Genebiohealth Completed the B+ Round of Strategic Financing of 15 Million USD, Aiming at Early Screening and Early Diagnosis of Cancer


Genebiohealth has recently completed the B+ round of strategic financing of 15 million US dollars, which was led by BOC &Utrust. The financing funds will be mainly used for the multi-line development of Genebiohealth’s business and the research and development of pipeline products under research and so on.

As a company dedicated to the early screening and early diagnosis of high-incidence cancer species in China, Genebiohealth’s Ruichangtai® miR-92a detection kit (fluorescence RT-PCR method) product, which was approved for marketing in 2018, has served millions of people. After the completion of this round of financing, it also plans to further increase the market promotion of the product. It is reported that Genebiohealth has completed the first prospective clinical trial of colorectal cancer screening in the general population of the real world in China.

The threshold of disease treatment is moving forward to early screening and early diagnosis. With the introduction of the “Healthy China 2030” and the introduction of subdivided cancer fields such as the “Colorectal Cancer Screening Products at Home and Abroad and Clinical Evaluation Requirements”, the development of China’s cancer early screening industry has become increasingly mature.

In terms of colorectal cancer alone, according to the “China Cancer Statistical Annual Report”, the incidence of colorectal cancer is still rising, and it has become the second most common malignant tumor in China, second only to lung cancer. Not specific, most of the colorectal cancer patients in China are in the middle and late stage when they are found, the prognosis is poor, and the mortality rate is also rising. In addition, the incidence of colorectal cancer is also showing a younger trend.

Due to the clear course of colorectal cancer, the precancerous development process of colorectal cancer can range from three to several years, which also provides “space” for early screening and clinical intervention of the disease. Therefore, it is very important to have a product that can screen out cancer in patients with colorectal cancer who have advanced precancerous lesions.

Previously, the FDA has also approved Cologuard detection products. However, it has problems such as complex detection experiments, high experimental failure rate, high cost, low detection rate of adenomas, and inapplicability to Asian populations (the Asian population has a low KRAS mutation rate).

The most cutting-edge RNA-based biotechnology in biotechnology medical transformation is not only used in tumor treatment, immune disease treatment, genetic disease treatment, etc., but also plays its role in the field of early tumor screening. After comprehensive analysis of various detection targets such as gene methylation, mRNA, and microRNA, and different detection samples such as blood and stool samples, miRNA-92a is stable in vitro due to its stable existence and repeated detection. The characteristics of good performance, detection sensitivity and colorectal cancer specificity make it a good candidate target. In the end, the Genebiohealth team and the team of Professor Yu Jun of the Chinese University of Hong Kong developed the Ruichangtai® miR-92a detection kit product.

This colorectal cancer diagnostic product has obtained China NMPA and EU CE certification, and six domestic and foreign invention patents. The product technology won the second prize of the National Natural Science Award. At present, Genebiohealth is also carrying out clinical research, product registration and marketing activities on various continents. It is understood that in China’s first prospective clinical trial of colorectal cancer screening for the general population in the real world that Genebiohealth has completed of Ruichangtai® miR-92a detection kit (fluorescent RT-PCR method), the positive predictive value of screening for colorectal cancer, advanced adenoma with polyps (collectively referred to as intestinal tumors) is as high as 80.45%, and the screening sensitivity for colorectal cancer and advanced adenoma is as high as 94.74% and 68.33%, respectively, showing its excellent potential as a high-performance early screening product for colorectal cancer.

Genebiohealth has submitted a change application to the National Medical Device Technology Evaluation Center regarding the applicable population and intended use of the product. Ruichangtai® miR-92a detection kit (fluorescent RT-PCR method) is expected to be upgraded to the first product in the industry which can grade precancerous lesions, have precise capture for the general population.

Behind the product development and technical layout, the contribution of the core team is inseparable. Dr. Yu Haoyang, the founder and general manager of Genebiohealth, is a graduate student. After obtaining a doctorate in biomedicine from Hannover University in Germany, he worked in Max Planck Society Gene Bridge Biotechnology Co., Ltd. and Bayer Pharmaceuticals AG in Germany. He has many years of R&D work experience and project management experience in the world’s top 500 pharmaceutical companies. In addition, as a member of the German Association of Gastrointestinal and Substance Metabolism Diseases, Dr. Yu Haoyang has also made outstanding contributions to the research on cell membrane proteins and ion pathways of the digestive system, and has published many SCI articles.

After Dr. Yu Haoyang returned to China in 2011, In 2013, Genebiohealth was established. Through cooperation with the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Genebiohealth took the lead in developing an RNA-based biotechnology-based colorectal cancer diagnostic product, Ruichangtai®.

In fact, in addition to the deployment of early screening products for colorectal cancer, Genebiohealth is also deploying early screening products for other cancers such as gastric cancer, pancreatic cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer and bladder cancer. At present, it has built a relatively complete product development pipeline. Its IVD reagent product pipeline includes three types of medical device products for early screening and early diagnosis of gastric cancer, pancreatic cancer, nasopharyngeal cancer and breast cancer. PCReady® automatic sample processing system has formed product systems including CAPReady® cup processing system, NucleoTidy® automatic nucleic acid extraction instrument and other product systems, aiming to realize a series of laboratory products for clinical molecular testing automation in gradient configuration; its equipment is in the pipeline at the same time including all-in-one, high-throughput droplet digital PCR instruments, etc.

Dr. Yu Haoyang, founder and CEO of Genebiohealth, said: “Since the establishment of the company, it has always adhered to the original intention and vision of ‘to develop an affordable early tumor screening product for Chinese people’. We are not only committed to the development of medical products, and at the same time, innovation and development have been carried out in consumer medical care and services. The basis for the success of this financing is the core technology of Genebiohealth with independent intellectual property rights and the support of the Genebiohealth’s biological team from various capital institutions. Certainly, it also contributes to our long-term development strategy.”


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