JD Health’s First City-Level Smart Medical Insurance Platform Officially Landed in Suqian, Accelerating The Interconnection of Medical Insurance Information


On July 12, the national medical security information platform was successfully launched in Suqian City, achieving full coverage of all 3,347 designated medical institutions and designated pharmacies in the city, serving 5.29 million people insured in the city. So far, Suqian has become the first city in East China to launch a medical security information platform, marking that the construction of the national medical security information platform has entered a new stage of application in Jiangsu.

As the overall leader of the project construction, JD Smart City integrates internal and external resources of JD Group, on top of JD Technology’s technical system, and relies on JD Health’s medical insurance business integration capabilities and JD Cloud’s service capabilities to provide guarantee services for the platform to go online. At the same time, as the first city-level smart medical insurance platform that JD Health has explored and landed, the successful launch of the platform will also become JD Health’s four “medical” linkage layout of “smart medical care + smart medicine + smart medical insurance + smart medical care”. , Another innovative sample for the implementation of the “smart medical insurance” field.

The first medical insurance information platform in East China was officially launched in a city “born”

According to the unified deployment of the whole province of Jiangsu, the Suqian Medical Insurance Bureau, under the guidance of the Jiangsu Provincial Medical Insurance Bureau, fully implements the top-level design of the national medical insurance information platform, following the principles of safety, stability, and accuracy to ensure solid and effective progress in the construction of the information platform.

It is understood that the preparation for the launch of the medical insurance information platform lasted two months. With the support of 12 eco-manufacturers including JD.com, and 260 engineers onsite service around the clock, it created the fastest online service in East China, the shortest network outage time, and the least problems in East China. Online record.

The successful launch of the medical insurance information platform will provide strong information technology support for the standardization of medical insurance business in Suqian, the convenience of public services, the intelligent supervision and management, and the precision of decision-making analysis; it will provide the city’s medical insurance agencies and designated medical institutions with strong information technology support. , The insured people, and social cooperation agencies provide better medical insurance business services, forming the city’s medical insurance public service “one door, one network, one time” model, supporting the city’s medical insurance “online one network, offline office”, extremely Dadi has improved the medical and drug purchase experience of the insured people.

In the next step, the Suqian Medical Insurance Bureau will, in accordance with the requirements of the Municipal Party Committee, the Municipal Government and the Provincial Medical Insurance Bureau, not only do a good job of efficient, safe and stable operation of the platform, but also summarize the online operation experience in a timely manner, conduct a timely acceptance assessment, and continue to promote the informatization of medical insurance. Standardization construction has continuously improved the city’s medical insurance governance capabilities and public service levels.

Realize real-time synchronization of provincial and municipal data, and accelerate the in-depth development of “Internet +” medical insurance services

It is understood that, in accordance with the requirements of the National Medical Insurance Bureau for the construction of the medical insurance information system, the Jiangsu Provincial Medical Insurance Bureau built a public service subsystem-the “Provincial Medical Insurance Cloud” in June 2019. On this basis, Suqian City complies with the requirements of the National Medical Insurance Bureau to build a “unified, convenient, efficient, compatible, and safe” medical insurance information system, and the Jiangsu Provincial Medical Insurance Bureau to build a “one center, one core, four platforms” medical insurance information platform. Suqian’s own planning features have created an overall solution for smart medical insurance.

This time, JD Health, a subsidiary of JD Group, has teamed up with JD Smart City, JD Cloud and other partners. During the specific construction process, localized customized development was carried out on the basis of the national version, and the implementation was implemented in accordance with the provincial and municipal two-level deployment model. Requirement analysis, design and development, construction of city-level and provincial-level platform docking, real-time data synchronization, to achieve “no delay” use of provincial-level platform related applications through the local unified portal system.

At the same time, in response to the current “bottleneck” and “pain points” in the construction of medical insurance informatization, the smart medical insurance platform has formed a smart supervision of payment and supervision by opening up business and data.

JD Health has joined forces with JD Smart City, JD Cloud and other partners to jointly build the country’s first prefecture-level independently built “open source cloud” platform. Based on the cloud platform, it promotes medical insurance standardization and informatization, and strives to solve the long-term medical insurance information system. Fragmentation, non-uniform standards, large differences in business functions and other issues, so as to achieve the interconnection and intercommunication of medical insurance system information.

It is understood that as the JD Group’s technical service brand for enterprises, governments and other institutions, JD Cloud is one of the most thoroughly containerized cloud platforms in the world, with the world’s largest Docker cluster and Kubernetes cluster. Relying on the full-stack cloud product matrix of public, specialized, and mixed, JD Cloud integrates cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, and the Internet of Things to provide customers with a wealth of products in the retail, logistics, health, smart city, financial technology and other industries And digital solutions. In the construction of this project, JD Cloud actively supported the construction of medical insurance infrastructure and coordination with surrounding areas to ensure that the medical insurance platform is safe and compliant, stable and efficient, and effectively guaranteed the stability and long-term development of Suqian’s medical insurance business.

In the next stage, JD Health will also work with ecological partners to create a smart management module, promote a monitoring and early warning mechanism supported by big data technology, and establish a long-term mechanism for medical insurance fund supervision. For the medical insurance side, it can reduce fund supervision risks and improve medical insurance. Supervision efficiency and refined management level; for the hospital side, it can reduce internal operational risks, improve the work efficiency and refined management level of the medical insurance office.

“As JD Health’s first city-level smart medical insurance platform, this project will also become an innovative sample of JD Health in the field of smart medical insurance.” said Wang Dongyuan, general manager of JD Health’s smart medical insurance. In the future, “smart medical insurance” as an innovative practice and application of medical insurance informatization will accelerate the realization of one “decrease” and two “ups” in the reduction of medical expenses and the improvement of service experience and guarantee levels, and improve the people’s sense of medical security.


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