on the health of women and children.

In 2018, the LINK HEALTH team achieved many achievements:

In May 2018, the company successfully introduced the TEIkuko pharmaceutical’s star product LIDODERM® and obtained its exclusive development and sales rights in China;

In May 2018, it established a joint development laboratory for biopharmaceuticals with Jinan University;

In June 2018, it established a joint laboratory for drug-based drug evaluation with Sun Yat-sen University;

Completed A round of financing in July 2018;

In July 2018, the new target anti-tumor drug (project code: LH031) was approved for clinical trials, and it was ready for clinical trials;

In August 2018, the clinical trial of a new drug for ulcerative colitis (project code: LH025) was approved, and a new phase II clinical trial was planned;

In November 2018, the new drug for osteoarthritis (project code: LH021) was launched and the communication meeting was scheduled to be held, and a clinical program expert discussion meeting was held;

In November 2018, the LIDODERM® project (project code: LH06) was submitted for the listing of imported drugs;

In November 2018, it was approved by the Guangdong Provincial Department of Commerce and the Guangdong Provincial Development and Reform Commission for the record, and plans to establish a European subsidiary;


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