Independently Developed Near-infrared Optical Positioning System, Aimooe Solves the Bottleneck of the Surgical Robot


As the 20-year patent protection of DaVinci surgical robots expires, domestic surgical robot start-ups stand in the limelight with the innovation, diversity and intelligence of their products. With the help of policy support and the improvement of enterprise research and development strength, domestic surgical robot products have been approved for market successively. Product innovation ability and the improvement of research and development quality ushered in a strong period.

Although surgical robot equipment, as the main part of the industrial chain, has made technological breakthroughs and gradually realized domestic replacement, China’s surgical robot core components are facing a lack of research and development strength, and heavily rely on imports. This situation has further become a “bottleneck” that hinders the upward development of China’s surgical robot industry, and the industrial problem urgently needs to be solved.

The value of surgical robots lies in their accuracy and stability. Traditional surgery is done by doctors, and even experienced doctors may have problems during surgery. Surgical robots can solve the problems of manual operation.

Above all, as a result of muscular contraction, the person’s arm can produce the physiology reason of different degree trembles, affect operation effect extremely easily. The robotic arm in the surgical robot is used as the doctor’s hand to assist the operation, which can improve the therapeutic effect.

Secondly, it is difficult to see the internal anatomical position of patients and rely on doctors when using traditional tools for manual measurement. Therefore, surgical navigation systems such as optical positioning systems are needed as the “eye” of doctors to further improve the localization accuracy and surgical accuracy by accurately locating the location and direction of the lesion region. Software systems such as control algorithms are also required to serve as the “brain” of doctors to assist doctors in judgment and surgical operations to improve the success rate of surgery.

The importance of positioning system, control algorithm and manipulator is self-evident, and these three parts of products are from the upstream of the surgical robot industry chain. The huge development potential and broad market prospect of surgical robot systems have attracted many developed countries to invest a lot of money and human resources in research and development. However, due to China’s late start in the research and development of the near-infrared optical system, there is still a long way to go in the product.

Founded in 2017, Guangzhou Aimooe Technology Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as ” Aimooe”) focuses on the research and development of core components and solutions for surgical navigation and surgical robots.

With the enterprise’s deep research and development in technology, as well as the understanding of the clinical application, in 2019, Aimooe successfully developed the first “near-infrared optical positioning system” in China, and its positioning accuracy has reached the leading international level. Through in-depth study of hardware design and internal material structure, the positioning system has achieved good results in electromagnetic compatibility and stability.

Yang Rongqian, the founder of Aimooe, said, “Lighting, humidity and temperature are different in different departments, which requires a lot of experiments and parameter testing. Thanks to our experiments and product development over the years, the system we developed is very stable in different environments and can successfully cope with these complex environments. Therefore, we are confident that we can provide a positioning system to meet customer requirements. The positioning system produced by Aimooe R&D provides not only diversified interfaces, but also adds interactive functions such as images and videos to make the operation of the system more convenient, considering the usage habits of doctors or nurses during surgery.”

AimPosition optical positioning system is now widely used in surgical navigation, surgical robotics and other “precise positioning” oriented medical scenarios. The enterprise has established long-term scientific research cooperation with many hospitals in Guangdong province, covering neurosurgery, orthopedics, dentistry, interventional and other departments. Through cooperation, we are familiar with clinical application scenarios, fully understand clinical needs, and further promote technological iteration.

In 2020, Aimooe completed the research and development of surgical navigation system prototype, the construction of surgical robot technology platform, and the research and development of the second-generation optical positioning system and industrial optical positioning system. In 2021, Aimooe will go out and actively establish cooperation with mainstream enterprises in the industry. While laying the foundation for the development of the industry, Aimooe will expand the R&D application scenarios, dig the incremental market and accelerate the development of the enterprise.

At present, its products have been sold to dozens of domestic surgical robot enterprises. Aimooe has not only achieved good results in the research of optical positioning systems, but also built a product pipeline covering positioning systems, software algorithms and surgical supplies. Not only that, its near-infrared optical positioning system is also applied in the industrial field, to support the upgrade of domestic robot products, enabling the industrial field to create more intelligent application scenarios.

To release enough momentum to promote enterprise development, Aimooe through continuous with downstream institutions cooperate with manufacturers, with the advantages of on the research and development of core parts, as well as the accumulation of many years experience in surgery robot navigation, will be given to the middle and lower reaches of industry products and technologies, enabling them to rapid industrialization, and, in turn, to speed up the ai yi products more widely used.

Based on the strength of enterprise software development, Aimooe also provides customized software development services. At present, Imoyi has successfully developed high-end intelligent equipment such as surgical navigation systems and dental robots, realizing the deployment of “hardware + software” products.

In the end, Yang Rongqian explained the future development plan of Aimooe: “At present, we will keep the nIR optical system updated and iterated, and continue to enrich the product models. For example, the 2.0 version of our product has a lot of improvements in appearance, as well as technical details and algorithms. At the same time, with our continuous understanding of the downstream market and in-depth communication and cooperation, they also put forward some new requirements for an optical positioning system. Therefore, we will further enrich the models of our optical positioning system to meet the needs of different departments as much as possible. We will also continue to improve the key technical parameters of the product, so that it can meet the low delay information data transmission, to achieve more accurate and high-speed positioning.

In the application field, in addition to the surgical robot, surgical navigation system and other products, we will also expand to the industrial field. At present, we have carried out preliminary cooperation with major domestic industrial robot companies and manufacturers. In the future, we will also extend our products and technologies to the industrial field for application, enabling intelligent manufacturing and production of industry. This will open up broader market space for us.”

Based on the upstream, continuous iteration, expanding and enriching the application scenarios is the next step of Aimooe.


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