Dr Mayson Completes $30 Million in Round C Financing


Dr Mayson, who is deeply involved in the field of medical artificial intelligence, announced that he has completed the C round of $30 million in financing, led by Qiming Ventures, which is well-known in the Chinese venture capital community, and WuXi PharmaTech Venture Capital Fund and Dr Mayson Capital.

It is reported that the early investors of Dr Mayson Technology are high-end capital that focuses on long-term value investment. The introduction of new investors is intended to bring more diversified resources and a broader perspective to the company.

Focus on creating an “AI-based medical quality control system”

“We are very excited to have the opportunity to invest in Dr Mayson Technology. We are always looking for investment opportunities to improve the quality of medical services through technology. Dr Mayson will support the latest clinical treatment knowledge, understanding and AI as the framework for technology development and transformation. Improve the quality and efficiency of medical services. The team with Zhang Qi as the core has a long-term commitment to this important mission, and we will support the team to gradually implement this mission as a reality,” said Hu Xubo, managing partner of Qiming Venture Partners.

Mr. Hu Zhengguo, Co-CEO of WuXi PharmaTech, said: “WuXingkang focuses on cutting-edge investment in science and technology and actively builds a healthy ecosystem of medical health innovation. Dr Mayson technology combined with excellent AI technology and medical diagnostic knowledge can effectively improve the health of medical services. Investing in Dr Mayson Technology will further expand WuXi PharmaTech’s ability to support medical innovation and accelerate the empowerment of doctors and hospitals to benefit patients.”

“The Zhang Qi team has developed a territory in the field of medical artificial intelligence in just a few years, and established a closed loop of products from medical behavior to medical quality management, providing clinicians and hospital administrators with effective and improved quality and safety. Tools. Innovation creates value and is the best practice for Dr Mayson Medical Group to empower traditional medical concepts with technology,” said Luo Ruzhen, CEO of Dr Mayson Medical Group and managing partner of Dr Mayson Capital.

Dr Mayson Capital, a vertical healthcare fund under the Gaochun Capital Group, is based on the extensive distribution of Gaochun Capital in the healthcare industry and Dr Mayson Medical Group, a multi-dimensional, three-dimensional investment in the healthcare ecosystem, designed to help More early and growing pharmaceutical companies have achieved rapid growth.

Utilizing the strength of technology to make up for the “experience medicine shortcomings” of traditional medical services, bringing more normative and security to the industry. When the company’s founder and CEO Zhang Qi talked about the original intention of entrepreneurship, he said: “Medical care is a highly specialized special industry. Safety and effectiveness are the permanent foothold of medical services. But in the actual clinical process, medical quality management and patients Security guarantees often lag behind, and traditional management methods can no longer meet the highly specialized disease diagnosis and treatment process. Through the combination of big data processing technology, natural language processing ability and computer-executable medical clinical logic, medical treatment can be effectively recognized. Quality defects caused by human error in the process.”

It is understood that the company focuses on building an “AI-based medical quality control system”. After completing the C-round financing, Dr Mayson Technology will continue to deepen product research and development, and add Dr. Mayson as the core medical AI product barrier.

Zhang Qi emphasized that the cornerstone of AI clinical application lies in the medical knowledge map. For this reason, the company has established a team of more than 30 full-time doctors, of which more than 10 are senior doctors from well-known hospitals such as Peking University Hospital and Zhejiang Run Run Shaw Hospital. They also build a more complete and professional knowledge base with the top specialists in the top three hospitals, and continue to iteratively update the Dr Mayson knowledge map to lay a “foundation” for the “superstructure” of AI applications, and realize the knowledge base from the whole department. , extended to high-level clinical decision support system (CDSS), single disease process quality control system, VTE intelligent control system, perioperative decision support system, medical record quality control system, specialist data set and other AI product systems, to build coverage coverage Closed loop of clinical quality management of the process.

Dozens of top three hospitals purchase Dr MaysonCDSS to support high-level review of electronic medical record application level

The Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS) is one of the earliest and most mature products of Dr Mayson Technology. With the country’s vigorous promotion of electronic medical record information construction and the increasing demand for massive data access and analysis by large hospitals, CDSS has become an indispensable functional module of information systems, and its advantage is to standard electronic clinical pathways and workflows. Integration, assist clinicians to make more personalized and effective diagnosis and treatment decisions according to the patient’s condition, and promote products to the outpatient, emergency, and ward applications of large hospitals.

“To match the characteristics of different medical treatments in large hospitals, we have developed the functions of satisfying different terminals of doctors, nurses and medical technicians, and comprehensively improved the clinical diagnosis rate and intelligence level.” Zhang Qi introduced CDSS as an important project for national electronic medical record grading evaluation. Dr Mayson CDSS has met the national high-level review requirements, and has helped more than 20 hospitals to pass the national electronic medical record application level evaluation level 6 / 5, interconnection standard maturity level 5 / 4, becoming an important pilot of smart hospital construction.

In its cooperation list, Shanghai Ruijin Hospital, Jiangsu Provincial People’s Hospital, Xuanwu Hospital of Capital Medical University, China-Japan Friendship Hospital, Qingdao University Affiliated Hospital, Henan Provincial People’s Hospital, Jilin University Sino-Japanese Friendship Hospital, Wuhan Asian Heart Hospital, etc. 60 A number of well-known hospitals are listed, which laid the dominant position of Dr MaysonAI in the industry.

AI matters control, creating a closed loop of medical process quality PDCA management

Any product development must be based on demand as the core, and the policy trend is the wind vane. In view of the current incomplete, discontinuous, non-standard, and ineffective improvement of medical quality management and evaluation, Dr Mayson introduced the single-disease process quality at the end of last year with reference to the National Health Care Committee’s specific (single) disease quality control requirements. The control management system uses AI to automatically judge the rationality and compliance of the diagnosis and treatment behavior, and monitor the clinical execution results in real time based on the objective quality indicators.

This is another value application of Dr MaysonAI in the medical field. Through AI automatic monitoring and intelligent reminder, it can greatly reduce artificial quality control and omission, and increase the compliance and standardization of clinical diagnosis and treatment.

At the same time, AI can objectively analyze, real-time analysis, and visualize the quality control effect. Compared with manual statistical control data, it can be divided into tens of minutes, and the machine operation is in the millisecond level, which helps to improve the traditional manual medical records. The lag and delay of spot checks saves manpower investment. By combining quality control results with performance appraisal, quality improvement can also be truly implemented.

This is the best era of AI, and the industry is flourishing and arguing. Zhang Qi emphasized that artificial intelligence is the hottest technology. Regardless of the present or the distant, the core of medical AI lies in the application. Only clinical application and feedback continue to converge, superimpose and change qualitatively, and finally can drive medical AI to the next “window”.


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