Germountx: Independently Developed 16S-FAST Flora Detection Technology to Create IVD Precision Nutrition Medicine


Food has always been an important link for humans to maintain a healthy life. How can we eat right and healthy? This is a topic that has drawn more and more attention along with the historical trend of consumption upgrade. People’s increasing attention to diet health means that there is a huge market behind it-the medical nutrition market.

After exiting from the board of directors of Jiabao Renhe, Feng Tao has been seeking out new industry outbreaks. Feng Tao is an expert in the field of reproductive genetics. He graduated from the Department of Biology of Peking University with a bachelor’s degree and holds an MBA degree from Peking University National Development Institute. As the first batch of practitioners in the domestic gene sequencing and bioinformatics industry, Feng Tao has 16 years of knowledge deposition and scientific understanding in the field of genome sequencing.

After the genetics and oncology market, what kind of vent will NGS usher in? This is a question that Feng Tao has been thinking about for many years. With years of experience in the industry, he judges that one of the outlets of the precision medical market is in the field of microbiology and the other is in the field of immunity. Spontaneous learning of a large amount of relevant knowledge, coupled with the help of Dr. Wang Ye, a colleague from the university, a food expert from COFCO, Feng Tao headed into the field of entrepreneurship in the field of microbiology. “The field of intestinal flora is the next outlet of precision medicine after genetic testing. This historic leap is like the Internet era moving towards the mobile Internet era.” Feng Tao said.

After deciding to enter the field of microbiology, Feng Tao visited many domestic medical nutrition companies, participated in special medical food related industry conferences, and also participated in the annual meeting of the Diabetes Branch of the Chinese Medical Association. After the initial investigation, Feng Tao found that the medical nutrition market in China is still at a very early stage, while the medical nutrition market for chronic diseases is closer to zero.

Golden decade before old

“There is no brand of nutritional products in China. Everyone does not believe in nutritional products. Everyone does not believe in domestically produced nutritional products.” Feng Tao admits that the market is basically blank at the moment. Germountx. The development path of “accurate, later” means that the nutrition market is first established through clinical practice, and the precise nutrition based on intestinal flora detection is gradually grafted.

As we all know, “1000 days in early life” is the window of opportunity for growth and development, and Germountx. Wants to do is to establish a “golden 10 years before life” to position the window of opportunity for health management.

Health management usually focuses on three dimensions: eating, moving, and sleeping. Germountx. How to “Eat Right”? The company’s core R & D team is mainly divided into two parts: the food team manages “eating”, and the flora team manages “pair”. Based on the accurate nutrition of the intestinal flora detection, it provides users with personalized diet suggestions and functional intervention foods.

“It is important to analyze the intestinal flora, but to find and resolve the pain points that are clinically compatible, we can truly give the flora field a foothold.” Feng Tao admitted. Germountx.’S selected application area is the four high population groups, the first to enter the field of diabetes. The company focuses on the flora of the four populations of diabetes, pre-diabetes, gestational diabetes and polycystic ovary syndrome, and is committed to developing analogies NIPT is an explosion-grade detection application.

Accurately characterize 16S full-length bacteria to create IVD-level nutritional diagnosis

Germountx. Many current researches are based on the intestinal flora detection 16S-FASTTM technology. The principle is to use the Illumina platform to achieve single molecule sequencing, and to obtain the full length 16S by splicing after short fragment sequencing.

16S refers to 16S rDNA (or 16S rRNA). The 16S rRNA gene is a gene encoding the small subunit of the prokaryotic ribosome. It is about 1542bp in length and includes 9 variable regions and 10 conserved regions. The sequence of the conserved regions reflects the differences between species Phylogenetic relationships, and variable region sequences can reflect differences between species.

In most prokaryotes, rDNA has multiple copies, and 5S, 16S, and 23S rDNA copy numbers are the same. However, due to its large 16S rDNA content (about 80% of the bacterial RNA content) and its moderate molecular size (about 1.5Kb), it can reflect the differences between different bacterial genera and can easily obtain its sequence using sequencing technology. Therefore, it has become the most useful and commonly used molecular clock in the systematic classification of bacteria. It is known as the “bacterial fossil”.

16S sequencing refers to selecting one or several mutation regions of 16S rDNA, selecting universal primers for PCR amplification of environmental sample microorganisms, and then performing high-throughput sequencing on the PCR products, and comparing the obtained sequencing data with the existing 16S rDNA The database is compared and analyzed to study the types, abundances, differences, and phylogeny of microorganisms.

Germountx.’S 16S-FASTTM technology has the main advantages of being able to accurately characterize sample strains and good reproducibility, which lays the core technical foundation for clinical-level testing and can be widely used in early disease prediction and nutrition intervention assessment. On the other hand, it is expected to become the standard technology for bacterial flora detection in these fields.

For such a technology, the research and development behind it is naturally not easy. Feng Tao told Arterial Network reporter: “We have a lot of pits from the initial primer design, to the library construction in the middle, and to the biological information analysis later. The development of an IVD level detection technology is to consolidate every technical detail. In addition, 16S-FASTTM, as a standard-standard technology, requires a large amount of data verification, such as whether 5000 full-length or 10,000 full-length are suitable. Bacterial detection? This question needs to be answered, and the answer requires that each step has a basis. ”

In July 2019, the 16S-FAST technology development of Germountx. Was completed, the technology was finalized in September, and the first major upgrade was completed in December. Feng Tao also said that the company’s main energy in the early stage was still used in the development of 16S-FAST technology, and personalized diet data is gradually being established.

Cooperation with many medical and nutrition institutions such as COFCO

In September 2019, Germountx. Signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Wanbang Pharmaceutical to jointly promote the medical nutrition market for chronically ill patients; in November, successfully participated in the clinical research of multi-center pre-diabetes precision intervention led by the director of the 301 hospital; in December, and Shenzhen Unknownjun and COFCO Nutrition and Health Research Institute reached a strategic cooperation to jointly promote fecal bacteria matching and precision nutrition intervention; also in December, they also reached a strategic cooperation with Hangzhou Hailu Medical Professor Wang Xin’s team to jointly promote precision prebiotics / Clinical Application of Dietary Fiber.

Germountx.’S team is currently stationed at the COFCO Nutrition and Health Research Institute and has a unique geographical location. It is worth mentioning that the company’s cooperation with Wanbang Pharmaceutical has now entered the start of clinical observation and has formed sales among some pre-diabetic users.

“Looking at Abbott Instant Sense and standard food catering, we can already see the difference in glycemic difference between different people for the same food, and the repeatability of the same person’s glycemic response to the same food. It is predicted that through nearly a hundred tests, we can indeed get good results. “Feng Tao said,” We already have our own functional food sugar net. Through bacterial flora detection, we can clearly see patients with better bacterial flora. “Blood glucose control is more ideal.” Mentioning the company’s goals, Feng Tao said, “We hope to embark on a road of Chinese nutrition brands, and hope that through 5 years, 10 years, 20 years, everyone will think of nutrition, Just think of the peaks. “


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