Chic-Health, A Smart Medical Technology Platform Startup, Completed Tens of Millions of Yuan in Angel Round Financing

Digital stethoscope connected to a smartphone and icons: innovative medical diagnosis and technology concept

On February 23, Chic-Health announced the completion of tens of millions of yuan in angel round financing. This round of financing is exclusively invested by Jingwei China. The proceeds from this round of financing will support Chic-Health in accelerating the establishment of a full-process respiratory disease management platform and deepen the company’s leading position in the field of chronic respiratory diseases.

Chic-Health was established in April 2020 and is committed to building a leading platform in the field of chronic respiratory diseases, focusing on the development of a disease management system and digital diagnosis and treatment products. Chic-Health solves the core pain points of chronic respiratory disease diagnosis, treatment and management by empowering doctors and hospitals to serve patients.

It is worth mentioning that Chic-Health is also the first batch of enterprises to settle in Wuxi International Science Innovation Park. As of the end of December 2020, the cumulative revenue of Chic-Health, which was established only 8 months ago, has exceeded 10 million yuan.

At present, Chic-Health’s standardized management system for COPD has been implemented in Zhumadian City, Henan. More than 4,000 doctors have registered and used it, and the standardized management of COPD for 500,000 people has been achieved; Chic-Health’s COPD early screening The system has also covered more than 1,200 tertiary and secondary hospitals across the country, and completed more than 2 million COPD risk screenings, which greatly highlights the potential energy accumulated by Chic-Health’s pioneering force in the vertical field of chronic respiratory disease . In 2021, a number of Chic-Health’s digital therapy products are gradually entering the clinical and certification stage, which will further build its competitive barriers and head advantages in the vertical field of chronic respiratory diseases.

Jingwei China said: “Chic-Health is another early layout of Jingwei in the field of digital healthcare. Through extensive cooperation with top medical experts, leading pharmaceutical companies and medical institutions, the Chic-Health team has been working on respiratory diseases in less than a year. The field builds a clear business model, and develops clinically valuable digital diagnosis and treatment products based on accurate data accumulation. We look forward to the company’s growth as a leading company in this field.”

The 100 billion blue ocean market for chronic respiratory disease management

Respiratory diseases are easy to spread, difficult to detect, fast in progress, and difficult to control. They are the “severe disaster areas” of large-scale epidemics. At present, there are about 100 million chronic obstructive pulmonary patients in the country, about 45.7 million people with asthma over the age of 20, and more than 800,000 new lung cancers every year. Respiratory diseases have become one of the three chronic diseases on par with hypertension and diabetes. 1. Strengthening the construction of the prevention, control and treatment system of respiratory diseases has become the next strategic focus of the construction of the national public health system.

There are not only a large number of patients with chronic respiratory diseases, but also higher medical expenses. According to statistics, in COPD medical expenditures, the total treatment cost of a single patient accounts for 40% of the average family income, while COPD patients suffer from about 0.5 to 3.5 acute exacerbations each year, and the average hospitalization cost per person As much as 12,000 yuan, plus the cost of rehabilitation in the later stage, the market potential is huge, and the sales of chronic respiratory disease drugs alone exceed 10 billion.

Ms. Song Siyi, founder of Chic-Health, has worked in many internationally renowned pharmaceutical and medical device companies such as AstraZeneca, Roche Pharmaceuticals, Johnson & Johnson Medical, and has 15 years of experience in pharmaceutical and device product management, and is familiar with cardiovascular, diabetes, respiratory diseases and other diseases The field of chronic disease management and digital innovation solutions. The founding team of Qiyi has the characteristics of multi-disciplinary integration. It includes not only serial entrepreneurs in the medical field who have a deep understanding of the pain points of chronic disease management, but also medical network experts who have accumulated rich expert resources in the field of disease management for many years. The diversification and professionalism of the Chic-Health team provides it with a unique advantage in taking the lead in the field of chronic respiratory diseases.

Chic-Health’s original “city-wide model + full-process management” special disease management solution

Chic-Health’s first product “Qiyi” uses artificial intelligence technology and digital innovation to empower disease management, combined with intelligent hardware, to provide hospitals/government with solutions for risk screening, diagnosis and treatment, patient follow-up, and two-way referral of respiratory diseases The plan includes the management of SaaS system, data analysis, out-of-hospital follow-up system, patient end and other services to strengthen standardized management of patients throughout the course of the disease. With COPD as the starting point, Qiyi gradually supports the full management of various respiratory diseases.

In addition, Chic-Health quickly settled in various levels of medical institutions through the layout of the “city-wide model”, quickly binding doctor resources, attracting patients to join the disease management platform, and increasing patient stickiness through an intelligent follow-up system. Cover the real world data inside and outside the hospital through the omni-channel port, and standardize the patient diagnosis and treatment process.

Accelerate the development and commercialization of digital diagnosis and treatment products

Based on high-quality whole-process disease management data and deep expert resources, Chic-Health has launched 3 clinical trials in the fields of early screening, critical illness treatment, and respiratory disease rehabilitation. In 2021, Chic-Health will accelerate the development and registration of various digital diagnosis and treatment products in the field of respiratory diseases based on the results of clinical trials, open up the closed loop of diagnosis and treatment from the government to the hospital, to the doctor to the patient, and deepen the product development. Technical barriers and channel advantages. At present, Chic-Health has joined hands with 9 head hospitals in the field of respiratory diseases across the country to carry out prospective clinical research on more than 2,000 patients, and plans to carry out registration and certification by the end of 2021.

Digital therapy is a software program-based diagnosis and treatment product that provides patients with evidence-based therapeutic intervention to prevent, manage or treat diseases. It is one of the hottest topics in the current smart medical industry. In terms of approval, during the March-April 2020 epidemic, the FDA added 6 digital therapies (including 3 digital therapies for emergency approval) to serve the public. In addition, traditional pharmaceutical companies and device companies have gradually increased their cooperation with digital therapy companies, extending their product pipelines through the cooperation of digital therapy, which is becoming a trend in the industry. Digital therapy is in good shape this year. Whether it is the FDA’s loosening of emergency approval or the increase in approvals and cooperation events, an industry trend has been clarified: Digital therapy is gradually ushering in accelerated development.

Chic-Health’s digital therapy products for respiratory diseases can be used independently or in conjunction with drugs, diagnostics or rehabilitation equipment. This digital therapy product has always implemented the R&D logic of “starting from the end”, found value depressions from the practical experience of the construction of the respiratory disease full-process management system, tested the empowerment space of digital transformation through the city-wide model, and then optimized the digital therapy Invest in clinical verification and commercialization. The digital therapy products developed under this R&D logic can complete the closed loop of disease management with the support of the professional respiratory disease management service system, so that patients will benefit more in the long-term, solve the pain points in the field of specialized diseases, and bloom greater value.


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