AliveX Biotech: Using AI to Empower Clinical Applications of System Immunology


Before founding AliveX Biotech, Wenwen chose to transform from a witness of technological innovation to a witness, and worked as an identity development and innovation platform for innovative product directors at an Internet finance company, and worked with the team to complete one after another new product exploration from scratch In the process, artificial intelligence and big data technology are used to innovate traditional business models.

Growing up in a family where his father was engaged in hospital management for a long time and his mother focused on tumor pharmacology research, medical care was Wenwen’s growing environment, and it was also a topic that the family could not avoid. Coupled with years of investor perspective in the medical industry, Wenwen knows more about the achievements and pain points of China’s medical industry than many people, and feels deeper.

The largest domestic system immunology big data platform

Wen Wen found that domestic academic teams and entrepreneurial teams have always played the role of followers in the field of life sciences. In the eyes of investors, some innovative projects that successfully obtained financing are also due to the use of me too, me better or import substitution. A mature model can guarantee commercial viability. She hopes to use the global cutting-edge technology to develop applications that meet the clinical gap, and truly stand on the world’s leading cutting-edge innovations, and create super value lastingly. At that time, standing with her was Zhang Hao, Ph.D. in Immunology at Oxford University, who was once Roche’s global marketing director (cancer immunotherapy).

“Artificial Intelligence + System Immunology” is a technology that can not only satisfy Wen Wen’s technical aspirations, but also fit the direction of Dr. Zhang Hao’s technical expertise. In terms of the application and exploration of artificial intelligence, the world has just started, and Wen Wen believes that there are many opportunities for overtaking in corners.

With the continuous development of biomedicine, people have a deeper and deeper understanding of the immune system, the body’s natural and evolving defense system. In addition, with the transformation of precision medicine from conceptualization to clinical trials, and then to clinical applications, the importance of the immune system, which is originally highly individual, continues to be highlighted. Globally renowned pharmaceutical companies and emerging domestic innovative drug biotechnology companies are all trying Solve complex diseases such as tumors, autoimmune diseases, infectious diseases, and neurological diseases from the perspective of immunity. Immunology has extremely high professional barriers, extremely complex data sets, and artificial intelligence with efficient computing and interactive capabilities. The combination of the two is bound to provide value for independent research and development and scientific research transformation.

In January 2019, AliveX Biotech, whose business direction is the innovative “AI + System Immunology” clinical application, was established, which is the first of its kind among domestic companies. AliveX Biotech’s gorgeous consultant and expert team includes academicians in the field of immunology and oncology at home and abroad, directors of tertiary hospitals and several well-known clinical experts. The other co-founder of the company, Dr. Xiaoqiang Hou, was the head of scientific research and teaching in the Army General Hospital. He has long been engaged in pathogenic microorganism diagnosis, pathogenic mechanism and vaccine research and development, precise detection of tumors and rare diseases and other major diseases, and immunotherapy related technologies the study.

The three people quickly formed the functional team of AliveX Biotech, which was composed of senior executives from Roche Diagnostics, AstraZeneca, Intel Smart, Paypal, Baidu and other well-known companies, responsible for technology, scientific affairs, clinical inspection R&D, and finance. Under the guidance of the expert team, the country’s leading immune big data platform was built in the first time.

Wen Wen pointed out that immune data serving precision medicine should include multi-omics data such as genomics, proteomics, metabolomics, and epigenetics, and multi-dimensional data such as clinical case data. In order to build an immune big data platform, the AliveX Biotech team integrated 28 public scientific research databases, crawlers and data cleaning results of 538482 articles, and gradually formed a list of all known immune-related genes, proteins, cells, pathways, diseases, and symptoms. The knowledge map between the systems, the systematic construction of the immune system and diseases, the interaction between the immune system and other systems, and the seamless connection of public databases.

This knowledge map corresponds to a huge amount of human data: each human body has 3 billion base pairs of genome data, plus tens of millions of levels of proteome, epitome, transcriptome and metabolome data. “Processing data of this magnitude and finding the relationship between multiple variables and parameters has surpassed the limits of the human brain.” Wen Wen said that AI can mine potential connections and relationships from ultra-high dimensional sparse data from multiple omics. Laws, to grasp the overall immune status of the human body, and discover new methods of disease diagnosis, care or treatment.

Therefore, based on small sample heuristic learning and algorithm optimization based on system immunology, combined with prior knowledge of immunology and expert thinking framework, AliveX Biotech uses AI neural network learning to build an automatic machine learning platform for system immunology. Wen Wen told Artery Network that this machine learning platform can automatically select the optimal model and parameters for different scientific problems, and automatically apply the most cutting-edge feature engineering methods according to different scenarios to achieve automatic iteration.

From scientific research service to product development

“Combining the immune big data platform with the machine learning platform, we can quickly discover the inherent correlations of diseases and potential biomarkers, promote disease screening, diagnosis and treatment, and accelerate the development of new drugs and new diagnostic methods.” Wen Wen said, AliveX Biotech is cooperating with 26 hospitals including Tsinghua University, Union Hospital, China-Japan Friendship Hospital, Sichuan University West China Hospital, Peking University People’s Hospital, and Zhengzhou University First Affiliated Hospital based on key industry-university-research cooperation projects and academic organization cooperation methods. More than 50,000 clinical data.

At the same time, the clinical trials, joint research and development, data analysis services and other projects of colorectal cancer, blood cancer, lung cancer, etc. jointly carried out by AliveX Biotech and pharmaceutical companies are being rolled out.

According to Wen Wen, at this stage, AliveX Biotech mainly uses “AI+system immunology” technology to provide AI-enabled scientific research services and joint R&D businesses to medical institutions and biotech companies engaged in innovative drug research and development, and actively deploys based on AI+immunity A pipeline of self-developed diagnostic products.

Specifically, AliveX Biotech focuses on providing testing services, data collection and mining, mechanism research, biomarker search, laboratory/clinical verification for pharmaceutical companies and medical institutions; joint R&D business involves in-depth cooperation with biotech companies for joint development Innovative drugs and companion diagnostic products in the field of immunization. The self-developed diagnostic product pipeline focuses on early tumor screening, tumor drug response, and prediction of toxic and side effects.

“The product pipeline of independent research and development is still in the early stage. It is expected that the registration and approval of the first early tumor screening product based on AI+ immunity will be launched by the end of the year, and the business focus of scientific research services will be shifted to diagnostic product development and joint research and development of pharmaceutical companies. AI+ immune diagnostic products Global R&D is still in its early stages. With the multiple advantages of data, cost, and policies, China has the opportunity to get ahead.” Wen Wen said.

At present, 68% of the domestically declared and marketed Class I innovative drugs are related to immunization, and 73% of the drug clinical trials carried out globally are related to immunization. In 2019, 7 of the top 10 financing events in the life sciences field occurred Immunization field. The importance of immunization in life sciences is self-evident, which gives birth to a huge business imagination.

On the one hand, almost all domestic and foreign innovative pharmaceutical companies have deployed immune-related pipelines, covering tumors, autoimmune diseases (rheumatism, lupus erythematosus, type I diabetes), neurological diseases (multiple sclerosis), infectious diseases (vaccine, anti- Infection, etc.), blood diseases and other fields; on the other hand, the homogenization competition around the same immune target has become serious. Data shows that the adoption of biomarker strategies can greatly increase the chances of new drugs being approved in the clinical stage.

In recent years, world-renowned pharmaceutical companies such as Roche, Pfizer, GSK, Johnson & Johnson have cooperated with AI companies to engage in related development. In China, “AI+ new drug research and development” companies engaged in molecular screening, such as Jingtai Technology, Wangshi Wisdom, Deep Zhiyao, and Sui Kun, have also begun to emerge in the application market and capital market. In Wen Wen’s view, all these changes are significant benefits for companies engaged in the development of life science AI applications. “AliveX Biotech also hopes to provide greater benefits in the development of more innovative drugs and diagnosis and treatment methods. value.”


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