AstraZeneca And Cross-Border Partners Together Create An Open Innovation Ecosystem


In the impression of many people, AstraZeneca is a foreign-funded pharmaceutical company that provides innovative drugs in the fields of cancer, respiratory, cardiovascular, kidney, metabolic and digestive diseases. In fact, in recent years, as innovative technologies have begun to reshape the pharmaceutical industry, AstraZeneca has also quietly changed. Now, rather than saying that AstraZeneca is a pharmaceutical company, it is better to call it an innovative pharmaceutical platform company.

In recent years, AstraZeneca has cooperated with many local companies in China to create an innovative medical ecosystem and promote the successful implementation of integrated diagnosis and treatment centers across the country. “1+1>2” is the unchanging truth, cooperation always brings new chemical reactions. It must be said that today AstraZeneca has tasted the dividends brought about by innovation cooperation, and has continued to walk on the road of open cooperation.

From June 21 to 22, 2020, the 2020 AstraZeneca China Ecosystem Conference and the Third Business Innovation Partnership Conference will be held in Wuxi. The theme of the conference is “Unbounded · Co-creation”. Through a combination of online and offline, more than 500 innovative companies, more than 800 political, industrial, academic, research and medical investment experts, and 50 top investment institutions have been brought together.

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In addition to the main summit, this meeting set up a one-to-one meeting between investment institutions and enterprises, innovation park empowerment and investment and financing sub-venue, digital health new ecological summit, mobile screening ecosphere conference and other sub-venues. The guests present discussed topics such as the full course management plan in various treatment areas, AstraZeneca’s innovative strategy, new cross-border cooperation model, and new digital medical ecology.

Since 2018, AstraZeneca has insisted on holding the Business Innovation Partnership Conference every year, which is now the third. What new ideas and new directions has the third commercial innovation partner conference brought to AstraZeneca’s innovation road? With the continuous upgrading of innovation strategies, how will AstraZeneca work with cross-border partners to create and improve the closed loop of the innovative medical ecosystem?

Innovative genes of traditional established pharmaceutical companies

Innovation is the driving force for the development of enterprises, and it is also an important reason why AstraZeneca has been able to stand among the top pharmaceutical companies in the world for many years. Expanding business and seeking cross-border cooperation has become the focus of AstraZeneca’s innovation strategy in China. AstraZeneca proposed to implement an innovation strategy and build an innovative medical ecosystem based on its deep insights that have rooted in the Chinese market for 27 years.

AstraZeneca’s Global Executive Vice President, President of International Business and China Lei Wang told “The needs of Chinese patients are no longer limited to high-quality medicines. Patients have comprehensive coverage covering all aspects of education, screening, diagnosis, treatment, follow-up, rehabilitation, etc. Demand for disease management solutions has also gradually increased.”

Therefore, AstraZeneca developed the idea of ​​creating an innovative medical ecosystem. “AstraZeneca’s innovation does not only refer to the innovation at the medical level, but extends the innovation to the entire process of disease diagnosis and treatment, opening up the upstream and downstream resources, integrating the advantages of the industrial chain, using emerging technologies to provide patients with integrated treatment and diagnosis solutions, and truly realizing the entire course of the disease Management, so that innovation results benefit more patients.” Wang Lei also said, “From AstraZeneca’s perspective, creating an ecosystem can also help the company transform from a traditional pharmaceutical company to an innovative platform-type enterprise and find new performance growth points.”

AstraZeneca firmly believes that the construction of an innovative medical ecosystem cannot be separated from the support of partners. Since 2018, the company has begun to hold a business innovation partner conference every year to gather innovative forces from all walks of life to empower the innovative medical ecosystem and jointly explore smart healthcare. Road to development. At the same time, the conference also provided a communication platform for AstraZeneca and partners, reviewing the fruitful results of entrepreneurial innovation and discussing the new opportunities and challenges of the health industry.

Gathering the forces of government, industry, academia, research and medicine, AstraZeneca and more than 200 partners in various fields have jointly launched the China Chest Pain Center, the National Standardized Metabolic Disease Management Center, the Gastrointestinal Cancer Prevention Center, the Department of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, and Intelligent Mist. A series of full-course solutions such as chemical centers, integrated lung cancer diagnosis and treatment centers, integrated prostate cancer diagnosis and treatment centers, and smart communities. At present, 14 diagnosis and treatment integrated full course management programs have been implemented in more than 4,800 hospitals nationwide.

It should be emphasized that, in addition to partners, the five regional headquarters are also the key to promoting AstraZeneca’s innovative strategic layout nationwide. At the 2019 Expo, AstraZeneca announced that Shanghai will be the center and five regional headquarters will be established in Beijing, Guangzhou, Wuxi, Hangzhou, and Chengdu to create regional characteristic innovation centers and extend the ecological model of the Life Science Innovation Park. Landed nationwide, and introduced global innovative drugs and treatment programs for diseases such as tumors, hyperkalemia, and COPD.

The innovation strategy is constantly upgraded

China has become an important innovation base for AstraZeneca. Wang Lei introduced to Arterial Network the timeline of AstraZeneca’s construction of an innovative medical ecosystem in China:

In 2015, AstraZeneca proposed a business innovation concept and joined hands with cross-border forces to meet the unmet medical and health needs of Chinese patients and create a full course management solution.

In 2017, the establishment of the China Health Internet of Things Innovation Center with the Wuxi Municipal Government marked the official landing of AstraZeneca’s business innovation concept. In the following three years, 14 integrated diagnosis-and-treatment full-course management programs successfully landed in more than 4,800 hospitals across the country and went global.

Also in 2017, AstraZeneca and SDIC Innovation jointly established Dizhe Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. to accelerate the development of innovative drugs in China and promote the availability of drugs.

In 2019, AstraZeneca’s innovation strategy will be upgraded, and the Wuxi International Life Science Innovation Park will be built in cooperation with the Wuxi government. With the help of global network resources at home and abroad, strong support from government policies, and AstraZeneca’s first-class commercial platform, it is committed to building a The preferred park for internal and external life sciences innovation companies to develop the Chinese market and link to the global market. The park has been put into operation in April 2020, and already has a sister park, four strategic partners and 17 domestic and foreign innovation companies settled.

The announcement of the establishment of the Global Medical Industry Fund is also a reflection of AstraZeneca’s innovation strategy’s renewal and extension. At the 2019 Expo, AstraZeneca announced the establishment of a global medical industry fund with CICC Capital to further deepen its innovation strategy. The fund aims to take advantage of AstraZeneca’s resources in the medical and health field, as well as CICC Capital’s investment management and capital operation experience, to jointly create a special fund focusing on the medical and health industry, accelerate the optimization and integration of China’s medical resources, and expand the introduction of overseas innovation Incubate with local innovations and help Chinese innovation benefit the world.

Looking back on the timeline of AstraZeneca’s construction of the innovative medical ecosystem, it can be seen that AstraZeneca has experienced the process of “preliminary practice-formal landing-upgrade-re-upgrade”. Up to now, AstraZeneca’s innovation strategy has not been limited to business-level innovation, but aims to further improve the closed loop of the innovative medical ecosystem through the “industry-finance integration” innovation model.

AstraZeneca’s future development concept

The holding of the 3rd Business Innovation Partnership Conference marked that AstraZeneca continued to deepen its innovation strategy.

At the meeting, AstraZeneca signed four heavy strategic cooperation, namely the Wuxi City Biomedical Industry Highland Strategic Cooperation Project, AstraZeneca-Yuyue Medical Strategic Cooperation Project, AstraZeneca-Clove Garden Strategic Cooperation Project, Aspen Likang-Yasheng strategic cooperation project. From these four strategic cooperation projects, perhaps we can get a glimpse of AstraZeneca’s current business focus and future business direction.

At this conference, the Wuxi Municipal Government signed a memorandum of strategic cooperation with AstraZeneca, Tiger Pharma, CICC and Yuyue Group. All parties will jointly build an internationally leading biomedicine and medical and health industry conference in Wuxi to accelerate the enhancement of Wuxi’s biomedical industry international influence; work together to build a Wuxi modern biomedical industry think tank to provide decision-making consultation and professional support for industrial development; collaboration Improve Wuxi’s medical level and industrial innovation capabilities, help Wuxi become a biomedical industry innovation highland in the Yangtze River Delta regional integration development strategy; accelerate the improvement of the biomedical industry investment and financing system, and promote the implementation of various funds in the biomedical industry in Wuxi.

The Wuxi Municipal Government and AstraZeneca, Tiger Pharmaceuticals, CICC and Yuyue Group signed a strategic memorandum of cooperation in the biological medicine industry of Wuxi.jpg
Wuxi Municipal Government signs strategic cooperation memorandum on biomedical industry in Wuxi with AstraZeneca, Tiger Pharmaceuticals, CICC and Yuyue Group

Subsequently, the “China-Europe Alumni Medical and Health Industry Association Wuxi Center” was also officially unveiled at the conference, aiming to introduce high-end industry think tanks to Wuxi through cooperation with the government, effectively promote the integration of innovative talents, high-quality enterprises and industrial resources in Wuxi, and help build Wuxi Industrial ecology, and support Wuxi’s modern life science industry to achieve high-quality development.

The China-Europe Alumni Medical and Health Industry Association Wuxi Center was officially unveiled.jpg
The China-Europe Alumni Medical and Health Industry Association Wuxi Center was officially inaugurated

Yuyue Medical has technical research and development advantages in the medical equipment related to the respiratory system, cardiovascular system, and tumor disease system. After reaching a strategic cooperation, the two parties can strengthen the oxygen generator, the ventilator with atomization function, emergency myocardial infarction, ultrasound Cooperation in other product areas has helped AstraZeneca to form a more comprehensive “patient-centric” integrated diagnosis and treatment solution in related fields.

AstraZeneca and Jiangsu Yuyue Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation memorandum to jointly explore a sustainable and whole-course business management model in the fields of respiration, cardiovascular, and tumor.jpg
AstraZeneca and Jiangsu Yuyue Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation memorandum to jointly explore a sustainable and full-course business management model in the fields of respiratory, cardiovascular, and tumor

Dingyuan has rich experience in doctor platform operation, which can help AstraZeneca to improve the quality of its own digital doctor platform and help AstraZeneca to build a more professional, higher quality and more popular digital platform for Chinese doctors. At the same time, AstraZeneca will also provide professional products and academic education knowledge for Chinese doctors through the innovative business channels of Lilac Garden, and improve the professional ability and academic level of doctors.

AstraZeneca and Lilac Garden reached a strategic cooperation to jointly explore science education and knowledge sharing services in various common diseases.jpg
AstraZeneca and Lilac Garden reached a strategic cooperation to jointly explore science education and knowledge sharing services in various common diseases

In the strategic cooperation between AstraZeneca and Yasheng Pharmaceuticals, the two parties will jointly develop a combination therapy for hematological malignancies and explore the combination therapy in patients with lymphocytic leukemia (CLL)/small lymphocytic lymphoma (SLL) Clinical application.

The four contracted projects reflect AstraZeneca’s next innovation strategy focus, one is to continue to improve the integration of diagnosis and treatment, and the other is to strengthen the integration of industry and finance, and to further improve Wuxi Life Science by building an investment and financing system and industry summit. Ecosphere.

In addition, AstraZeneca has also cooperated with many partners on digital health, mobile screening, early cancer screening and early diagnosis, primary medical care, innovative medical business services, intelligent blood pressure full course management, and digestive tract industry in various therapeutic areas. A number of cooperations have been achieved with innovative models such as alliances, medical consortium smart management, and medical quality. After this round of signing, AstraZeneca’s partner team has grown again, and will continue to upgrade its innovation strategy and build an innovative medical ecosystem.

Wang Lei said: “AstraZeneca will continue to work hand-in-hand with excellent cross-industry partners at home and abroad, give full play to their respective strengths, create innovative cooperation models, and jointly establish an open and collaborative innovative medical ecosystem to help upgrade the local medical industry; another In terms of aspects, we also hope to help like-minded, innovative companies with similar innovative ideas to accelerate their growth, gather global wisdom, help innovative companies to explore the Chinese market, and link the world, so that Chinese innovation will not only benefit the majority of patients in China, but also benefit patients worldwide. “


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