JD Health Officially Started Its General Practitioner Center, Leveraging “Internet +” to Help Family Doctors Upgrade Their Services


During the epidemic, the community and the grassroots medical and health system played a crucial role in the prevention and control of the epidemic, but at the same time, it also exposed the lack of grassroots general practitioners and insufficient information construction. As epidemic prevention and control become normal, how to use the “Internet +” to promote the development of general medicine and improve the service capabilities of family doctors has become an important proposition for strengthening primary public health services.

In this context, on September 23, the JD Health General Practice Center was officially launched. Professor Yu Xiaosong, a well-known general practitioner in China and the chairman of the General Practice Branch of the Chinese Medical Association, was appointed as the chief expert of the center. Peking University First Hospital Professor Chi Chunhua, the director of the General Practice Department and the chairman-designate of the General Practice Branch of the Chinese Medical Association, were appointed as the center’s standing experts and core experts. Focusing on the goal of “Healthy China”, JD Health General Practice Center will actively carry out general practice related work, including strengthening general practitioner training and team building, and exploring new models of grassroots general medical services and family doctor services.

Jin Dapeng, vice president of the Chinese Medical Association, said that under the normalization of the epidemic situation, general practice and family doctor services are playing an increasingly important role in primary health care, and “Internet + medical health” will strongly promote general practice. And family doctor development.

General medicine originated from Europe and the United States. It is also called family medicine. It integrates prevention, diagnosis, and health management. Its focus is on the family as a unit, providing basic medical services for individuals and families in the community, focusing on the basic Situation handling and health maintenance, rather than the treatment of intractable diseases, is the main form of medical treatment in primary medical and health services. General practitioners, also known as family doctors, are the gatekeepers to the health of community residents.

Compared with Europe and the United States, general practitioners are facing a larger “gap” in my country. Professor Chi Chunhua introduced that according to the requirements of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the World Organization of Family Physicians (WONCA), 2000 residents must be equipped with at least one general practitioner to meet the needs of primary medical and health care; “Healthy China 2030” The “Planning Outline” puts forward the goal of 5 general practitioners per 10,000 population in my country by 2030. By the end of 2019, the number of general practitioners in my country was only 350,000, leaving a gap of more than 300,000.

In recent years, the rapid development of “Internet + medical health” has further improved the service efficiency of general practitioners and strengthened the accessibility of medical services. Last month, JD Health released a family doctor service product-“Jingdong Family Doctor”, which is a new exploration of service capabilities in the general practice field. The JD Health General Practice Center launched this time focuses on basic general practitioners through service and training. The five major areas of cooperation, research, and consultation help doctors improve their service capabilities.

The newly launched JD Health General Practice Center will seamlessly connect with “Jingdong Family Medicine” to carry out online and offline disease prevention and treatment services. At the same time, it will gather many top general practitioners including Professor Yu Xiaosong. Experts, come to regularly carry out various and rich trainings to improve the level of disease prevention and health management capabilities of basic-level general practitioners; JD Health General Practice Center will also actively participate in research work related to the development of general practice.

In addition, JD Health has also reached strategic cooperation with brands such as AstraZeneca, Yuyue Medical, and Omron. By working with industry chain partners, JD Health helps the development of general medicine in terms of ensuring the supply of primary medicines and the development of smart devices.

Professor Yu Xiaosong said that JD Health’s general practice center plans to build the largest “general practitioner home”, “general medicine research center” and “general practitioner training and popular science education support platform in China” in 10 years. Make positive contributions to the grand blueprint for national health proposed by “Healthy China 2030”.

“General practitioner services are an important part of the “Internet + medical health” ecology, and an important reliance on the implementation and promotion of the “Healthy China” strategy at the grassroots level.” said Xin Lijun, vice president of JD.com and CEO of JD Health. The launch of the center can better leverage JD Health’s ecological advantages in the Internet medical field, and promote the innovation of general medicine and doctor services in the’Internet +’era, and this will further enhance JD Health’s service capabilities in the field of family doctors .”


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