Aquiferre Raises Additional Series A Funding of 10 Million RMB to Transform the Operation and Management of Medical Devices


Beijing Aquiferre Technology Co., Ltd. received additional financing of 10 million RMB from New Aerotropolis, two months after the completion of Series A financing, to further promote the company’s research and development in medical device AIoT and digital application fields, and accelerate the commercialization of related achievements in hospital customers, which is also the first project supported by New Aerotropolis through the industry support fund of the Linqiang District. This is the first project that New Aerotropolis has invested in through the LIC’s Industrial Support Fund.

Founded in 2016, Aquiferre focuses on the development and sales of artificial intelligence IoT applications for medical devices, relying on self-developed digital twin technology to achieve intelligent management changes and digital applications for medical devices, and using real data to promote the implementation of intelligent management in hospitals.

It is reported that Aquiferre project is an important project promoted by New Aerotropolis’ sub-fund to be landed in the Linqiang District, which is highly compatible with the industrial development orientation of Linqiang District in the direction of life and health and technology digitalization. has great potential to improve the efficiency of hospital operations and save operational costs.

The traditional medical device management model uses static data, which has low management efficiency, passive information feedback, and equipment problems that cannot be solved in real-time, making it difficult to meet the growing demand for high-quality development and refined management. Aquiferre is using IoT + digital technology to solve the challenge of digitalizing the efficient management of medical devices across the hospital.

Relying on the three AIoT core technologies of self-developed data heterogeneity, edge computing and digital twin, Aquiferre launches a digital operation and management platform for medical equipment for medical institutions and a digital operation and maintenance cloud platform for medical equipment for after-sales service providers. Different from the previous medical device IoT technology path, the company adopts industrial Internet architecture, i.e. connecting medical device network port with intelligent gateway, and then structuring and pooling data to data center through data heterogeneity, and then transforming subsequent applications, with two advantages of accuracy and scalability.

According to the person in charge of Aquiferre, the categories of devices supported by the company’s AIoT technology have been expanded from radiology and ultrasound to life support, lumpectomy and small devices, which can meet the needs of medical institutions for digital operation of all categories of medical devices at the hospital level.

On the application side, Aquiferre has also been extended from equipment department application to dean, finance department, information department and medical department, as well as multi-scenario application for each medical and technical department. At the same time, Aquiferre also adds a new multi-party secure computing algorithm to edge computing to provide better data standardization services on the basis of fully securing information security.

It is worth mentioning that Aquiferre has also made its debut in the field of commercialization. Aquiferre’s commercialization is mainly charged proportionally by the number of connected medical devices and the amount of assets, as well as the number of digital applications. since the second half of 2020, the company’s products have started to accelerate commercial landing.

To date, the company has reached product landing delivery with 20 well-known hospital customers in China, including Peking Union Medical College Hospital and West China Hospital of Sichuan University, on the medical device smart IOT application platform. The company has achieved annual revenue of more than 10 million, close to break-even, and the annual repurchase rate of the company’s products can reach 30%.

After the completion of Series A financing, Aquiferre will focus on promoting the commercialization of its products, improving the conversion rate of trial contracts and the second-phase repurchase rate of its products; at the same time, further expanding the department-level digital application categories, and deepening the operational efficiency of healthcare institutions from the management to the executive level.

Aquiferre believes that there is no significant change in factors such as increasing aging, higher per capita disposable income, and higher level of individual requirements for health, and the demand side of the entire healthcare industry remains strong, and the efficiency improvement on the supply side will definitely create sustainable development momentum for the entire industry. Aquiferre will continue to focus on the structural efficiency improvement brought by digital technology to the industry and realize the digital upgrade of the medical device industry chain with the hospital as the center.

According to New Aerotropolis, Aquiferre is the first to apply industrial internet technology to the medical field, providing an important infrastructure for the digital construction of hospitals, and has been continuously recognized by top hospitals. The team has excellent industry experience, learning ability and execution capability. Through continuous technological innovation and model innovation, the company continues to launch new products and applications to help hospitals solve core pain points during the management transition, and the company’s business has a clear and steady growth path.


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