After Shaping as the Digital Reform Benchmark, What Other Innovative Cards Can Ewell Play?


The digital economy is on trend, and digitalization has become the main source of economic growth. This is also the case in medical and health industry. The development of digital technology is gradually leading the reform of the medical and health industry. At the same time, all links in the value chain of the medical industry will be reconstructed with the intervention of digital technology, bringing more new demands and new opportunities.  Through the evolution of its own products, Ewell has explained its development path of the medical informatization from the past to the future.

From mobile nursing to WITMED, 12 years of long-distance running of Ewell

“Innovation” is the DNA that runs through the 12-year history of Ewell. It is clear that innovation is the source of motivation in the reform of medical information.

The first stage: focus on patient safety and service quality, which opened the prelude to China Mobile Health. Ewell launched the first domestic QR code wristband for patient identification, and took the lead in introducing mobile WiFi technology into the clinic, and quickly landed in the Sir Run Run Hospital Zhejiang University School of Medicine. Focusing on patient safety, Ewell has successively developed a series of mobile medical products.

The second stage: build a closed-loop medical process and open a new era of medical Internet of Things. Ewell expanded its focus to the closed-loop medical process centered on patient safety, pioneered the concept of closed-loop medical process management, and successfully used the medical Internet of Things technology to build ten major areas such as pre-hospital care, patient identification management, medication safety management, etc.

The third stage: the first medical intelligent open platform. With the closed-loop services for patients in the hospital, Ewell has extended its sights to the outside of the hospital.

The fourth stage: build artificial intelligence medical brain, and pay attention to personalized service of medical staff. On the one hand, Ewell is the first to introduce innovative medical artificial intelligence technology into the clinic. On the other hand, through gaining insights of medical industry and using innovative technology, Ewell has developed many core capabilities such as natural language processing, medical knowledge graphs, medical image analysis, etc.

The fifth stage: help digital reform and create a digital healthcare ecosystem. Ewell has released a smart medical cloud ecological service platform, which is based on microservices and blockchain technology and use of big data to open up a coherent system of medical institutions, patients, and regulatory institutions from medical health to service supervision.

Ewell now has customers in all provinces, cities and regions except Taiwan Province, with a total of more than 1,600 hospitals at all levels and regional medical users.

Pay attention to the cultivation of scientific research force and continue to innovate

Why can Ewell continue to innovate? Leader genes deeply influence corporate culture. Zhang Lizhong, chairman of Ewell, is an IT technology expert as well as a scientific and technological innovation and entrepreneurial talent under the special support plan for national high-level talents. In the eyes of the employees, Ewell has completed the exploration from 0 to 1, and is entering the road of practical exploration from 1 to positive infinity. At this stage, the chairman’s personal structure, vision, inner persistence and ideals are important for Ewell to maintain its innovation. In addition, “Innovation” has always been placed at the core position of the company’s development strategy. Hua Songyuan, general manager of Ewell, also mentioned that regarding encouraging innovation, the company has also formed a complete set of incubation incentive mechanisms internally to encourage team members to develop and innovate.

Why can the company continue to iterate and upgrade?

In 2013, Ewell established the Enterprise Research Institute, which was recognized by the Zhejiang Provincial Government as the first batch of provincial key enterprise research institutes in the field of smart medical care. As the innovative carrier of Ewell, the Enterprise Research Institute exists independently as an output department focusing on forward-looking technological research. At the same time, since its establishment, Ewell has been participating in and presiding over national-level scientific research projects. In addition, Ewell has been committed to the construction of medical information standards. Ewell takes the initiative to embrace new technologies and use core technologies such as the Internet of Things, data interaction, and artificial intelligence to continuously improve the top-level design capabilities of hospital informatization and the delivery of overall solutions.

An cooperative and open industry ecology will better nourish medical services

” An cooperative and open industry ecology can better develop and better serve medical staffs and patients. Ewell’s positioning is to coordinate with more partners in the medical and health industry, and jointly assume the responsibility of serving medical health.” Zhang Lizhong once said so. To this end, Ewell is also actively cooperating with innovators in the medical industry to jointly explore how to not only meet the needs of hospitals, but also promote a business model that can promote its own development. Zhang Lizhong also shared the future plan of Ewell: “Follow the national strategic direction, use effective big data resources, and develop the digital economy.”


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