How does Dr. Elephant Wisdom Dental Hospital Maximize the Value of Doctors?


In the entire medical system, the oral cavity is the earliest commercialized department, and the business model is more market-oriented. A large number of dentists hope to practice independently. The private dental clinics are increasing, but they are also facing marketing, training, funding, operations, etc. Dilemma in many ways.

In order to help these independent dentists, Yang Haichuan, who has more than ten years of investment management experience in private hospitals, founded Henan Dr Elephant Medical Management Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Dr Elephant”) in May 2019. Dr Elephant is based on the Internet platform and its own offline hospital. It adopts the DSO + model and integrates small, medium and micro dentists for high-quality dental diagnosis and treatment.

Invested and managed the team of Yimei Hospital

In May 2019, Yang Haichuan took a medical aesthetic team that has worked together for more than ten years and formally transformed into a smart oral cavity. At that time, he had already invested in 6 medical beauty institutions.

In his opinion, the value of doctors still needs to return to doctors, to cure diseases and save people. In recent years, the medical and aesthetic industry is fiercely competitive, with problems such as excessive medical treatment and excessive marketing. A large amount of human and material resources need to be invested in marketing, which will weaken the value of medical treatment to a certain extent.

In February 2019, the Health and Health Commission issued the Healthy Oral Action Plan (2019-2025), which clearly proposed the overall goal of healthy oral work by 2025 and five quantifiable work indicators. Yang Haichuan saw business opportunities again and was determined to return to the dental industry.

The dental industry is not a new exploration for Yang Haichuan. After graduating from the Department of Oral Surgery, Yang Haichuan worked in dental institutions. From a little doctor, to a manager, to an investor, he founded an oral clinic. However, in Yang Haichuan’s heart, there has always been a dream of medical beauty. “My university originally wanted to study medical beauty, but at that time there was no major in medical beauty. Most of the doctors of medical beauty were from stomatology, dermatology, facial features, etc. Only after having rich clinical experience can I go to a medical beauty institution to practice. ”

By chance, Yang Haichuan transformed medical beauty. Similarly, in the field of medical aesthetics, he has also experienced the evolution of the roles of doctors, managers and investors, and has accumulated more than ten years of operational experience.

Like Yang Haichuan, Dr Elephant’s operation team is mostly a team of graduates in oral and medical majors, and has worked hard in the medical and aesthetic industry for many years. “We understand what consumers value most today, we also understand the pain points of dentists, understand the market and customer advantages. At the same time, we also have the original intention of ‘returning medical value to doctors.'” Yang Haichuan told reporters.

SaaS platform helps small, medium and micro dentists

Dr Elephant hopes to take a “five-star” hospital as the core, link doctors and customers, provide doctors with a multi-point practice platform, and also provide customers with a more economical and more secure diagnosis and treatment environment. Dr Elephant is committed to linking to the national dental ecological chain through the smart dental business platform to help small, medium and micro dentists to develop a national career map.

In the process of building a hospital, Dr Elephant first focused on the intelligence of various professional hardware and supporting equipment, combined with intelligent professional software, introduced advanced instruments, and attracted more doctors willing to come to Dr. under the policy of multi-point practice. Elephant Smart Dental Hospital works.

Yang Haichuan told reporters that the same doctors in stomatology, but will be subdivided into oral medicine, oral and maxillofacial surgery, oral pediatrics and so on. For example, if a patient with toothache finds a doctor who is good at extracting teeth, it often leads to long treatment cycles and correspondingly high economic costs. Therefore, Dr Elephant first created a smart and professional SaaS platform. On this platform, doctors must upload personal data to the platform, and patients should find doctors based on their symptoms, and schedule appointments with doctors.

To ensure the quality of service, the Dr ElephantSaaS platform also introduces an evaluation mechanism, and patients can evaluate doctors, nurses, and hospitals after their visits. Dr Elephant will also make doctor adjustments based on reviews and feedback. Patients will also choose a doctor based on the evaluation. Convenient for doctors to establish their own brand.

In addition, the SaaS platform can also manage the doctor’s workstation space, realize the collaborative linkage of intelligent hardware, and form a database to further guide hospital management.

According to Dr Elephant’s survey, the current doctor’s division of dental institutions does not exceed 35%, and after deducting various costs. The labor income of doctors is far lower than the labor intensity. Dr Elephant Smart Dental Hospital uses a sharing model to attract more doctors under the principle of proportional distribution. It is worth mentioning that Dr Elephant Dental also cooperates with insurance companies to purchase liability insurance for doctors.

In terms of customer acquisition, Dr Elephant has obtained more customers by cooperating with multiple online platforms such as Ali Health, Public Comment,, Taikang Insurance, and provincial and municipal medical insurance. In addition, the traffic brought by small and medium-sized institutions and doctors in various regions, and the platform hospital’s own traffic, as well as the fission of members and the secondary consumption of customers, have gained more customers. In terms of profit, Dr Elephant has four profit models.

In terms of planning, Dr Elephant will open a flagship hospital of 5,000 to 6,000 square meters in Henan in 2020. Sixteen hospitals will be opened in the country in the future. Currently, Dr Elephant’s smart dentist is seeking angel round financing to build a five-star hospital.



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