Focusing on Clinical Trial Information System, Clinflash Received Tens of Millions of RMB A Round of Financing from Qiming Venture Capital


Clinical trial information system supplier Jiaxing Clinflash Computer Technology Co., Ltd. completed a Series A financing of tens of millions of yuan in early 2020. This round is exclusively invested by Qiming Venture Capital, which fully supports the development of ClinflashClinflash series clinical trial systems, team optimization and market expansion.

Clinflash was established in 2014 and was approved as a national high-tech enterprise in 2018. Since its creation, Clinflash has developed the Clinflash series of clinical trial systems, including the Clinflash EDC electronic data acquisition system, the Clinflash IRT randomization and supply management system, and the Clinflash Safety pharmacovigilance system. This series of systems has been widely used in domestic and foreign large-scale registration and post-marketing clinical research. Its service targets include well-known pharmaceutical research and development enterprises at home and abroad, covering innovative drugs, generic drugs, medical devices, in vitro diagnostics and other fields.

Thanks to a team of senior clinical trial experts, solid technical accumulation and perfect quality control system, Clinflash series systems have gained a good reputation in the industry and are trusted by users. So far, it has cooperated with more than 300 leading domestic and foreign pharmaceutical companies and CROs to provide systems and services for more than 600 clinical research projects.

In the field of innovative drugs, many Phase III clinical studies using Clinflash EDC and Clinflash IRT systems have been successfully concluded, and a number of products have been successfully declared for NDA and successfully marketed. Clinflash Safety is also currently used by well-known pharmaceutical and device companies at home and abroad. The system meets the E2B R3 standard and is widely used in clinical trials and submission of individual safety reports and signal monitoring after listing.

“The development of clinical trials in China and around the world requires the support of high-quality, integrated mobile technology, and continuous development of information systems. Clinflash has a solid team of experts and technology, and through in-depth requirements for clinical trials at all stages, Insight, developed a series of high-quality clinical research systems, and will continue to focus on customer needs and product quality improvement. We are very glad to have the opportunity to invest in Clinflash, and we will work with them to promote the Clinflash system to the Asia-Pacific and international markets in the future. . ”

Guan Weihua, general manager of Clinflash, said: “After the Series A financing, it will rapidly expand its market business and cover more leading domestic and foreign pharmaceutical R & D companies and CRO companies. Clinflash will also increase system research and development, operation and maintenance support, and hardware. The large investment will continue to improve system quality and customer service to help pharmaceutical companies improve research and development efficiency and effectiveness. At the same time, the system and technology layout will be further expanded. The Clinflash CTMS clinical research management system is expected to be launched in 2020, and advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence will also be available. Introduce existing systems. ”

About Clinflash
As an industry leader in information technology solutions for clinical research in China, Clinflash Medical Technology was established in 2014 and is headquartered in Shanghai. It has strong clinical trial experts and IT R & D support teams, and has offices in Jiaxing and Hangzhou. Clinflash has Clinflash series clinical trial information system, including Clinflash EDC electronic data acquisition system, Clinflash IRT randomization and supply management system, and Clinflash Safety pharmacovigilance system. Clinflash also has multiple core technologies and exclusive patents, and was identified as a national high-tech enterprise in 2018. So far, it has cooperated with more than 300 leading domestic and foreign pharmaceutical companies and CROs to provide systems and services for more than 600 clinical research projects, trusted by customers.

About Qiming Venture Capital
Qiming Venture Capital was established in 2006 and has offices in Shanghai, Beijing, Suzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Seattle, Boston and San Francisco Bay Area. Qiming Venture Capital manages seven USD funds and five RMB funds, with total assets under management of more than USD 4 billion. Since its establishment, it has focused on investing in outstanding companies in the early and growing stages of industries such as TMT and Healthcare. To date, Qiming Venture Capital has invested in more than 320 companies, of which more than 110 have been listed on the New York Stock Exchange, Nasdaq, Hong Kong Stock Exchange, Taiwan Buying Center, Shanghai Stock Exchange and Shenzhen Stock Exchange, etc., and Mergers and other exits, nearly 30 companies have become industry-recognized unicorns and super unicorn companies.


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