HENG SHENG Medical Completed Nearly 300 Million Yuan in Series A Financing


Following the national organization of centralized procurement of coronary stents in 2020, the NOYA rapamycin drug-eluting stent from Medfavour Medical, a subsidiary of HENG SHENG Medical Group, won the bid with the highest price, the leading coronary medical device R&D and manufacturer HENG SHENG Medical Group There have been new moves recently.

In January 2021, HENG SHENG Medical announced the completion of nearly 300 million yuan in Series A financing. This round was jointly invested by CMB International and CITIC Medical Fund, a well-known institution in the medical field, and Asahi Medical Capital served as the financial advisor for this round. The financing proceeds will be used for the expansion of the production of drug-eluting stents, the registration of self-perfused drug balloons, and the development and clinical trials of the second-generation 99μm self-perfused fully degradable stent.

The highest price of centralized procurement of stents is selected, coronary intervention enters a new era

The country’s first batch of high-value medical consumables and tape purchases that began in the second half of 2020 have now been settled. The stent product NOYA produced by Medfavour Medical, a subsidiary of HENG SHENG Medical Group, has been selected for national centralized procurement at the highest price. After more than 20 years of development in China’s coronary interventional medical device industry, domestic coronary interventional products have gradually developed into a high-tech product portfolio under independent innovation from the simple imitating and learning state of imported products from the beginning.

At present, only two of the domestically won stent products have obtained the EU CE certification, and NOYA stent is one of them. The new NOYA stent has a minimum diameter of 2.25mm and a maximum length of 40mm, which has now entered the clinical stage. After the product goes on the market, NOYA stent is expected to become the domestic stent brand with the most complete size and specifications.

With the advent of aging, my country’s cardiovascular disease has become increasingly severe, and cardiovascular medical devices have become the most important segment of medical devices. “China Cardiovascular Disease Report 2019” data shows that the total number of cardiovascular patients in China exceeds 300 million, and the number of cardiovascular patients will continue to grow rapidly. According to estimates by the World Health Organization, cardiovascular diseases account for more than 40% of residents’ disease deaths, making them the number one killer of modern people. In 2019, the number of PCI surgeries in China increased to 1.03 million, and the number is increasing every year and the upward trend is obvious. In view of the huge development potential of the domestic cardiovascular interventional medical device consumables market, HENG SHENG Medical Group has always been deeply involved in the field of cardiovascular interventional therapy, constantly innovating, investing in research and development, and producing and promoting cardiovascular interventional consumables.

The first self-infusing drug balloon, leading the development direction of intervention without implantation

With the continuous improvement of the level of interventional therapy and the continuous development of interventional devices, the concept of interventional therapy is also constantly improving. Whether at the 2019 Asian Society of Cardiology Annual Meeting (ASSA2019) or at the 14th Oriental Society of Cardiology (OCC), Nothing Left, as a new interventional therapy concept, has been increasingly popular among experts Unanimously recognized and recommended.

The self-infusing drug-coated balloon has entered the application stage and is expected to be launched this year

The clinical trial of one of the blockbuster products independently developed by HENG SHENG Medical, a subsidiary of HENG SHENG Medical Group, “Self-infusing drug-coated balloon”, was conducted by the famous Chinese cardiovascular expert Professor Yong Huo as PI. The product has an exclusive patented self-perfusion technology. The blood flow is not blocked during the balloon expansion process, and 15% of the blood flow is guaranteed to pass. While ensuring patient comfort, it can also extend the time the balloon is attached to the wall, which greatly improves Patient safety. The balloon expansion time of common drugs usually does not exceed 60s, resulting in short drug release time, large loss in the lumen, and low drug absorption.

The unique self-perfusion technology greatly prolongs the drug absorption time, more drugs are absorbed by the blood vessels, and the elasticity of blood vessels is reduced. The self-infusing drug-eluting balloon adopts a unique spraying process, which brings excellent uniformity of the drug film, and the drug is completely covered on the surface of the balloon, which is beneficial to the release of the drug. In addition, the self-infusing medicine ball adopts paclitaxel drug coating, and innovatively does not use any dispersant, which greatly improves the passability of the drug balloon. At present, the clinical trial has ended and the enrollment has officially entered the application stage, and it is expected to be launched this year.

First to use self-perfusion technology for degradable drug stents

The second-generation 99μm self-perfusion fully degradable drug-eluting stent independently developed by HENG SHENG Medical not only occupies the forefront of the domestic medical device industry, but also has sufficient competitiveness in the world medical device industry. This product is the world’s first application of self-perfusion technology to biodegradable drug stents. It uses 99μm thick PLLA tubing, which allows long-term expansion, increases stent adhesion, and reduces the risk of long-term thrombosis. At present, the research and development stage of the second-generation 99-micron fully biodegradable stent with self-perfusion function has ended, and it will enter the First-In-Man clinical trial stage before the end of this year.

Mr. Zhao Xusheng, founder of HENG SHENG Medical Group, said: “In the process of continuous and vigorous development in the field of coronary intervention, innovation will always be an inexhaustible driving force for corporate development. HENG SHENG Medical has always focused on exploring international leading core technologies, combined with high-quality and reliable Product quality, continuous improvement of the product line and service capabilities, so as to provide high-quality products for coronary intervention precision diagnosis and treatment, and provide doctors with more accurate treatment plans. HENG SHENG Medical will continue to innovate in the future, and the next step will be to invest in research and development to continue to extend The product line further enriches the company’s product matrix, and enables independent research and development capabilities to reach a new level.”

Zhou Kexiang, Managing Director of CMB International Capital, said: “With the aging of the population, the incidence of cardiovascular diseases remains high, and the demand for innovative cardiovascular medical devices for doctors and patients continues to increase. HENG SHENG Medical has a full industry in the cardiovascular field. The layout of the chain and the industry’s top team have always focused on independent innovation and research and development. I believe that under the leadership of the management, HENG SHENG Medical will fully implement its own strategic planning, continue to grow stronger and deeper, and cooperate with the national centralized procurement of high-value consumables Plan to provide doctors and patients with more innovative medical options.”

Cai Hua, general manager of CITIC Medical Fund, said: “Medical devices have just entered the fast lane in China. Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular intervention is an important subdivision track and a key area of ​​our fund. The centralized procurement of high-value consumables is the general trend. As scheduled, we value HENG SHENG Medical’s innovative capabilities and full product line advantages, and also value the Hengsheng team led by Mr. Zhao, who has been deeply involved in the field of coronary intervention for more than 20 years, and has a deep understanding of clinical and industry. We believe that HENG SHENG Medical will bring better quality and more accessible products and services to the common people with the strategic goal of preparing the technology and product layout in advance, coupled with strong execution and clinical resources.”

About HENG SHENG Medical

HENG SHENG Medical Group is a high-end medical equipment group enterprise dedicated to innovation, always focusing on the field of cardiovascular interventional diagnosis and treatment. The group is headquartered in the core area of ​​Zhongguancun Industrial Park, Shunyi District, Beijing, and has also established R&D centers in Chengdu, China and Boston, USA. The company has always focused on independent innovation and research and development, and has been certified as a national high-tech enterprise, with a total investment of more than 500 million yuan in research and development and now has more than 30 patents (applications). Two products have entered the green channel for special approval of innovative medical devices by the State Food and Drug Administration, and have obtained six EU CE certificates and nine Chinese NMPA registration certificates. The company has high-level management talents, production R&D teams and marketing teams, and has professional product registration experience. Now it has formed a complete R&D, registration, production, marketing and service network, and has a complete product line, from coronary interventional accessories to ball With balloon dilatation catheters, from NOYA stents to self-infusing drug balloons, HENG SHENG Medical has always been committed to providing one-stop services for PCI surgery.


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