Insurance Service Search Engine BBinsure Receives an Angel Round Financing Led by Volcanics Venture

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On June 3, the insurance service search engine BBInsure announced the completion of tens of millions of angel round financing, led by Volcanics Venture, and Green Orange Deer Capital and Qingyuan Tree Capital participated in the investment. This round of financing will be mainly used to further improve the matching of the insurance service demand analysis platform and the insurance consultant O2O service model.

At present, with the acceleration of the digital transformation and upgrading of the insurance industry, the change of the supply and demand relationship in the insurance market is also imminent. From the traditional sales model of production first and then sales, to the method of accumulating demand first and then providing services, the trend of “service” as the orientation is to deepen and expand the insurance market.

BBInsure, incubated by ZhongAn Technology, was established in 2021 and is a multi-dimensional resource aggregation insurtech platform. Users can enter BBInsure through the search entry of the traffic platform such as search and life consumption, and enter BBInsure through insurance keywords such as “I want to buy insurance”. After that, users can match the most suitable according to personal needs on the premise of ensuring the privacy of personal data. Of insurance consultants, through 1V1 consulting services, obtain accurate insurance product information to help users make easy decisions.

Relying on data intelligence, blockchain, cryptography and other technological capabilities, BBInsure aims to use technology to promote the transformation of insurance services from product-driven to demand-driven, and insurance marketing channels from a single offline model to a composite “online + offline” The transformation of the model is also a brand new breakthrough pursued by its founding team in the field of insurance technology.

Born out of ZhongAn’s years of scientific research and business practices in insurance technology, BBInsure has promoted insurance services to a demand-driven insurance of “customization on demand + precise matching”. The search “entry” embedded in various traffic scenarios can not only aggregate user insurance needs scattered in various scenarios, enable insurance companies to customize insurance products and services according to their needs, improve matching, and reduce the channel construction and expansion of insurance companies. Cost makes marketing more accurate and easier to reach.

“By integrating the front-end traffic entrance resources and the back-end insurance ecological resources, we have realized the vision of a technology-based insurance service from decentralized user traffic to an aggregated demand traffic pool. At the same time, through investment in technology and operations on our own platform, , Exhibition industry, customer service and other links to enhance compliance supervision and improve user experience. Let users’ insurance needs truly return to the essence of protection, and build a digital bridge for users, insurance consultants, and insurance products.” BBInsure COO Su Weixin said.


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