HeartVoice Completes Tens of Millions of Pre-A Round Financing, Focusing on The Field of AI Heart Health

heart with cardiogram

HeartVoice completed a pre-A round of financing of tens of millions of yuan, led by SMIC Zihe and Xinwen Capital, and the incubation institution Farragut. This round of funding will focus on chip business and cloud service business research and development iteration, brand building and market layout.

HeartVoice is a medical technology company dedicated to improving human heart health with artificial intelligence. It was founded by a team of doctors from leading universities and enterprises such as the Chinese University of Science and Technology, Peking University and Huawei. HeartVoice applies deep learning and other new-generation artificial intelligence technologies to the field of electrocardiogram (ECG) automatic analysis and diagnosis, and independently developed the internationally leading Cardio-Learn® ECG analysis algorithm.

HeartVoice has won the champion of the 18th PHYSIONET World ECG Computing Challenge (PhysioNet/Computing in Cardiology Challenge), the 5th China “Internet +” Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition National Gold Award, the German Red Dot Award, the Japan G-Mark Award, etc. Top awards at home and abroad. And published the research results of “CardioLearn: A Cloud Deep Learning Service for Cardiac Disease Detection from Electrocardiogram”, “CardioID: Learning to Identification from Electrocardiogram Data” in the international top academic conference International World Wide Web Conference (WWW Conference) and the journal “Neurocomputing”.

In communication with Arterial, Fu Zhaoji, founder and CEO of HeartVoice, summarized the company’s future strategy in three words: inSide, onAir, and forSociety.

inside-ECG acquisition chip

What do I need to do to add ECG function to smart hardware? Only a piece of ECG acquisition chip of a few millimeters is needed. Through the ECG acquisition chip, HeartVoice can provide a hardware “kernel” for one-click upgrade of ECG functions for various wearable devices and smart hardware.

The ECG acquisition chip developed by HeartVoice takes into account the professionalism of medical devices and the portability of wearable devices, and provides a variety of ECG acquisition and transmission solutions. In addition to its excellent size and filtering performance, the chip also has killer features-extremely low power consumption, as low as 10% or less of the currently widely used solutions by manufacturers, which provides protection for the battery life of wearable devices.

In recent years, the shipments of the wearable devices and the total market volume have increased year by year, and the functions also need to be continuously enriched and improved. HeartVoice provides an integrated solution for ECG empowerment in an open and ecological manner, reducing the upgrade costs of various demanding manufacturers, shortening its research and development cycle, and forming a win-win cooperation model.

onAir——AI ECG analysis cloud service

HeartVoice’s AI ECG analysis cloud service, based on the deep neural network’s Cardio-Learn® artificial intelligence algorithm, has been trained through millions of cases of clinical ECG data in the top three hospitals, and has supported the analysis and judgment of 43 types of ECG abnormalities, covering 97.5% The conclusion of clinical ECG diagnosis is over 95%. Customers only need to call the cloud service to get an ECG analysis report for clinical decision-making within two seconds.

Whether it is the multi-lead ECG analysis of a professional electrocardiograph in a hospital electrocardiology department, or the single-lead ECG detection of wearable devices such as household portable electrocardiographs, smart watches, and smart bracelets, and the long-range ECG and AI heart collected by Holter E-analysis cloud services can give fast and accurate analysis results.

At present, HeartVoice has provided “core”/”cloud”/”core+cloud” heart health solutions to dozens of customers. The customers cover the top three hospitals, primary medical care, medical examination centers, wearable device vendors, smart home manufacturers and other fields.

Moreover, HeartVoice is also exploring innovation with partners in various industries, trying to connect “core + cloud” in various commonly used devices, so that heart health management can be integrated into life scenarios within reach. For example, adding patch-shaped ECG hardware to the car steering wheel can directly obtain the driver’s heart health status during driving and ensure driving safety; adding a wrist-rest-shaped ECG hardware to the bottom of the keyboard can monitor the work of office workers in real time At the time, especially the heart health level under high-intensity working conditions; integrating the electrocardiogram patch on the mobile phone case can make the daily measurement and abnormal state capture of the electrocardiogram more convenient and fast.

Society-Big Data for Heart Health

As the longest link in the strategy, HeartVoice looks at the social value brought by the final “data”. In June 2016, the General Office of the State Council issued the “Guiding Opinions on Promoting and Regulating the Development of Health and Medical Big Data Applications” to incorporate the development of health and medical big data applications into the national big data strategic layout. As an indispensable part of heart health data, in addition to the overall layout of the “national team”, it also requires the active participation of social forces and market behavior.

As a medical technology company serving heart health, HeartVoice hopes that through the application of artificial intelligence in the field of electrocardiography, especially data services for primary diagnosis and treatment, heart health data mining and analysis will be fully carried out to form a big data resource pool, and then for the country, Provide heart health data support to the society, and serve the cause of the construction of national health big data.

HeartVoice is cooperating with the top three hospitals to carry out the research and application of “a collaborative platform for the diagnosis and treatment of heart diseases based on artificial intelligence electrocardiographic monitoring technology” in order to achieve accurate monitoring of the heart health status of residents and timely detection and accuracy of heart diseases of different critical degrees Triage and explore innovative health management and medical service models for heart disease. It is expected that with the help of artificial intelligence and big data technology, the scarce heart disease medical resources will be used efficiently to improve the level of heart health management, reduce social medical expenses, and take care of human heart health.

Relying on the core technology of “Core + Cloud”, HeartVoice also launched a smart hardware for home use-portable AI electrocardiograph, a piece of gum-sized device, which can make judgment and analysis for 18 types of arrhythmia diseases and achieve ECG home Acquisition and automatic analysis. The cardiovascular disease plan issued by the World Health Organization shows that 80% of premature heart attacks can be prevented, and ECG examination in family settings is undoubtedly an important means of early prevention. The HeartVoice portable AI electrocardiograph is easy to operate, and the elderly can also easily use it. It can be popularized in family scenes like sphygmomanometers and thermometers. It can measure ECG anytime and anywhere, and find abnormal heart conditions in time. The intelligent hardware won the double-material international design award in the Red Dot Award and the G-Mark Award in 2019.

In the future, HeartVoice will expand the market in an all-round way, establish national partners and sales channels, and connect universal, standard, and open AI ECG analysis hardware products and software services to hospitals, medical examination institutions, retirement institutions, and wearable devices. , Intelligent hardware and other service scenarios of various partners in need, make AI ECG analysis into a handy technical infrastructure, and use AI to care for human heart health.


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