AI Big Data Company Maicim Received Ten Million Financing Recently

Artificial intelligence concept. Cloud computing. Deep learning.

Recently, Maisim has received tens of millions of RMB investment from Shulan Junjie Capital. Maixing’s current round of financing will continue to be used for product R&D investment and market development.

During the 2020 new crown epidemic, among the medical staff who went to Hubei to provide support, more than 30% of them were in critical care professionals, and they were responsible for the treatment of critically ill patients. The new crown epidemic also reflects the relatively insufficient construction of ICUs across the country and the uneven treatment capacity of various regions. At present, the country has stepped up the construction of intensive care departments. The Guosen Securities Economic Research Institute published on April 9, 2020 in the “Securities Research Report-Medical Big Data Research Report (2)” that the theoretical ICU beds are expected by 2023 The number has increased significantly compared with the current number and will reach 226,700.

In addition to increasing various clinical equipment and cultivating more ICU professionals, the use of big data and artificial intelligence technology can quickly realize the empowerment of clinical diagnosis and treatment: improve efficiency, reduce errors, reduce costs, reduce national medical insurance expenditures and patient burdens, and Realize the standardization and uniformity of diagnosis and treatment.

Maicim is the first domestic company focusing on big data AI for intensive care (ICU). Facing the knowledge system under the traditional medical system architecture is very closed, the auxiliary diagnosis effect and application adaptability are poor, the clinical knowledge is not iterated, and it is unable to evolve according to the situation of the patients in the department. There is a lack of targeted and personalized solutions for cases. With a wide range of collaboration methods, Maisim relies on its strong advantages in the integration, processing and application of medical big data, and creatively integrates artificial intelligence technology with clinical application scenarios to provide medical staff, department managers and scientific research personnel with ICU clinical intelligence Overall solution.

In the entrepreneurial trend of medical artificial intelligence, due to the high industry threshold, the ICU market has blocked many companies. After the crowded AI track in the past few years, the current capital’s attention is relatively declining. How did Maisim, which was only four years old, successfully break into the medical artificial intelligence segment and gain the favor of capital?

Artery Network interviewed Huang Kezhi, founder and CEO of Maicim. He said that Maicim’s professional medical capital blessing is inseparable from an excellent team and leading products:

First of all, Maisim’s technical team is composed of medical artificial intelligence scientists, ICU clinicians, algorithm teams, and medical information experts. In the entire team composition, R&D personnel account for 80%, and masters and doctors account for more than half.

Maicim’s core product AI+ICU clinical intelligent decision-making system is an intelligent platform that combines the three leading AI technologies of “natural language processing technology, knowledge graph, and machine learning”. Through the real-time display of personalized dynamic clinical data, AI death prediction and disease risk prediction, the product mines the value of clinical data, builds a fully closed-loop intelligent ecosystem, and achieves the purpose of serving the decision-making of ICU medical staff.

“In the AI+ICU clinical intelligent assistant decision-making system, the ICU intelligent quality control system realizes the patient-centered full-latitude data interconnection and automatically calculates various quality control indicators, thereby greatly reducing the workload of clinicians. Intelligent quality control standardizes clinical operations, thereby reducing clinical error rates and improving clinical work efficiency. On the one hand, it is convenient for the director to manage clinical departments, and on the other hand, patients can receive more timely and standardized diagnosis and treatment.” Huang Kezhi said. At present, the product has been put into use with outstanding effects.

Based on the aggregation of talents and the leadership of products, Maisim has achieved outstanding results in the ICU field. Huang Kezhi said that in the future, Maisim hopes to have more in-depth research on the CDSS of the ICU and related products, so that the ICU think tank can strengthen the clinical intelligent auxiliary decision-making system and realize the efficiency and accuracy of ICU-assisted diagnosis and treatment.

“At present, Maixing has realized the secondary empowerment of intelligent information technology for the ICU departments of many well-known hospitals across the country in clinical auxiliary diagnosis and treatment, department management quality control, etc. with innovative AI technology capabilities. In addition, we hope to expand more cooperation Hospitals can allow traditional HIT vendors in the market to use our clinical intelligent decision-making system to empower the medical information industry.” Huang Kezhi said.


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