Dimed Completed Tens of Millions of Yuan Angel Round Financing, Focusing on Clinical Development of Organoid Technology


Recently, DiMed announced the completion of an angel round of tens of millions of yuan in financing. This round of financing was led by Kaifeng Venture Capital, leading the health follow-up investment. The funds raised will be mainly used for the construction of the DiMed organoid standardization system, product development and upgrade, business promotion and strategic layout of business services.

DiMed is committed to the development and application of organoid technology, focusing on the field of accurate tumor diagnosis and treatment, focusing on the clinical development and application of organoid technology, providing patients with new technologies and treatment plans for personalized diagnosis, and providing accurate and efficient new drug development companies , High-quality organoid service platform. Relying on a solid organoid technology platform, DiMed has optimized the establishment of a standard process and quality system for organoid culture that meets both clinical diagnosis and drug screening. It has carried out organoid-related clinical verification work with a number of top three hospitals.

Dr. Hua Guoqiang, the founder of DiMed, said: “The joining of Kaifeng Ventures and the Leading Health Fund will promote the efficient combination of capital and technology, and accelerate DiMed’s technological innovation and development in the field of organoids. In the past few years, we The Danwang team has been deeply plowing and focusing on the innovation of organoid technology. From the invention and innovation of organoid technology to the clinical verification test of organoids, it has built a diversified open system of production, education and research. It has cooperated with many domestic and international scientific research institutions, hospitals and Pharmaceutical companies have carried out extensive cooperation, which has laid a huge advantage for our basic research and clinical application in the field of organoids. At present, DiMed has successfully established organoids of multiple tissues and organs and tumor organoids of corresponding tissues, including bowel cancer , Gastric cancer, pancreatic cancer, lung cancer, bladder cancer, etc. This financing will speed up the establishment of Danwang tumor organoid clinical prospective verification test and organoid standardization system.”

Professor Hans Clevers, the founder of DiMed, said: “Since 2009, organoids have been used by more and more researchers and pharmaceutical companies in the research and development of precision medicine and drugs due to their own technical model advantages. DiMed is the leader in the field of organoids in China. Sheep, the founding team has nearly 10 years of organoid technology accumulation, and has deep attainments in organoid-based precision medicine and regenerative medicine, which is why I joined Danwang at the beginning. Development and clinical practice of organoid technology The application requires the participation and promotion of capital in the medical and health field, and the company itself must also have a rigorous scientific development concept, establish organoid standards and high-quality quality control. It is great to see the vigorous development of organoid technology in China, and China has Advantages for the rapid development of organoids, such as sample advantages and huge patient groups. We will accelerate the pace of research and development in terms of organoid culture technology standardization and clinical kit development, and use organoids for clinical patient disease diagnosis and treatment as soon as possible.”

Li Junqiang, founder and CEO of DiMed, said: “Thanks to Kaifeng and Leading Health for their recognition of Danwang’s organoid technology and development philosophy. DiMed is committed to the innovation and clinical application of organoid technology, and will uphold innovation to drive corporate development and continue to improve and optimize. Innovative capabilities to accelerate the clinical application of organoids. This round of financing funds will be used to accelerate the construction of organoid standardization system, the establishment of quality standards, the promotion of diversified business models, and the expansion of business channels to help DiMed build the best in China and even the world Organoid technology platform. The company will continue to deepen the field of organoids, continue to explore technological innovation and accumulation of application capabilities, and continue to contribute to the development of the global precision medicine industry.”

Dr. Huang Xin, managing partner of Kaifeng Ventures, said: “Organoids are the most concerned emerging life science technology in recent years, and their applications in the field of precision medicine have irreplaceable advantages. Whether in clinical applications or in the field of drug development , The organoid technology has great commercial potential. DiMed has a very clear and precise positioning and strategic development direction in the organoid field, and its values ​​are highly compatible with the investment philosophy of Kaifeng Venture Capital. We are optimistic about DiMed’s global vision and standardized construction Layout, accumulation of R&D technology and innovation of business model. DiMed has a professional and efficient team, and Hans Clevers, the originator of international organoid technology, is expected to take advantage of the strategic upgrade of healthy China and build a global leader in the field of organoids. Service platform to promote the development of precision medicine industry”.

Dr. Wu Jialu, Leading Health Management Partner, said: “The invention and application of organoid technology has made breakthroughs in tumor precision treatment and drug research and development. We have been the leader in the technological development of organoids and believe that organoid models will become medical health. The new favorite in the field. DiMed has a huge advantage in the original depth of organoid technology and clinical trials, and is the leader in the organoid field. As a partner of Danwang Angel Wheel, we are confident to accompany the enterprise and do a good job in the enterprise Helper, I wish Dan Wang will soon become a unicorn in the field of organoids.

About DiMed

DiMed Technology Shanghai Co., Ltd. is located in Shanghai Nanxiang Precision Medicine Industrial Park. It is committed to using leading organoid technology for clinical transformation, including disease diagnosis and treatment, new drug screening, tumor marker development and identification, and providing personalized Accurate treatment plan, while providing accurate, efficient and high-quality organoid models for new drug development. Danwang has the world’s leading organoid technology innovation platform, and has established an organoid culture system for normal tissues and tumor tissues of lung, pancreas, breast, stomach, intestine, liver, etc., and is a pioneer in the field of organoids.


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