Dingruichuangzhi: The First Domestic Non-invasive Dynamic Respiratory Monitoring System Approved for Market Entry

Shot of a surgeon looking at a monitor in an operating room

Recently, the non-invasive dynamic respiratory monitor and disposable lung electrode sensor developed and produced by Dingruichuangzhi were approved for marketing by Henan Provincial Drug Administration. This non-invasive dynamic respiratory monitor is the first product in China that can provide accurate and continuous lung ventilation monitoring for non-tracheal intubated anesthesia patients, which can provide continuous Minute Ventilation (MV), Tidal Volume (TV), Respiratory Rate (RR), and Tidal Volume (TV) in real time for non-tracheal intubated anesthesia patients. Respiratory Rate (RR). There are no other competitive products of this kind in the domestic market.

Dr. Yang Weiping, founder and chairman of the company, said, “The non-invasive dynamic respiratory monitor can provide non-invasive, dynamic and continuous monitoring of the most direct indicator of respiratory function, which is the Minute Ventilation (MV), and is as easy to use as an electrocardiogram. monitoring. We are looking forward to the future expansion in the domestic market with the ultimate goal of having our respiratory monitoring system in every hospital bed equipped with ECG monitoring.

Compared with other conventional clinical vital signs monitoring indicators, the non-invasive dynamic respiratory monitor has the following advantages.

1. Rapid acquisition of monitoring data: the non-invasive dynamic respiratory monitor continuously monitors the patient’s minute ventilation through patented non-invasive monitoring technology, acquiring real-time monitoring data and thus providing objective data support for clinical diagnosis and decision-making.

2. High accuracy  Compared with the gold standard – spirometry, the accuracy of the non-invasive dynamic respiratory monitor for minute ventilation monitoring reaches 93% and for respiratory frequency monitoring reaches 98%.

3. High patient compliance: no need to implement tracheal intubation, disposable i.e. throw patch can reduce the risk of cross-infection, simpler and more convenient operation, easy to use in the clinic.

Dingruichuangzhi, founded in 2017, is a high-tech Sino-foreign joint venture with innovative technology and products as the fundamental driving force, with leading independent intellectual property rights in respiratory monitoring and anesthesia in China. The company is based in the Central Plains, with a domestic-oriented layout, and is committed to becoming a leading domestic medical device company in the field of respiratory and anesthesia through continuous independent innovation. The core team of the company is composed of senior American returnees and American technical experts with rich experience in product development and management, company operation and capital operation.

Dr. Weiping Yang, the company’s founder and chairman, has over 30 years of experience in the US-China industry and is a leading expert in the field of medical devices and clinical diagnostics, as well as a special professor at the Institute of Liver Diseases of Capital Medical University. Dr. Yang not only has a deep biomedical education background and R&D experience, but also has a successful entrepreneurial experience in several consecutive medical device companies after returning to China more than 10 years ago, making him a very rare entrepreneurial entrepreneur with a complex medical industry background.

Dr. Chunyuan Qiu, the company’s Chief Scientific Officer, is an international expert in the field of anesthesia and perioperative medicine (PSH), Chairman of the Medical Performance Improvement Committee at Kaiser Permanente’s Baldwin Park Medical Center in California, Professor of Anesthesiology at the University of California, Irvine Medical Center, and Past President of the American Medical Professors Association.

The approval of the non-invasive ambulatory respiratory monitoring system not only means that the product’s innovation and clinical application value are further recognized, but also means that this innovative technology will soon benefit domestic patients.


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