From Cardiovascular to Human Body, Shukun Is Constantly Exploring The Value of Medical AI


On August 31, 2020, Shukun announced the completion of a 200 million yuan financing. This round of financing was led by Qiming Venture Capital and jointly invested by Zhongke Chuangda, Langmafeng Venture Capital and SPD Silicon Valley Bank. This round of financing will be used to quickly advance the comprehensive coverage of Shukun in the AI ​​medical imaging market, and accelerate the maturation and commercialization of more world-leading AI medical products.

It is worth noting that only two months have passed since Shukun’s last round of financing of 200 million yuan. In 2020, when capital is becoming more and more cautious, Shukun can quickly win a total of 400 million yuan in chips in a short period of time, and has set a record for this year’s global medical imaging AI financing, which is enough to reflect the fact that Shukun AI technology and commercial promotion are difficult for others to match. The hard power also highlights that capital is looking forward to the commercial prospects of Shukun AI-enabled healthcare.

Set a global AI medical imaging financing record in 2020

According to data from the Arterial Orange database, as of August 24, 2020, a total of 130 medical artificial intelligence financings have occurred worldwide, with a total of 19 imaging AI-related investment events, 10 overseas, and 9 domestic, with a total amount of 1.56 billion yuan. Shukun alone, this year’s financing amount has exceeded 1/4 of the total financing amount of global imaging AI.

The employer’s affirmation is not groundless. Mr. Zhao Hongfei, Chairman of Zhongke Chuangda, said: “AI+ Medical is one of the most exciting and anticipated industry directions in the intelligent era. Shukun’s pursuit of technological excellence makes their products great for both doctors and patients. Improved diagnostic efficiency. We believe that in the next step, AI medical will provide technology-driven medical care to the public. Shukun will continue to lead the development of the industry as the head AI medical product company. Zhongke Chuangda will jointly promote AI and Shukun The integration of the medical industry is doing everything we can to benefit mankind in this great era of intelligence.”

Ao Zhang, Executive Director of Qiming Ventures, said: “Qiming Ventures has long focused on digital healthcare, especially medical artificial intelligence, which is playing an increasingly important role in improving the capabilities of the medical system, reducing medical costs, and helping doctors improve the efficiency and level of diagnosis and treatment. After the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, medical artificial intelligence pioneers represented by Shukun responded quickly and made outstanding contributions to the fight against the epidemic. Shukun is a mature and industry-leading startup. We believe Shukun will achieve The dream of “digital human body” benefits China and the world.”

In addition, Shukun also has a top-notch medical engineering team, excellent innovative thinking, and super R&D capabilities. It continues to use the world’s leading AI products to quickly meet the urgent needs of doctors. This is also an important reason why it leads the development of the industry and continues to be favored by capital.

Multiple products promote the rapid implementation of new smart medical infrastructure

This year, the country proposed a new infrastructure policy. AI medical care, benefiting the country, benefiting medicine, and benefiting the people is an important part of the new infrastructure. The country is bound to invest more resources to promote the upgrading of medical technology.

Shukun uses artificial intelligence technology to empower medical care, and related products for the three major diseases of heart disease, stroke and tumor can help the country realize the rapid implementation of the new infrastructure of smart medical care.

In December 2018, Shukun launched the world’s first artificial intelligence-assisted diagnosis product for coronary heart disease, benefiting 290 million domestic cardiovascular patients and covering the cardiovascular disease market of billions of people worldwide.

Subsequently, Shukun launched the “digital heart” product family, including coronary CTA image structured report, functional evaluation product CT-FFR, pericoronary fat FAI evaluation system, calcification score intelligent report, aortic dissection surgery planning, virtual stent , Postoperative evaluation, etc., completed the intelligentization of the whole path of cardiovascular diagnosis and treatment. Among the top 30 hospitals in the cardiovascular hospital of Fudan University, 29 hospitals have developed clinical cooperation with Shukun in the cardiovascular field. Across the country, more than 300 hospitals use Shukun’s “Digital Heart” products with high viscosity every day. Shukun has also joined hands with the hospital to jointly undertake more than 20 scientific research projects such as the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Local Science and Technology Commission, and the National Natural Science Foundation. In November 2019, Shukun’s products were approved by the State Food and Drug Administration for innovative medical devices, becoming the first cardiac AI medical imaging-assisted diagnosis and treatment product to enter the green approval channel for AI three types of certificates.

In July 2020, Shukun made the world’s first “Digital Brain” product family. Stroke is one of the main causes of death among Chinese residents. At least one out of every five deaths is caused by a stroke. China has the highest lifetime risk of stroke and the heaviest burden of disease. “Digital Brain” covers all the scenes of the stroke imaging unit, can accurately locate the lesion, provide complete imaging-assisted diagnosis including hemorrhage, ischemia, aneurysm, and CTP related parameters, exponentially shorten the emergency time, and provide efficient treatment for stroke patients Tool of. Currently, “Digital Brain” products have been clinically verified in more than 100 hospitals across the country.

In the field of lung cancer, where the incidence of cancer is the highest, adhering to its consistent original and differentiated product concept, Shukun’s lung nodules artificial intelligence products have also created a differentiated path. Combining the advantages of the heart, through a chest CT scan, Shukun’s “digital chest” product not only sweeps the lung nodules, but also provides assessment of heart function, and evaluates the non-gated calcification score on the LDCT scan image. The assessment of COPD lung function also realizes the “structure + function” comprehensive chest imaging intelligent auxiliary diagnosis.

Mr. Jiancong Xiao, the founding partner of Langmafeng Ventures, said: “Shukun has entered the large market, high growth, and high barriers of cardio-cerebrovascular AI imaging. The core product technology is world-leading, the company’s team is industry-leading, focused, and super execution. Established. In just a few years, we can quickly launch clinically-needed products based on clinical needs, and quickly cooperate with hundreds of head hospitals. After the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, the company has shown a strong sense of social responsibility. I believe that the company will empower society through technology and promote China’s higher Quality medical services.”

Ao Yuxiang, Executive Director of SPD Silicon Valley Bank and General Manager of Corporate Client Department, said: “In recent years, the application of AI in the medical field has been active in the global market. We see that Shukun is different from most entrepreneurs in this segment. The company chose the cardio-cerebrovascular field with a high technical threshold and quickly made outstanding progress in the registration and commercialization of medical devices. I sincerely hope that Shukun will continue its technological innovation journey, maintain its leading position, and truly help patients , Empowering doctors and significantly improving the efficiency of medical imaging diagnosis.”

Continue to create multiple medical AI growth poles

The vertical depth has established Shukun’s leading position in the industry, while the horizontal expansion has turned its ideal blueprint into reality.
With the liberalization of the purchase of tertiary medical equipment, more and more medical institutions are qualified to purchase higher-end medical equipment. The procurement of CT equipment by hospitals has increased significantly, and the market size of the CT inspection industry will be at a compound annual rate of 6.2%. Continued growth. Shukun AI effectively empowers CT and MR equipment, the efficiency of tertiary hospitals, the quality of secondary hospitals, and the market growth trend is clear.

The application of AI technology based on computer vision is not limited to the imaging department. Through the integration of multiple technologies, AI can penetrate into information departments, clinical departments and many other scenarios, and through intelligence, comprehensively reshape monitoring, prevention, and consultation , Treatment, medication, rehabilitation and other diagnosis and treatment and health management links.

Medical artificial intelligence construction is included in the key construction category of new infrastructure, and the construction of China’s proactive preventive public health prevention and control system is imminent. Shukun’s AI+cloud technology solution has cooperated with the Health Commission to serve the grassroots level and amplify the data analysis capabilities of artificial intelligence through the cloud. Covering new coronary pneumonia, as well as the three major diseases of heart disease, stroke, and lung cancer with the highest incidence in the region, Shukun AI+ Cloud can perform accurate early screening, judge the severity of the disease, intelligently triage, and optimize doctors’ decision-making. In the clinical field, Shukun is helping doctors complete surgical planning, compare lesions in real time, and provide clinicians with rich and detailed decision-making information.

The expansion of the accessible market is undoubtedly one of the important reasons for Shukun to obtain financing. With the entry of new capital, Shukun will continue to deepen the heart artificial intelligence, and on this basis, extensively explore the needs of the department and find new growth poles for AI.

With the deep accumulation of tens of thousands of cases every day, the rapid coverage of many districts and counties every month, and the intelligence of millions of patients every year, Shukun is constantly going overseas and becoming the brightest rising star of global medical AI.


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