AQUIFERRE: Using AIoT to Upgrade the Management of Smart Hospitals


AQUIFERRE recently completed a pre-A round of financing of tens of millions of yuan. This round of financing will be mainly used to promote the company’s research and development in the field of medical equipment AIoT and digital applications, accelerate the commercialization of related achievements in hospital customers, and explore and promote related industry standards And norms.

Founded in 2016, AQUIFERRE is a hard technology company focusing on the application of artificial intelligence and Internet of Things in medical equipment. It relies on self-developed digital twin technology to realize the transformation of medical equipment intelligent management and build a standardized medical equipment digital achievement transformation for the top three hospitals Platform, using real data to promote the upgrade of smart hospital management.

Driven by the new medical reform, public hospitals have gradually transitioned from relying on drugs, consumables, equipment, and inspections to increase revenue, and gradually transitioned to highlighting medical and health services to obtain high-quality returns, and improving efficiency with quality and efficiency as the key engine. Under the new wave of building high-quality development of public hospitals, it has become a rigid need to improve the service quality and management level of public hospitals based on digital transformation.

From the statistical data compiled by the National Health Commission, it is found that as of 2019, the total assets of medical equipment nationwide are 1.5 trillion yuan, medical equipment valued at more than 1 million yuan has reached 200,000 units, and the value of more than 10,000 yuan has reached 7 million units. And it develops at a high speed with an annual growth rate of 13% every year.

At the same time, due to the uneven distribution of medical resources, there is a large imbalance in the quality and efficiency of their use. Under the new medical insurance payment system and the new hospital performance evaluation system, as an important production resource for hospitals second only to doctors, how medical equipment can maximize the support of the high-quality development of hospitals has become an important issue on the desktop of all hospital managers. problem.

Standing on this demand dimension, AQUIFERRE provides a set of systematic solutions for hospitals, and has now promoted the commercialization of many head hospitals.

Specifically, based on data mining, data analysis and data heterogeneity, AQUIFERRE provides integrated platform solutions for remote monitoring and early warning of medical equipment, standardized quality control and performance management, configuration optimization and procurement decision-making, big data analysis and scientific research transformation , Let the real data be effective to help the smart hospital upgrade.

AQUIFERRE products have been applied to many hospital customers

Up to now, AQUIFERRE has reached cooperation agreements with well-known domestic hospital customers such as Peking Union Medical College Hospital and West China Hospital of Sichuan University on the application platform of intelligent IoT for medical equipment.

Under the environment of DRG payment reform, three-level public hospital performance evaluation, and the gradual deepening of public hospital salary system reform, the payment conversion of head hospitals reflects the competitiveness and unique application value of AQUIFERRE products on the one hand, and also serves the company on the other hand. The next step to rapidly expand the market has laid a good foundation.

In the past 5 years, AQUIFERRE has gradually completed the research on the underlying architecture of nearly a hundred types of large and medium-sized medical equipment, and has opened up the “last mile” of device data interconnection through self-developed AIoT intelligent hardware, and realized the full perception and data of medical equipment. Unstructured data is automatically cleaned and extracted, creating a set of full-stack solutions based on digital equipment management for hospital managers at all levels.

But AQUIFERRE is not satisfied with this. On this basis, AQUIFERRE uses the technology combination of “trusted cloud + edge computing” to jointly create a network architecture that meets the needs of hospital information security, taking into account the scalability of applications and the security of hospital data.

At present, AQUIFERRE’s intelligent IoT application platform for medical equipment with independent intellectual property rights has been connected to thousands of large-scale medical equipment in more than 1,000 hospitals. The compatibility and stability of the system have been fully verified in the applications of the past few years. More than 40 patents have been applied for in the field.

To be able to hand over such a satisfactory answer sheet in a short time is inseparable from the solid background and long-term R&D investment of the AQUIFERRE team. It is reported that 80% of AQUIFERRE’s team members are from the R&D and sales departments of large medical equipment manufacturers. With the accumulation of the physical principles, application scenarios and business models of medical equipment, they have insight into the huge supply and demand inequality and efficiency loss in the industry.

The nature of the medical industry determines that hospitals are always the core of the operation of the medical system.

AQUIFERRE has been aware of this from the very beginning, so it always adheres to the hospital as the center in product creation, and builds a digital infrastructure for the “food, clothing, housing, and transportation” of medical equipment.

AQUIFERRE’s self-developed AIoT digital twin technology helps hospitals build a consistent standard across equipment categories, equipment brands, information systems, and medical equipment data centers across hospital regions, as well as a digital application transformation platform based on multi-dimensional data integration.

The intelligent IoT system solidifies the regulatory evaluation, quality control, usage specifications, management decision-making and data protection related to medical equipment in the top three hospitals into digital applications, and efficiently transforms commercial results through the company’s nationwide AIoT application platform.

Facing the future, AQUIFERRE plans to use technology to accelerate the replication and sinking of high-quality medical resources through the close integration of digital twin technology and high-quality medical resource elements, and promote the improvement of the medical quality and management capabilities of the entire medical industry. Yuanyi’s investment will accelerate the development and launch of AQUIFERRE’s new application products, and will also greatly promote the process of AQUIFERRE’s commercial landing.

As an investor in this round, Tang Yinan, the investment director of Yuanyi Capital, firstly stood from the perspective of industry needs. She said, “In the new environment of high-quality development of public hospitals, hospital managers generally lack effective and refined management tools. Obviously, innovation and technology are urgently needed to bring changes. As an early investor, Yuanyi is firmly optimistic about the huge market space in the digital application field of medical equipment.”

Regarding AQUIFERRE itself, Tang Yinan saw the huge development space for the company based on the future. She said, “AQUIFERRE cuts into the key high-barrier infrastructure in the transformation of hospital digital management-the intelligent management platform for medical equipment, and provides hospital managers with a powerful digitalization. Management tools to effectively improve equipment operation efficiency. The AQUIFERRE team has excellent industry experience, learning ability and execution ability. Since its establishment for five years, it has maintained focus on doing thorough and deepening, insisting on starting from customer needs and leading the development of the industry. The company is the first to apply industrial Internet technology In the medical field, it provides important infrastructure for the digital construction of hospitals, and has been highly recognized by top hospitals. Yuanyi is optimistic that the company will further realize the in-depth integration of IT and OT through technological and model innovation, and continue to introduce new products and applications, and continue to help Customers improve capabilities and efficiency on the equipment side, operation side, and collaboration side, and bring continuous value to the industry.”


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