Acornmed and Nuprobe Global Reached A Strategic Cooperation to Develop Detection Products for Micro-Residual Lesions with BDA Technology

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NuProbe Global, a global molecular diagnostic company located in Shanghai, China and Houston, Texas, has reached a strategic cooperation agreement with AcornMed. The two parties agreed to use the Blocker Displacement Amplification (BDA) technology developed by NuProbe Global in the urinary system and Cooperate in the development of detection products for minimal residual disease (MRD) in the two major areas of hematological tumors.

MRD refers to a small amount of cancer cells that may remain in the body after cancer patients are treated. MRD testing can be used for the prevention and management of recurrence of cancer patients after treatment.

As doctors’ awareness of the importance of MRD testing continues to increase, the potential market for MRD testing will grow rapidly. CIC estimates that by 2030, the total potential market for MRD testing in China is estimated to reach 14.5 billion U.S. dollars.

However, the expression level of MRD may be so small that it does not cause any physical symptoms or signs, and it is usually not detectable by conventional methods, which places high requirements on the technical strength of R&D companies.

AcornMed is a full-process system innovation-oriented “double high-tech” enterprise, headquartered in Beijing Zhongguancun National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone, with a total area of ​​5,000 square meters of testing and R & D centers in Beijing and Tianjin.

Based on the self-developed gene big data analysis platform, the company provides clinical tumor precision medical solutions with genomics as the core.

As one of the few leading NGS medical service companies in the industry with solid tumors and hematological tumors, AcornMed has established unique brand advantages in lung cancer, digestive tract tumors, urinary system tumors and hematological tumors, and has obtained numerous clinical and laboratory experts on cancer It’s affirmed that more than 500 hospitals are currently serving.

The cooperation with NuProbe Global this time indicates that AcornMed is expected to expand the clinical application of tumor precision medical solutions from the diagnostic market to the MRD detection market based on its existing technological advantages.

NuProbe Global’s unique BDA patented technology is a unique and brand-new PCR-based mutation enrichment technology. BDA technology can effectively reduce the wild-type amplification efficiency and expand the low-frequency mutation signal through creative thermodynamic design in the PCR amplification cycle.

By applying BDA technology, gene mutations (such as mutations, insertions and deletions, etc.) can be selectively amplified in the wild-type DNA background, thereby greatly improving the sensitivity of gene detection.

While greatly improving the detection sensitivity, the use of BDA technology can also significantly reduce the cost of detection. Dr. Junfeng Luo, VP of NuProbe Global’s R&D, said: “The BDA technology enables the enrichment of low-abundance gene mutations through differential amplification of wild-type and mutant types, and greatly reduces the amount of data wasted on wild-type by platforms such as NGS sequencing. The amount of data required for sequencing can be reduced by more than 50 times. The technology can be widely used in tumor liquid biopsy, rejection monitoring after organ transplantation, and microbial infections. It has demonstrated excellent data in many clinical laboratories in China and the United States. ”

Based on this, the two companies plan to cooperate in the development of related detection methods. The goal is to monitor the efficacy of cancer patients through multiple detection of genetic mutation changes in urine or plasma sample types, and provide recommendations for further treatment strategies.

Chai Yingshuang, CEO of NuProbe Global, said, “AcornMed has the only domestic proprietary gene database in the field of urinary oncology and the most comprehensive blood tumor gene database in the country. Combined with our highly sensitive BDA technology, it may bring breakthrough products to the oncology field.”

As the cooperation between the two parties advances, AcornMed is undoubtedly expected to become one of the competitive companies in the domestic MRD field. This also means that AcornMed’s overall industry chain development in the field of oncology precision medicine is one step closer.

Dr. Feng Lou, Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder of AcornMed, said: “As one of the few domestic companies that are both active in solid tumors and hematological tumors and have reached the leading level, AcornMed is in addition to hereditary tumors, targeted and In addition to the introduction of more than 30 detection products for applications such as immunologic drug companion diagnosis and tumor diagnostic typing, it is also actively deploying in the fields of early diagnosis and screening, prognosis evaluation and dynamic monitoring of multiple cancer types. NuProbe Global’s technology can detect NGs mutations. The sensitivity is increased by 1-2 orders of magnitude, which is very suitable for MRD detection products.”

Dr. Shanbai Cao, CEO of AcornMed, said, “We look forward to working with NuProbe Global to explore new translational applications. Through this cooperation, we will support the application of our sequencing technology to a wider range of clinical oncology.


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