How Online Education Content is Boosting Early Screening and Prevention of Diseases? KOL Insights from Douyin, MCN, Billion-Click-Vlogger, and Sanofi


11.18.2021, Dream and Go Sanofi Innovation Summit invited four KOL speakers from Haici Tech (healthcare content generation agent), Douyin (Tik Tok China version), Shendu TV (healthcare animation content leader) and Sanofi China. To delve into the future of early screening and prevention of diseases through online healthcare media and channels, the four experts shared their first hand insights.

Zeng Wei(曾玮), Co-Founder and COO of Haici opened the discussion: “ In 2018, we started to see Weibo began to use simple forms such as texts and short videos for healthcare education. Today, more and more netizens are welcoming physicians as KOLs for disease content education on new media platforms. Many of the hospitals we work with are embracing the Internet.”

Bai Shuyue(白舒悦), Head of Healthcare Vertical at Douyin, an expert with more than 10 years new media and tech product operation, shared: “ We believe there are two propelling elements as the motivation for physicians to get online. For themselves, most physicians spent substantial amount of time inside the hospital, but they are eager to help more people. Through making short videos on Douyin, they’ve seen simple knowledge such as Heimlich saving people’s lives, and their followers actually feedback in the comments of videos. This gives a sense of achievement to healthcare professionals on top of their daily work. For their career, as China issued 2030 Plan to support early screening and disease treatment, hospital policies are now encouraging physicians to take online disease education as a part of their work. Therefore, the platforms are actually bridging physicians to find more patients and fulfill their needs.”

Li Hui(李慧), Founder and CEO of Shendu TV, started the company 6 years ago with a goal of making healthcare content easy to understand by short animations. Hui revealed Shendu’s secret of achieving more than 1.5 billion total clicks: “ It wasn’t easy to get a foothold with animations in the healthcare industry, but we made it and we see easy to understand content is the trend. When people get convinced, they respond fast: outstanding medical institutes and physicians start to offer endorsement to our videos, because they know it’s driving the influence and benefiting patients. ”

Dr. Gu Chengming(谷成明博士), with more than 20 years experience as a medical expert in multinational pharmaceutical companies and medical practice history, is now Greater China Medical Head at Sanofi. Dr. Gu stressed: “ Traditional patient workshops influences only a limited amount of people, but now it’s common that one short video gains millions of views. Going online is the trend of our time, the fact that patients are going online is driving physicians to go online. Out-of-hospital management and education is another driving force for healthcare professionals. Many of the people do not know they have chronic diseases, and usually when they get diagnosed it’s alreadt late stage. Short videos are building disease awareness and finally benefiting patients.”


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