How Does HUIBIN Help Hospitals Provide Patient Services?


In April 2018, the General Office of the State Council issued the “Opinions on Promoting Internet + Medical Health”, which clearly stated that the relevant policies of “Internet + Medical Health” should be promoted in a coordinated manner. In the next two years, with the help of smart medical development, the “Internet + medical health” model quickly covered more than 900 hospitals across the country. On October 28, at the press conference on the reform and development of health undertakings under the 13th Five-Year Plan of the State Information Office that just ended, “Internet + medical health” once again focused on the industry.

Looking back at the outbreak in January until now, the value of several solutions provided by the “Internet + medical and health” model has been further highlighted. The forerunner goes thousands of miles away, and HUIBIN, who specializes in smart hospitals, has been in this field for ten years before the arrival of the policy.

Growth curve: starting from the rise of interconnection, focusing on diagnosis and treatment problems

Using interconnection technology to solve medical problems and integrating interconnection into the Internet of Things seems to have become the unifying trend of contemporary medicine and medical technology evolution, and it has also become the industry’s consensus on the future medical vision. But in 2009, this trend of change was not clear. Although Internet technology is gradually breaking through the limitations of personal computers, the medical model at that time and the Internet technology are “interlaced as a mountain”, and the intersection is not clear.

It is on the stage of this era that the founders of HUIBIN chose the “Internet + medical” model and began to look for ways to fill the gap between the Internet and the medical industry.

Their first entry point is medical informatization.

The problems of slow information flow and low efficiency in traditional hospital business systems have become the focus of HUIBIN. But to solve this problem, the first step is to break the scarcity of Internet applications and the widespread phenomenon of information islands. In the initial process, HUIBIN sought efficient and optimized solutions by opening up the medical information systems of different hospitals.

“Starting from the first step in dealing with patients and hospitals, through the construction of appointment registration, outpatient card, outpatient medical service management and other systems to improve the service efficiency of the outpatient department of the hospital, in order to reduce the time for patients to visit.” In 2009, HUIBIN used this strategy as a strategy. Starting point, start to optimize the outpatient process.

Taking registration as an example, different hospitals will each adopt the most effective cooperative registration channel and maintain traction and cooperation with different Internet platforms. However, HUIBIN started from another dimension, thinking about how to systematically integrate and access the platform to make information flow. Starting from the specific problems of different hospitals, it gradually improved the functional form of the product. By understanding the needs of doctors, the product can be adapted to more scenarios, so as to get support from more hospitals and achieve a win-win situation.

In 2010, HUIBIN successfully signed the construction project of the “Outpatient Card” of Xijing Hospital. For the first time, through the concept of bank-medicine cooperation, it constructed the optimization of Internet technology for deduction business under the “Xijing Model”, realized the use of all cards, and completed the outpatient process reengineering. In the next few years, standing on the shoulders of medical informatization, HUIBIN began to further expand its technical coverage and strengthen the intervention of medical information systems. In 2013, it developed and launched the “intelligent guided triage system, pre-hospitalization management system, and handheld hospital”. And other products, and are running online in many hospitals across the country.

At this point, HUIBIN’s vision has gradually become clear, that is, with the rapid development of medical information, it will help hospitals to create patient services that cover the entire process of medical treatment.

To B-end business: Smart healthcare reform in hospitals

After 2013, the Internet medical model continued to develop steadily under the guidance of the 13th Five-Year Plan. In the next few years, Internet e-commerce companies have sprung up and pioneered in the field of online retail. At the same time, Internet medical treatment has gradually found a new development direction relying on Internet technology and hospital entities.

As a predictor of this development direction, HUIBIN will “solve current pain points for hospitals” and gradually shift to the new idea of ​​”helping hospitals connect patients”, deeply involved in the construction of medical information systems, taking patients as the core, and integrating several products The concept of the system is incorporated in the framework of smart medical products and services, and products are empowered through operational services.

HUIBIN Smart Medical Products and Service Matrix

With the continuous improvement of products, HUIBIN has gradually formed a product matrix of “smart clinics-smart internet hospitals-one-stop patient service”, creating a full service process link in the construction of smart hospitals. In 2017, HUIBIN began to further expand its business lines, providing some services such as outsourcing of guidance and triage nurses, outsourcing of follow-up services, home medical records, and escort to hospital patients with operating services, which greatly improved the services of hospital patients. Improve the efficiency of hospital patient service and improve patient service experience.

The hospital always occupies a key position in the layout of HUIBIN’s product line.

The middle stage of the hospital outreach business is the product form constructed by HUIBIN under this development logic. The product can be used as a metaphor for the “quarantine area”. Internally, the platform can be connected to the hospital’s business system. Externally, the platform can integrate unified interface services, and unified management of Internet-oriented application access data and services, so that the efficiency of communication between the hospital and patients and the patient service experience are improved.

Outreach platform based on quarantine area (business middle office)

When it comes to the significance of this platform, HUIBINCEO Yuan Jijun told Artery Network: “On the one hand, the platform guarantees the stability, security and access efficiency of the hospital’s intranet business system; on the other hand, it can enable external The unified Internet access service is isolated from the internal and external network business, and the overall operation is stable and efficient. Under the popularization of the “Internet + medical” model, relying on the external connection platform will effectively reduce the cost of hospital implementation.”

Two platforms, two centers and four user terminals to create smart Internet hospital products

Although certain achievements have been made on the road of medical information construction, HUIBIN has not stopped. Under the wave of “Internet +”, the company began to build “Smart Internet Hospital Products” in 2018.

With the structure of “two platforms, two centers and four user terminals”, HUIBIN provides Internet medical operation services for many hospitals and regions, realizing online consultation, prescription circulation, and drug distribution, and assisting the hospital in completing the goal of smart hospital construction.

Two-platform, two-center, four-user terminal structure

The construction of smart Internet hospital products further expands the breadth of HUIBIN’s outreach platform. On the one hand, after the Internet is connected to the offline diagnosis and treatment services of physical hospitals, the registration, payment, and inquiry processes are optimized; on the other hand, with the advancement of online diagnosis and treatment services, remote consultations, electronic prescriptions, online drug purchases, and remote consultations And other functions have also become a reality. It can be said that HUIBIN has built a one-stop, full-process, integrated offline and online Internet hospital ecosystem.

Under new policies and market demands, in 2020, HUIBIN will build a patient service platform product. From the perspective of hospital serving patients, combined with the physical space of the offline patient service center, it will nodeize and visualize the medical treatment process to create a unified appointment, Unified inquiry, unified processing, and unified resource platform provide patients with faster and more convenient medical services.

To G: Outside the hospital, service-oriented exploration

HUIBIN’s exploration of To G business began four years ago.

In 2016, HUIBIN undertook the citizen health service platform project of the Xi’an Municipal Health Commission and became a regional professional Internet medical operation organization. This is the first project of HUIBIN accessing the government and the beginning of its To G end business. Its regional medical service platform, regional medical community platform and regional Internet hospitals were all born on this basis.

ToC: The user is the core, “door-to-home” becomes a reality

Relying on the operating experience and service capabilities of many HUIBIN hospitals, the “Huibin Health Medical Service Platform” was officially launched in 2017. The platform is patient-centered. Starting from the medical industry resources, it integrates hospitals, escort companies, physical examination centers and other health and medical service institutions as a platform, and then through scenario-based service output, it connects to traffic platforms such as Ali and Tencent to provide users with Diversified and convenient health and medical services.

In this process, patients only need to become a user of the platform to enjoy services such as appointment registration, physical examination services, medical guidance consultation, medical treatment agency, escort services, and home medical records. Although the realization of these concepts requires the support of medical resources and the entry of capital, from smart clinics to Internet hospitals to one-stop patient service platforms, the requirements for operational service capabilities are also increasing. However, after three years of self-operation exploration by HUIBIN, the service provided by the platform still has more than 1 million registered users, and has gradually become an important regional partner of Alipay, Tencent Health, and Baidu Health. Empower the hospital from the three dimensions of service organization resources, operating personnel, and operating system, and assist the hospital in providing full-process patient services.

From medical industry resources to user groups, HUIBIN used data and information to run through the last mile of patient services.

The next decade: standing on the cusp of Internet + medical care

“Policies must be post-positioned. Enterprises and industries are the pioneers of exploration.” When talking about the favorable policies today, Yuan Jijun’s attitude is quite rational. “The past ten years have been the ten years when the medical industry informatization took off. Keep pace with the speed of Internet technology development. The’Internet + medical’ market has become a red sea in the past ten years.”

Sufficient accumulation of technology and medical industry experience is the capital for looking forward to the next decade. For ten years, HUIBIN has continued to deepen its advantages in the field of smart clinics and has built multiple pipelines. From a single informatization builder in the past, HUIBIN has transformed into a four-in-one service of consulting, plan design, planning and construction, and operation services. Quotient.

At the same time, its business has continued to grow since its establishment, and it is self-financing without financing, which is also a manifestation of its ability to gain a foothold in the market. Although HUIBIN is relatively mature in the development of the company, it is at a new node in the next decade and it still hopes to attract financing to achieve far-reaching development.

Standing on the cusp of Internet + medical care, it is difficult to survive the last decade and the next decade without core technology and innovative thinking. “Internet + medical” has crossed the threshold of technological development and continues to move forward with the integration of digital life.


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