Having Been Deeply Cultivated in the Mental Health Industry for More Than 20 Years, Why is this Company Favored in the Era of Big Data?


The public is no stranger to mental health services these days. Whether in daily discussions or on public social platforms, more and more people mention topics related to mental health. On one hand, the number of mentally sub-healthy people in China continues to increase, on the other hand, the government has frequently issued psychological-related policies in recent years, expressing its emphasis on mental health, which has also promoted the public’s awareness of mental health services.

Although the current mental health industry is driven by demand, policies, and capital, if goes back to 1998, the domestic mental health industry was still in a very early stage. The 6noble was established under this background with guidance of Professor Gong Yaoxian on the research and development of the first-generation scale content. Through several years, the product was carried out and now focuses on psychological services to B end. Up to now, 6noble has served about 3,000 customers, reached 9,134 organizations, and covered 6.3 million users. At the same time, with the rapid development of technology, 6noble has developed into an internet-based mental health big data service enterprise. In this process, in order to further integrate resources, strengthen data application, and promote the development of the psychological industry, 6noblexc was established in 2020 and is committed to using artificial intelligence to empower new psychological needs, mining the complex and diverse psychological signals of users, building holographic psychological portraits of institutions and individuals, and improving the efficiency and employees’ psychological health and growth.

Explore the early period of mental health market and focus on the B end

In the view of the 6noblexc team, if any discipline or industry wants to achieve industrialization and large-scale development in the early stage of development, it should first focus on the B-end, because whether it is for the government or the enterprise, the ultimate benefit is to the employees, and from the perspective of business promotion, focusing on the B-end also has its own unique advantages. Firstly, the cost is low. Compared with the high cost to reach C-end customers one by one, entering from B-end is more precise and can reduce the cost of customer acquisition. Secondly, it helps to accurately obtain user portraits. In fact, it is difficult to obtain user data directly, quickly and accurately from the C-end, while the B-end itself has strong organizational capabilities, which not only greatly improves the speed of user information acquisition, but also guarantees the authenticity of the information obtained.

Till now, with its deep cultivation over the years and the accumulation of experience derived from providing psychological professional services for major domestic events, government agencies and many enterprises and institutions, 6noblexc has won a large number of recognitions from customers and professional organizations in the industry.

Big data empowerment to create a one-stop overall service system

Although 6noblexc has always focused on the B-end since its establishment, the ultimate service application and beneficiary are still the C-end. Thus, the company has built two different service systems for the B-end and the C-end respectively.

The first is for the B-end which is not only to improve the psychological state of employees, but also to encourage employees to strengthen mental health management, from passive problem discovery and problem solving to active problem prevention, so that mental health management becomes normalized and then everyone can focus on their own well-being. 6noblexc is committed to providing enterprises with a digital mental health management platform. With the help of big data, cloud computing, AI and other technologies, the digital mental health management platform can help enterprises understand the current mental health status of employees and the overall status of the enterprise. Through early warning, it can help companies locate, pay attention and track the mental health status of employees in a timely manner.

On the other hand, the model construction of corresponding groups can help enterprises to tap more potential and related reasons, help enterprises to understand the ecological environment of enterprises and employees more comprehensively and also allow 6noblexc  to have data support in order to provide enterprises with more accurate service plans. During the service process, for the inconsistent needs of different customers, 6noblexc analyzes the most core and bottom-level demands of B-end customers in various industries and fields by sorting out the data information accumulated during the operation of the platform, and integrates them into the service system. Then, 6noblexc can automatically form the best service plan according to the needs of the enterprise and fully meet the individual needs of customers on the basis of dynamic standardization.

Secondly, for the C-end, 6noblexc can directly provide users with full-process, one-stop mental health services and products covering the entire service cycle from problem prevention, problem discovery to problem solving. In terms of service content, based on the data precipitation over the years, the services and products can achieve better localization and are closer to user needs.

At the same time, in order to continue deepening the integration of psychology and Chinese social culture, 6noblexc established the Oriental Psychology Center in 2019 to explore psychological content with oriental characteristics, thereby promoting more localized high-quality services to public.

Guided by a team of experts, explore more possibilities for psychological services

Based on the data information accumulated by a large number of services, 6noblexc has integrated the technical models of artificial intelligence, deep learning and cloud computing, and finally formed a unique underlying data architecture. Corresponding to this system is the multidisciplinary integration team which fully guarantees that the product service is customer-centric in all links from concept to research and development to implementation, in order to provide customers with better mental health services.

For a long time, 6noblexc has been committed to using artificial intelligence to empower the long-term development of the mental health industry. Nearly 100 industry experts and professors from Beijing Normal University, Tsinghua University, ICT, etc escorted 6noblexc’s concept and product innovation and research and development.

Under the current trend of continuous deepening of big data empowerment, 6noblexc also has a clear plan for future enterprise development. First is to continue to focus on the B-end, vigorously expand the government and enterprise organizations while trying “cross-industry” services. Second is to realize the value of closed-loop data based on the scene, strengthen the optimization of AI, big data and other technical applications and the research and development of innovative products, so that the products can further cover more B-end customers, and at the same time, gradually turn to serve the C-end.

To this end, 6noblexc will continue to make efforts in team development in the future, bringing together multidisciplinary professionals to upgrade team building to support innovation of products. In addition, the injection of capital power is also an important demand of enterprises at present, which can not only vigorously promote the rapid implementation of various strategies, but also accelerate the improvement of services and the integration of resources.


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