Hiflyneusoft is Dedicated to Creating A New Generation of Intelligent Medical Care for Intensive Care Units


Recently, HiflyNeusoft and Shengjing Hospital Affiliated to China Medical University held a press conference on the ventilator intelligent assisted offline system for patients with acute and critical illness, and officially announced that the application system that uses artificial intelligence to assist in determining the timing of ventilator offline has entered the stage of practical advancement. This will provide great help for the diagnosis and treatment of severely ill patients with new coronary pneumonia.

In the diagnosis and treatment of severe patients with new coronary pneumonia, the offline of the ventilator has always been an important watershed. Clinical research data shows that patients who have used the ventilator for too long may have symptoms such as infection and bleeding in the lungs, and the structure of the lungs will change and be irreversibly damaged. Therefore, when to withdraw from the ventilator is a very challenging Sex work.

So what are the highlights of this ventilator intelligent assisted offline system? What medical scenarios has HiflyNeusoft IoT technology applied to? What are the key problems in the Internet of Things + medical care? In the future, what is HiflyNeusoft’s layout in promoting IoT medical technology innovation and service innovation?

Real-time, objective and precise, to solve the rigid needs of the intensive care department

Professor Lu said that the process of diagnosis and treatment of acute and critical illnesses has extremely high rigid requirements for the real-time and accuracy of the patient’s vital signs data, because the patient’s condition needs to be processed immediately, otherwise it will be life-threatening, and the advantages of big data and artificial intelligence are There is a lot of room for this, and the Internet of Things technology is at the right time.

Therefore, the MICU expert team involved in the research and development of Shengjing Hospital combines its own medical knowledge with actual clinical experience in fighting the epidemic for more than a year, cleans and transforms a large amount of clinical data, and conducts rigorous mathematics through the HiflyNeusoft R&D team and the Northeastern University mathematics expert group. Modeling and system research and development, and finally completed the mathematical model and the ventilator intelligent auxiliary offline system.

The system uses models to evaluate the offlineability of mechanically ventilated patients through objective data analysis, and gives doctors quantifiable and clear evaluation suggestions, assists doctors in offline decision-making, and can read patient bedside monitoring equipment data in real time With ventilator data, artificial intelligence is used to determine whether the patient is at the best time to be offline, and accurately and intelligently assist doctors in making clinical decisions about “ventilator offline”.

Compared with traditional doctors relying on experience and intuition to make clinical judgments, the assisted weaning system can greatly reduce the incidence of ventilator-related lung injury and ventilator-related pneumonia, reduce the reintubation rate and the mortality rate, and reduce the patient’s weaning process. Pain, gaining time for patients, and reducing work pressure for clinical medical workers.

In the future, the project team will continue to carry out clinical research based on this system, and continuously improve the accuracy of research and judgment. Based on the software system, continue to explore the application of the combination of software and hardware in the project, so as to achieve more intelligent clinical applications of ventilator and more intimate To serve more patients.

Supply-side reform: creating a scene application of smart medicine and benefiting the people

The intelligent assisted offline ventilator system developed by HiflyNeusoft in cooperation with Shengjing Hospital is an important application of the pan-critical diagnosis and treatment system. This auxiliary diagnosis and treatment system, which integrates data collection of various medical equipment, real-time monitoring and analysis of critically ill patients, can use IoT technology to realize data of various types of medical equipment such as monitors, ventilators, anesthesia machines, hemodialysis machines, injection pumps, etc. Automated collection, providing auxiliary diagnosis and treatment suggestions based on multi-parameter signs.

Clinical application scenario: intelligent auxiliary offline system for ventilator

Professor Lu said that the best application in medical informatization is to benefit the people and facilitate doctors and nurses to enhance the value of medical care. Now many subsystems of informatization are essentially man-machine systems, which require manual data entry and cost medical care. The staff spends a lot of time and are prone to irregular, untimely, unsystematic and inaccurate problems.

Therefore, to develop big data and artificial intelligence, you need standard and consistent data, a safe and reliable database, and more appropriate application scenarios for data to have value. Therefore, it is necessary to create popular and demanding data. , Smart application scenarios that can be promoted.

Under such strategic considerations, HiflyNeusoft uses IoT technology to develop a variety of smart hospital-related subsystems, including 5G+ pre-hospital emergency system, smart dialysis system, equipment monitoring system, medical waste monitoring system, and remote surgery teaching system And the remote real-time consultation and round system.

To build a smart hospital, the current problem lies in data standardization and interconnection of various systems. As an integrated body of the connection and transmission end, the IoT smart terminal needs to analyze the data collected by the medical device, but some devices do not have a standardized interface. The interface may be unique and closed. Data collection needs to be authorized by the manufacturer. The construction of the Internet of Things data platform has brought greater challenges.

Looking to the future: improving connectivity and developing beacon customers

Although HiflyNeusoft has developed a number of IoT medical application scenarios, Professor Lu said: “A hospital IoT system involves medical equipment, logistics equipment, and various assets. There are so many items that need to be connected, and now it can truly be effective. For connected items, the raw data that can be collected in real time is probably less than 10%.”

Regarding HiflyNeusoft’s next plan, Professor Lu said: “Neusoft Hanfeng will continue to invest in the improvement of hospital connection capabilities, and its core intelligent terminals will continue to iterate. In addition, communication security cannot be ignored. We must ensure data transmission. The process is secure, encrypted, and must not be leaked. A security chip will be added to the process.”

“We need to build a large ecosystem of medical IoT and establish close cooperation with international and domestic partners. For example, we are working with Huawei, ZTE and the three major operators to establish a new network architecture for hospital multi-network integration, and support hospital private networks, 5G, WIFI, Bluetooth, etc., can connect enough smart terminals,” Professor Lu added.

In addition to the technical development plan, Professor Lu also revealed the direction of business development. The first is to build a core database model belonging to Hanfeng, improve data connection capabilities, and solve the problem of lack of application data and inability to land, and then build each application scenario into a platform to bring more value to customers. Secondly, she said that Neusoft Hanfeng will focus on real benchmark hospitals and lighthouse customers, and do a good job of service planning and refined services.

As for the company’s long-term goals, Professor Lu said: “HiflyNeusoft must be a good company, a company that will truly bring value to customers, patients, and society. The development of this company must be High-quality, warm, and tasteful development.”

As a rising star of the Internet of Things medical company, HiflyNeusoft has launched a number of Internet of Things medical service solutions in the past two years, actively building a win-win ecosystem of medical Internet of Things, building a smart hospital with perception and interconnection, and achieving a new medical service model.

Looking forward to the future, Neusoft Hanfeng will continue to strengthen the research and development of the world’s leading IoT technology, integrate Neusoft’s resources in the field of health, use perception to empower smart medicine, use technology to achieve medical value, and use connection to create the beauty of life.


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