Engoo is Aiming at the Model of “Technology + Service” Pension Combination


From contact retirement to focus on smart retirement, the Engoo team has gone through ten years.

Eng Fa, co-founder and general manager, Mr. Yu Fa, took the time back to 2006, when the entire core team was still in the Chinese Academy of Sciences, conducting basic research and application of the Internet of Things (also called sensor network at that time). During the period, a number of national and provincial key IoT projects were completed: Shanghai World Expo Intelligent Security, Pudong International Airport Electronic Perimeter, Taihu Water Quality Monitoring, etc., involving application scenarios in various industries including security, transportation, environmental protection, tourism, and power.

“We have been implementing IoT technology in all walks of life, and we have obtained the satisfaction of constantly challenging ourselves at the technical level. However, our understanding of the industry itself is not deep enough. The first contact with the elderly care industry was implemented for a large central enterprise group. At that time, the health management project for retired employees felt that this field was very meaningful and very loving. “Yu Fa went on to say:” Later, we implemented a residential pension and health management project for a pension real estate developer. After that, the team The direction was finally determined. ” Yu Fa laughed: “Counting it out, we have gone 10 years from contacting smart pensions to focusing on smart pensions.”

At the end of 2011, the team selected the industry direction of smart pension and formally established Shanghai Engoo Information Technology Co., Ltd. The core founding team has gradually jumped out of the system of the Academy of Sciences and devoted all its energy to the pension industry.

Based on the architecture standard of the six-domain model, establish a closed-loop of smart elderly operation service

Yu Fa, who is from scientific research, is proud of the technical innovation of smart pension: the team first participated in the development of the six-domain model architecture standard for the Internet of Things in China, and applied the six-domain model to the smart pension industry to establish a closed-loop operation service for smart pension.

In this closed loop, Engoo links the government, institutions, the elderly and other subjects, as well as terminal hardware equipment, third-party service providers. Through this platform, the government can understand the dynamics of pension enterprises, the flow of funds, and the elderly’s data and information in real time through an intuitive data scale. The elderly service companies in the platform can further understand the health status of the elderly, understand the operating data of the organization, and standardize the operation management. The elderly and their families can view the complete health records at any time and seek services with one click.

The platform also independently developed a series of “Xiaomian 袄” series of intelligent terminal products based on three scenarios of community, home, and on-site service for monitoring, tracking, and calling for help in different scenarios. It is understood that these devices are seamlessly integrated into the Engoo platform system, but Yu Fa told reporters that “the sale of hardware products is not our goal. What we want is to use the platform and systemized solutions to help the industry to upgrade and upgrade. Benign development. ”

“Technology + Services” Make a Good Combination of Seniors

During the development process, the market put forward further requirements to Engoo. “Once our platform architecture was set up, it was really no big deal, and it was also affirmed by customers. But after in-depth communication, we found that customers want more than just a separate software system. It doesn’t want to ‘build nothing.’ You need to have operations, offline, and one-stop services. “Yu Fa said.

The Engoo team adjusted in a timely manner. In 2015, it began to deploy offline service centers. Through offline physical services, it formed an online + offline integrated service pattern.

In terms of offline services, Yu Fa said that there are currently three main forms, one is the community service center and other entities, which radiate the surrounding groups to provide elderly care services for them. It is understood that Engoo currently builds and operates multiple offline service center facility entities, and various types of elderly care facilities, intelligent equipment and services are built into the service center.

The second form is to integrate service providers through the platform to provide services to specific groups. For example, at present, Engoo provides “six assistance” services for the elderly in some cities, and the government eventually pays for the total number of services.

The third form is to cover a larger area and a larger number of people with a lower overall cost through mobile service vehicles. Yu Fa told reporters that at present, old-age care in rural areas is a serious headache for the government. This part of the population is scattered, and the use of service vehicles has greatly improved the coverage of services. According to the service plan, such as running a village every day, reincarnation once a month or two, providing basic services such as health management and policy announcements for the elderly, and continuously expanding other services based on the service car platform.

In terms of specific payment, some are purchased by the government to provide undercare services for the elderly in the community; the other part is purchased by the elderly and their families directly on the platform.

Under this model, the government not only solves the urgent problem of old-age care for the elderly through purchasing platforms and services, but also dynamically monitors the service and safety of old-age care institutions.

At present, Engoo has formed a “combined boxing” business in four major sections: the construction and operation of a smart pension platform, a smart detection system for civil affairs systems, offline services for the elderly, and a retirement think tank. Its full line of products and services have undergone strict market inspection, and under the comprehensive review of relevant experts from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Civil Affairs and the Health and Health Commission, the products and services have been selected as the first batch of “Smart and Health Care Products and Services Promotion” table of Contents”.

Create a smart pension standard system

Engoo, as an enterprise created by the Chinese Academy of Sciences team, has been promoting the construction of the smart pension industry chain with the values ​​of open sharing. Yu Fa said, “We hope to work with the government and upstream and downstream partners to jointly build a smart pension standard system. In the process of building a smart pension, we hope that this system can help everyone move towards standardization, further integrate pension resources, and improve wisdom. Quality and efficiency of aged care services. ”

So far, the Engoo team has led and participated in more than 20 national standards and provincial and municipal group standards for smart pensions, and many of them have filled China’s gaps in related fields.

“From the jerky out of the laboratory to the current well-known companies in the industry, Engoo has achieved great results through continuous efforts.” Yu Fa showed reporters certificates: high-tech enterprises, double-soft enterprises, “specialized special New “enterprises, AAAA certified enterprises for pension services, the first batch of smart pension demonstration enterprises in the country by the three national ministries and commissions, and the only smart and healthy pension selected enterprises of the” 2018 IoT Integrated Innovation and Fusion Application Project “of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

Ten years of sharpening swords, at the beginning of 2020, Engoo’s footprint has spread throughout the country. By continuously absorbing professionals from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and various socialized professionals, Engoo’s team has grown from 20 in the initial stage to nearly 300 currently.

“Enze Ruogu, with the world in mind; the unity of knowledge and action, the courage to open up”, this is the origin of the “Engoo” name, but also the company’s development. Next, Engoo hopes to continue to expand city-level business steadily and strive to work with local governments to promote the development of the pension industry.


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