Keya Healthcare Received Billion-Level Strategic Financing


On February 19, 2020, Beijing Kunlun Medical Cloud Technology Co., Ltd. (brand name: Keya Medical), the first domestic enterprise with artificial intelligence three medical device registration certificate and the leader in coronary AI technology development and research, announced , Has obtained 100 million-level strategic financing led by Kunlun Wanwei Group, IDG Capital, Shanghai Guofang Parent Fund, and Yahui Capital. Keya Medical will further complete the market layout in the field of artificial intelligence medical imaging after the financing, and provide an important driving force for subsequent product development and industry expansion.

The reason why Keya Medical is highly recognized by the capital market is that it has the actual application value of the product, innovative technological advantages, and the only domestic corporate identity with China NMPA and EU CE dual certification products. Advantage.

Practical application value of the product

The non-invasive CT-FFR product “Deep Pulse Fraction” developed by Keyar Medical uses a number of self-developed deep learning technologies. It only requires the tester’s CTA image, does not require the use of vasodilators, and does not require a pressure guide wire. Efficiently and accurately calculate the FFR value of each point on the entire vascular tree path, and quickly provide the clinically required quantitative test results, and provide a new non-invasive detection method for functional ischemic assessment of suspected coronary heart disease population, thereby acting as an interventional catheter The role of the “gatekeeper” in the laboratory assists doctors in making better choices for coronary heart disease treatment options and treatment routes.

Innovative technological advantages

The deep vein score combines the technical advantages of CTA and FFR, and uses DeepVessel and DeepFFR technologies that integrate hemodynamics and deep neural networks to perform deep learning on the functional and anatomical data of different cases based on a large number of coronary disease multi-source data. Therefore, intelligent optimization processing is performed on medical image processing, blood vessel segmentation and reconstruction, and blood flow reserve fraction (FFR) calculation. A large number of complicated calculation processes have been completed in the early algorithm development stage, and new cases can be quickly implemented in the application stage. Effective calculations. Compared with the traditional flow field simulation technology, which takes time to calculate in hours, the deep pulse fraction reduces the result output time from 3-8 hours to less than 10 minutes, which is far lower than invasive detection and similar foreign countries. Product inspection analysis time. The detection accuracy rate is over 90%, leading in the world.

Nationally recognized product qualification

In January 2020, the innovative CT-FFR product “Coronary Blood Flow Reserve Fraction Calculation Software” (brand name: Deep Vein Fraction®) independently developed by Keya Medical became a landmark in the field of artificial intelligence medical treatment in China. The first artificial intelligence medical product to obtain three types of medical device registration certificate (NMPA).

The State Food and Drug Administration has qualitatively identified the products based on the twelve words “having significant economic and social benefits.” In addition, Deep Pulse Fractions® also passed the EU CE certification in August 2018, becoming the first medical device product in China to obtain a deep neural network medical CE certificate, and successfully landed in more than ten overseas countries such as Europe and Southeast Asia.

In addition, after the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, Keya Medical has achieved better epidemic prevention and control for the medical staff in the frontline of the epidemic resistance, and fully leveraged the company’s long-term expertise in intelligent disease detection, segmentation and classification. Accumulated, quickly developed the “New Crown Pneumonia Intelligent Assisted Diagnosis System” to the imaging department of the front line, and donated it to many hospitals in Hubei, Guangdong, Sichuan, Shandong and other regions for use. The software can quickly provide the auxiliary screening results of neocoronavirus pneumonia through a full-automatic intelligent analysis of lung CT. Under the premise of ensuring accuracy, the diagnosis efficiency of neocoronary pneumonia is greatly improved.


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